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Chopper, Cruiser, and Track Bicycle Frames. The Bicyclers guide to Aluminum and Titanium Bicycle Frames

Updated on July 9, 2009

Wooden Bicycle or Titanium Cycle?

Long before all of these space aged materials were used to make bicycles, the tree in your backyard would have made the perfect bike. In those days the use of wood was used to build the frames of most bicycles. Today we have a few more selections to choose from. The most prevalent of these materials are new age metals. So which one should you choose? This article will allow you to make an informative decision between owning a bike made out of aluminum or bike made out of titanium.

Wooden bicycles no longer rule over the pavement for many reasons. Would you really want a bike that could be eaten by termites? One of the main reasons why people switched to more advance materials for bikes is the weight. Materials used today make the bikes much lighter and much easier to control. Overall bikes have improved in performance and increased their durability with the use of new lightweight materials.

The Battle of the Bikes, which material is better?

Currently one of the most common materials used for bicycles is Aluminum. Aluminum Bikes have many positives assoicated with them. For price conscious consumers these Cycles make a great choice as it is one of the cheaper materials produced. This is one of the first choices for parents as kids go through the tearup phase. Because the cost is slight this bicycles are not a pain to repurchase. Aluminum is also a lightweight material and allows the young and elderly alike a fun ride.

Disadvantages of Aluminum Alloy Bikes

  • Strength of material is something to be desired
  • Aluminum Cycles are much harder to repair

The next widely used composite material in bikes is Titanium. Titanium is known for providing complete balance. It provides lightness and strength at the same time. Though to many it seems like a great choice, titanium bicycles can be much more expensive in price. People who plan on riding their bicycle everyday should consider going with titanium bikes . At the end of the day it really comes down to the buyer. Are you a serious rider or just some one looking for quick fun. Bikes meet different needs for different people. Some bikes are used for pure conditioning purposes, others are used for convenience around the city to make sure you make it to class on time. Bikes have many functional uses, hence the plethora of Biking Frames on the market.


Cruiser bicycles are great bikes for someone who just wants to enjoy a light ride. They stand out with their unique shape when compared to standard bikes. Cruisers are known to be equipped with comfortable seats. They are great for people who ride in parks, beaches, and any where with a smooth surface .


Track bikes are mostly used for those who compete in in races at velodromes (outdoor track). These bikes have narrow tires with extreme pressure to reduce rolling resistance. They are equipped with only one gear and no brakes. Should be used by riders with experience..


Choppers are popular for their style instead of their over all performance. These bikes resemble the same design as chopper motorcycles. Choppers are great choices for those who to express themselves creatively.

Your choice of Frame

Bicycles have come along way from wood to more advance materials to fit a riders needs..

With all the different styles there is should be a bike out there for you. Like your teacher would always say safety first. Have a good day..

What lightweight Biking material do you prefer?

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    • profile image

      ali 7 years ago

      how aluminium help to make bicycle frame?

    • profile image

      Mike Allin 7 years ago

      Choppers are not really great for performance, just for style. If you want to look cool, they're for you. If you want to ride hardcore, go with something else.