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Probiotics and The Reason It Has Been Linked with Longevity

Updated on March 13, 2013

Health and Long Life SERIES

KIEFER - Noah's Other Brew - Mohammed's Ararat Secret - Russia's Disclosure

Today's term is PROBIOTICS. And that's a good term. It means FOR LIFE - Stuff that makes "good bugs in your bod". What science has learned is the the "flora and fauna" of your intestinal tract is a highly variable world full of millions of micro bacteria. The balance of that microflora determines health. And since 80% of your immune system is in your intestinal tract, it has much to do with our blog topic.

Remember the last time you had a horrible intestinal upset. Think: "BAD microflora". At any rate, if we move back in time, we can see that people have been benefitting from positive microflora at many points in history, even back, legend has it - to prehistory and myth times. There is a "mushroom" like substance that is used in Asian health drinks called KOMBUCHA. I won't speak of that now, but cultural history is spotted with foods and teas and drinks that basically perform the function of directly working with your intestinal microflora. From Miso Soup to Pickles, there are lots of foods that pertain to our challenge here. I do not now pretend to talk about that whole world. However, today, I will talk about Kiefer because of its special and intriguing history.

Kidnapping a Princess for the Secret of Long Life -

At the turn of the Century in what was Armenia, there was a secret brew that Russian's would put in a bag near their front door. It looked like a big bag of milk, and boy did it "work". It sat there with its secret ingredients and burblied and bubbled and got sampled and eventually got to a point where it was ready to be consumed. Most of us would look at it, and call it SUPER YOGURT. Fast forward to present day. It's now in your local super market.

Locals said it gave long life, prevented disease and gave youthful vitality. Through a bribe and a princess and a tale worthy of a movie, the local Russians revealed their secret to the public and people got possession of this special microbial making "mushroom" and it eventually got to the USA where small business innovation took over and made it available to all. The story is fascinating because it was so jealously guarded for so long. Something so wonderful took a bribe, a kidnapped princess and holding out, as if for diamonds, when it was just a formula based on some exotic substances that went kept on getting transferred from one bag to another for generations. (according to the legend)

Since this is the territory of Mt. Ararat, its tied to a Noah Legend. Besides drinking his wine, Noah had this brew to grant long life and prevent disease and enhance limited diets. Fast forward to Moses, and some say, Mannah, that white stuff in the desert, could be a reference to the Children of Israel's saving consumption in the rocky Sinai. Who knows? But it is pretty well agreed that Mohammed's influence came into the area in the 600's. It is said that he wanted this kept secret. And it pretty well was "kept secret" from the world until 1900. That's a cool 1300 years. But how powerfu it really is, and how magical it is, only you can make a subjective analysis if you begin to use.

Don't mistake Kiefer for regular sweet little yogurt packages -

Suffice it to say that the word "Probiotics" sums up science's general commendation of this approach. It is no secret now, and more research is daily establishing that the biochemistry of the gut is a mysterious swamp of good and bad news. The good news is what we can hope to control and influence, and the bad may have to do with what we just don't understand and just can't influence. KIEFER is enlivening. I can tell you that. The little yogurt packages do go through your tummy and do their special little beneficial action, but they do not present a resplendent array of scores of bacteria that will actually recolonize. That's what Kiefer pretends to do.

There is speculation that an out of control bacteria derived from excess starch in the diet also confuses the immune system of those with tumor necrosis factor and posibly HLA B27, (TNF) the excess inflammatory responder cytokine that causes so much suffering. Chat rooms I have read talk about the SELF/NOT SELF problem developing here. When the special genetic marker starts overreacting, it can not determine self from not self and it starts to attack the spine and the lower intestinal tract and arthritic conditions, such as we speak of above, begin to develop.

Colonies sounds like Colonics, but not -

Kiefer regularly consumed, might rebalance this out of control bacterial growth and change the alkaline/acid balance, bringing COLONIES of bacteria that can be the rebalancer of your insides. An important point here is the concept of COLONIES OF BACTERIA. Little portions of yogurt are effective, but they basically go through your system on one trip and help out the bugs along the intestinal road. However, the deeply imbedded colonies of bacteria that are entrenched in your tract are the indigenous populace that can not easily and quickly be changed. Changing the colonies to more beneficial bugs is what regular consumption of Kiefer is supposed to do. I like the theory. I love the history. I consume because as the old Jewish saying goes: "It couldn't hoit".

So think about PROBIOTICS in general. I think it has everything to do with our modern, sugar based, starch based diets. With the beginning of agriculture in the middle eastern city states about 2000 BC changed the basic meat and roots diet that humans had. It did not allow the farm worker to leave the field in the middle of the day. The bosses said: "Eat your bread for lunch and get back to work. You can get your wild rabbit meat later." Since then, many say, we with special genetic problems have been prey to this dilemma.

How do you eat for your body instead of your lifestyle? Eating is repetitive and habitual. To gain benefit here, you probably should buy several bottles a week, or at least dose pretty heavily every night or morning. The real stuff is wild tasting without fruit and flavors. Most Kiefers are soaked with pomegranite juice, or blueberry juice or some other new super anti-oxidant. If it was good for the Hebrew children, it could be good enough for you. Check out Christofer's new website at:


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