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Cholestoral is Good For Us ! Was it all a Big Fat Lie ?

Updated on July 14, 2015

Have they got it wrong for so long !

Since the 1950"s, researhers into Coronary Heart Disease have appeared united that the chief cause of the problem and an almost singular villain ,has been CHOLESTEROL.


We have been told to swerve away from foods like eggs, cheese and other dairy foods as fast as possible because of high cholesterol content. Strange that, for in World War Two days, my mother was told to feed her ailing child [me] with as much dairy as possible. Still progress is based on change, especially change brought about by scientific and Medical research in areas such as this.

Now we all know not all change is actually progress but almost without question the perceived view changed in the 50"s and has been steadfast in the battle to lower Cholesterol levels ever since. Currently a query or two are being raised on the matter by more broad minded researchers in the Medical world unable to accept slavishly the handed down dictums on the subject.

Advanced current thinking seeks to redress the balance and claims cholestoral is an esential element in life We are now told that cholesterol containing foods are not a danger and do not raise levels of cholesterol in the blood. No less an authority than the USA SCIENTIFIC DIETARY GUIDELINES ADVISORY COMMITTEE so concludes in their 2015 report.

Another authority, Dr Malcolm Kendrick ,is quoted as stating that a person would need to consume 6/8 eggs every day just to produce sufficent cholesterol to meet bodily needs. This consumption level is unlikely on a regular basis but if ,say 4 eggs were eaten then the liver, which synthesises the cholesterol, would make the necessary adjustments and thus avoid harm taking place. Yet Kendick has an even more shattering information bombshll to drop.

Get High, Live Longer !

Not content with shattering the scientific basis of the last 50 years, the good Doctor Kendrick has a real bolt to deliver ! For this we must turn to another worthy scientific journal, "ANNALS OF NUTRITION AND METABOLISM". In this work there is a clear statement which claims, "High Cholesterol does NOT lead to heart disease " A bald contradiction of what we have been told for 50 years or more.

Before we all go rushing of to get as much cholesterol as we can produced inside us, it is sense to note a caveat that those UNDER 50 may ,as a result die from heart disease! The plus side of this is they are less likely to die from cancer ! In other words, "You takes your money and takes your choice" Whatever you do, life expectancy is the same. If your heart don"t give out, the Cancer eats you up, is the street way of expressing the facts.

However, regardless of the above it appers from studies in Japan that wherever you live if you are elderly and have high cholesterol, you have the HIGHEST of survival rates. Across the board it seems that those with the LOWEST cholesterol levels have the lowest life expectancy. As far as I can recall that is turning cholesterol thinking completely upside down.

So Where Stand The Statins ?

Statins are the "Marmite" of all Drugs. You either love them or hate them it seems. There can be no compromise position. Even so, medical opinion is still heavily divided. Currently I am seeking to see my own consultant cardiologist to discuss these matters and the positon of Statins in my own case.

For sometime now, as well as I feel, and as active as I am, I have held a nagging doubt that my energy levels have slipped somewhat, my joints ache more than they did, and my once excellent balance has dropped a notch or two.

My personal fndings resonate with Dr Tomohito Hamazaki, a previous supporter of statins, who now thinks that to support them was a bad error. He centres on the side effects, listing muscle debilitation,fatigue and memory loss plus other even more serious conditions as a result of taking statins.

Stains block cholesterol and also the enzyme Q10 {see my Hub about these two}, which replaces energy from the cells and gives muscles power. I recognize those factors in myself at this time.

Dr Kendrick puts forward the strong willed case suggesting users decide themselves to stop taking statins for 8 weeks and says that many who have done so, determine not to recommence taking them. Much as this is tempting to me, I have decided first to discuss with the specialist and hopefully gain his agreement and support.

In the meantie, if you have been ,thank you for reading this. Please feel free to comment as you see fit. Watch this space is perhaps the best way I can find to conclude here. Hopefully if I do get the go ahead to take a Statin Holiday, I will be able to return with my findings in a few months.We shall see, shall we not ?


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