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Choosing the Best Treatment for Stretch Marks.

Updated on August 12, 2012

When an individual looks for a treatment for stretch marks, they may find that there are a variety of different options on the market today. Some of these alternative solutions or options are available in several forms, such as topical creams, laser treatment and chemical treatments.

Therefore, each individual will have to decide what type of treatment is best for his or her situation. The decision that the individual makes will often depend on the cost of the treatment and what the person is comfortable with doing or getting done. For instance, an individual may be comfortable with choosing laser treatment for stretch marks but their budget may have limited funds. This means, they may have to choose another solution to the problem.

While many people have problems with these unsightly marks, the causes of the marks may come from a variety of different reasons including an individual gaining too much weight very quickly, rapid growth in an individual or these marks can appear when a woman is pregnant. Also, based on each individual case, the marks can be several different colors.

Some of the most common colors are red, pink, purple and white. According to the National Institute of Health, when an individual gains weight too quickly, the colors of the initial stretch marks are normally pink or purple. However, as the stretch marks begin to get much older in age, the colors of the stretch mark can change from a purple or pink color to white.

Choosing the Right Type of Treatment for Stretch Marks.

To choose the right kind of treatment, the individual will have to evaluate the stretch marks that they have on different parts of their bodies. Therefore, when reviewing the stretch marks and the colors, it is important for each individual to make the appropriate decision for their situation.

>>>> Topical Cream…Many pregnant women may choose a topic cream to help with treating the problems that they experience. Unfortunately, approximately half of all pregnant will be exposed to these unsightly marks on their bodies. However, with a topical cream being used immediately after the pregnancy, the new mother will have a better chance at reducing the marks. On the other hand, if they wait for a long or extended period of time, these creams may not work.

>>>> Laser Treatment…Women who want to fit into that new bikini may consider laser treatment as a viable option. This treatment is considered to be better for many but it will not eliminate all of the marks completely.

>>>> Chemical Peels…A chemical peel is another recommended treatment for stretch marks. Another popular treatment is using cocoa butter. However, there is normally a wide range of responses in the medical community when it comes to its effectiveness. While some physicians may not recommend it all, others may use a chemical peel to eliminate the colors instead of the stretch marks.

Although no one wants the stretch marks on their hips, stomach or arms to be visible to others, each individual will have to choose the method they want for eliminating stretch marks. While some may prefer an inexpensive topical cream, others may choose a chemical peel or an expensive laser treatment as their alternative.


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