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Chronic Illness? No problem.

Updated on April 24, 2016

Start off by taking a breath

Finding out you're not in tip top shape sucks. What's even worse is finding out that your illness will never ever go away, hence the term "chronic".

The first thing to do is to breath and realize this is alright. It is not your fault, and it can be managed. Say that out loud- "My chronic Illness can be managed."

Now , relax and keep reading.

Research Research Research

Now that you're calm, time to get on Google and search up your illness. Find out everything you can. With knowledge, it is easier to understand what is happening right now in your body, and for you to be at qualms with it.
An important thing to remember is to check the certification of the site and watch out for fishiness. Some people get their kicks out of tricking people. If googling makes you more confused, check out a library for books. They can simplify the knowledge you need.

What chronic illness do you have

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Get a support Group

With social media gaining popularity, there are also groups on every site possible with people with your chronic illness. Especially on Facebook, all one has to do is search up their chronic illness and tons of groups will show up. Request to join them!

There are a ton of things that you can learn especially from people who have had your chronic illness for a very long time. Ask about technology that can help you or different treatment options. Everyone is usually very helpful and kind to new members.

To recap

  • Take a deep breath and relax. You'll be ok
  • Research and learn all the facts
  • FInd a support group

You'll be ok in the end. I promise


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