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Choosing A Nursing Home

Updated on September 5, 2012

Compare nursing homes

When it comes time to be in the position to choose a nursing home for your loved one - your Mother / Father or maybe even your Husband or Wife make sure you take the time needed to work out what is most important to your loved one in the way of what they enjoy in life and what nursing home will suit them .

It is difficult enough being moved out from their home surrounded with all their belongings and memories of family life without losing everything they enjoy in life as well.

Many older people have enjoyed spending time in their garden growing their favourite flowers or proudly tending their vegetable garden for years and if they are stuck in a nursing home without a garden they will miss that part of their life very much .

Do they love the water ? If so is there a nursing home by a lake or the ocean ? Or is there somewhere close by near water you can take them to on an outing ?

Is your Mum or Dad interested in Singing or creative activities with others - maybe they love playing games ?

Compare Nursing homes activities that they provide so they have can carry on with activities that will stimulate your loved one and keep them from being bored and feeling neglected ..

Does everyone looked relaxed or uptight ?
Does everyone looked relaxed or uptight ?

Compare Nursing Homes - Are they friendly ?

Are you greeting with a warm greeting & a smile as you walk in the front door of the nursing home and by residents or are you made to feel like a naughty school child as you enter ?

If you are greeted by a fiery dragon as you enter then Run - Run as far as you can & never return - How can you leave a family member to be putting up with that every day & really - how often will you visit if you are creeping in like a teenager scared to bump into her in case you get told off .....

Check the nursing home out at different times during the day especially mealtimes .

Are the nurses patient with the residents while they take their time over dinner ?

Choosing a Nursing Home -A Nice Garden

When visiting spend time outside
When visiting spend time outside

Compare Nursing Homes - Cleaniness

Do you walk into the nursing home trying not to notice the smell coming from the bathrooms & wishing you had a peg on your nose or is the place bright & cheery and fresh smelling .

Keep in mind there could be the odd time you walk in just after someone has had an accident however most of the time it should look & smell fresh as a daisy or some other flower .

It should look like a place that you are happy to leave a loved one in as you leave them behind so you are confident knowing that they will be well looked after - kept clean both the room and themselves and happy within themselves .

Mealtimes in the nursing home .

As they are in the nursing home you want and need to know that your Mum or Dad or loved one is being well fed & not trying to sneak their food into a bag to dispose of later so why not arrange to be there for a meal and see for yourself the food that is being served up - Is it edible ?

Does it look like everyone is happy with their meals and the staff ?

When I visit my mother in law I love the friendly banter between her & the lovely staff & am very happy with the nursing home she is in as well as the nursing home my Nana was in .

Take your Loved ones out

Spend time with them away from the nursing home if posssible.
Spend time with them away from the nursing home if posssible.

Is there enough help ?

Spending time at the nursing home will let you get answers to other questions you will have .

Is there help with cutting up their food if needed ?

Are there quick responses if one of the residents ring a bell for help ?

Are visitors encouraged to come by as well as take the residents out where possible for a small trip ?

Are the residents helped with getting their hair cut and other needs ?

Is there plenty of social activities available for all tastes ?

Are there plenty of accesible areas for those needing a wheelchair .

Sit back and watch - listen for a while and this will help you decide on the nursing home that suits your needs and feels right for your loved one .


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    • MummyDearest profile image

      Eileen 5 years ago from Kildare, Ireland

      Thanks for the information. When my grandmother got older and unable to care for herself, my family hired a maid to take care of her but after the contract of the 1st maid was up, we had another one send by the agency..unfortunately this maid was not reliable and forgot my grandmother's medication for 2 days. We noticed she was deteriorating and she was admitted. It was downhill from then on wards.

      We were reluctant to send her to a nursing home initially because we felt that would she would like to be in her own home. After the incident, we felt that was the best decision and care that we can give her and we were glad we did because we were lucky we found a good home and the staff were trained and a doctor visits the home weekly.This made life so much easier for the family because we knew she was in good hands.

    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

      Thanks for the visit Minbani, It is not easy to put your loved one in a home , however in the right home they can be happy . Always pays to ask others for help & advice as well.

    • profile image

      Minbani 5 years ago

      This is all good information. When my Dad was in a nursing home and unable to feed himself, we were shown and then encouraged to be there to give him his evening meal. He used to look forward to both and usually ate well....and he never forgot our names although he did go through one stage of referring to all people as airconditioners! His eyes always lit up when he saw us coming and he was happy.

      So do take the time to find the right home. That way, everyone is happy.