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Effective Chronic Constipation Remedies

Updated on October 2, 2010

Irregular bowel movement is of course an annoying problem and a serious digestive complaint in terms of many aspects. And there comes the issue of chronic constipation and the search for remedies. Thankfully, most of the remedies are available in a natural or home made mode. But it’s your duty to properly figure them out and then apply it in your case. For that, you have to spend a few minutes for research. This article may help you to find out some of the best remedies for chronic constipation.

Natural - Home Remedies for Constipation

There is a long list with a lot of remedies when it comes to constipation just like other health related issues. But here, you are provided with something solid and proven to be working in most of the cases. But if you are seriously searching for such a log list of Natural Home remedies for constipation, then check out the highlighted link that redirect you to an article which comprises of small and big remedial measures for constipation. But for now, in this page, you can see something short but nice piece of information that you can put into practice right away since all are in the safe zone of application.

Starting your search for constipation remedy...

  • Needless to say that lack of water is the reason for most of the problems related to constipation. You have to make these things a kind of checklist so that you can make sure every time that you are not deficient in any of these things.

Drink plenty of water and that is really going to make a difference. Even though it seems to be a lesson for kids, but the seriousness it imposes is really remarkable.

Small things matter a lot...

So what if you drink plenty of water everyday?

  • Then you have to make sure of some other things. The fast food habits are not at all good for health. And consider the junk food issues also. Now a days, it has became a trend to take breakfast on the go to office or work or in sometimes by walking.

You should not be a medical expert to realize that this is some kind of worst things in life. Just tweak your style if you are one among those who follow such dangerous and careless way of leading life everyday. So don’t make way for constipation by practicing such stupid things in life with or without your knowledge.

  • It’s already an understood fact that an apple keeps a doctor away. But when chronic constipation as well as similar digestive problems are considered, it is recommended to take apples not at the rate of one per day but three to four times if possible. Yes, it’s possible.


Get Rid of Constipation fast

Anyway, there’s no excuse after you got constipation since you are solely responsible most of the time and that’s why you are recommended to follow the simple steps that are meant to take care of yourself from constipation like conditions. Otherwise, you have to adopt some serious steps that may be more annoying than you ever thought. So please don’t make way for that to happen. Prevent it from happening rather saying Good BYE to constipation after a lot of struggling by the same.

Live a happy life!!!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      There are persons that says parasite can cause chronic constipation.

    • aguasilver profile image

      John Harper 

      8 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Great info, too much constipation will really screw up your life and poison your body.



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