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Christian Rehab Centers Are Still the Most Effective: Top 10 Reasons

Updated on April 5, 2016
An addict man.
An addict man. | Source


Addiction, as one of the worst problems of modern times, comes in so many forms and definitions (look it up on the internet and you’ll come up with hundreds of millions of results). And, it has an equally huge number of solutions available. Rehabilitation is the highly advertised and most studied one.

Its history dates back to the two world wars of our time. It has evolved over the years using drastic methods (shock treatment), scientific methods (medication), psychology (hypnotism), and some other modern-day inventions and practices (patches to stick to the body, support group therapy sessions). One recent trend is Christian Rehabilitation (one type of Faith-Based Intervention).

Faith-Based organizations were allotted government funds in 2001, after President George Bush signed the Access to Recovery program, also known as the ATR. These organizations were given licenses to offer spiritual or religious management for addiction, in addition to medical care.

The main goal of such rehabilitation process is to use GOD to be the one and only healer. Religious doctrine is the main basis of developing the recovery methods. This means that the Bible is the most important equipment of the facility and the clerics are the chief doctors.

As science and religion are not entirely close-knit, there is no scientific evidence to prove and quantify the effectiveness of such type of rehabilitation. However, naturally to the believer, this is the righteous and valuable path. Let’s see why.

#1: A Christian rehab center covers all aspects of a person’s wellbeing. In addition to physical nourishment and medicinal supplements available to the addict, this rehab also deals with recovering the emotional and the spiritual being of the person. It is not enough that the physique is capable, the spirit has to be equally strong and only lessons from the Bible and Christian doctrines will restore that belief in the Supreme Being, with whom nothing is impossible. Knowing that there is hope for healing is the most important thing, added to the ability of the body to be healed.

#2: These centers enable addicts to develop a relationship with God by providing the patients with facilities needed to do so. These include prayer rooms, meditation rooms, and some, even chapels or temples. The ability to practice one’s faith is essential to building a habit of holiness or religiosity.

#3: Meditation and prayer are essential parts of the treatment. Meditation heals the soul – it resets the entire being to zero and quite rightly rids one’s self of toxins (physically and mentally), so that one can focus on the recovery process and can absorb all, there is to learn and to concentrate on.

A man praying.
A man praying.

#4: The receiver of the treatment is able to surround himself or herself with people who will enable him/her to be healed. These centers, aside from having both health professionals and support groups, also have in-house religious personalities like priests, nuns, or clergymen. It is said that you become the person that your companions or surroundings are. It is not saying that one will want to become a member of the church; it is more of becoming the individual who live their ways.

#5: Individual Counseling or even just small chats are available 24x7 because these hubs are not medical facilities that require appointments or scheduled sessions. The clergymen and the staff within the center are usually working round the clock and are available almost anytime. One important requirement for recovery is being able to talk to someone at any time of the day. Group Therapy sessions are not focused on revealing one’s self to the group as in traditional hubs where you have to tell your version of your life. The group session in a Christian rehab center is a combination of sharing stories and learnings from the Bible. The ability of relating with other’s problems, knowing that one is not alone in this world, gives people hope and incites determination.

Individual counselling.
Individual counselling.

#6: The Bible is the story of humankind. It talks about the realities and struggles of life, how these complexities already existed way before humans became this progressive and modern. The stories in the book talk about how to solve problems albeit not specific, but one can always relate to these stories.

#7: People are imperfect and are sinners. Going through a religion-based rehab process is embracing the concept of freedom and redemption from one’s wrongdoings. The holistic therapy involved here not only shows the scientific reasons on why abuse (of drugs, alcohol, or any act or object) is a problem to the body, it also states the effects to one’s spirit, in today’s world, and life after death.

#8: Faith is a powerful catalyst to psychological and physical restoration. When the treatment is guided by spiritual healing, the individual has peace of mind, and can sleep well. Sleep is essential in rejuvenating the body. Having enough sleep is healthy – it enhances the clarity of the mind.

#9: The quality of the management and implementation of procedures in such centers are guaranteed to be high quality because these organizations are regulated (because they are recipients of subsidies from the state and from other humanitarian sectors of the society) and monitored. The leaders are guided by both medical, and devout, dutiful ethics.

#10: Costs are lower (and even free, with some organizations) than medical facilities and centers. Most of these groups are either non-profit or not highly commercialized. They are not built mainly for business reasons and because the leaders are the pious, the mission is focused on restoring an individual’s spiritual being – their main function in the society. Majority of them, as mentioned earlier, are also funded by the government.

Reading the bible.
Reading the bible.


For any type of addiction, the success of the healing methodology is still highly dependent on several other members of the society outside of the rehab center. The family and friends of the patient play a big role in the transformation. These people have to trust the system and support the addict. The person to be healed should entirely surrender to the process, to the expertise of these professionals and members of the religious sect. The soul must be willing to change and accept God as the Savior for all of mankind.

An example of a Christian rehab center.

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Do you think faith has a major role in transforming an addict person to his original state of mind?

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    • Evane profile imageAUTHOR

      The Filipina Digital Entrepreneur 

      2 years ago

      @ lollyj lm Thank you. I really believe in the efficacy of Christian rehabs. How about you?

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 

      2 years ago from Washington KS

      Helpful and thought provoking. Well done.


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