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Chronic Headache Sufferers

Updated on January 16, 2009

What defines a chronic headache?

Headaches that occur regularly

  • Lasts over a period of time, meaning months with only temporary relief.
  • Not usually relieved completely with over-the-counter medicines.

Having chronic headaches does not mean you have a terrible illness such as a brain tumor or other terrible disease. Chronic headaches are usually caused from a less severe medical condition. There are many different types of headaches and although they are painful there is help out there. Because of the different types your doctor can help figure out what kind of headaches you are suffering from.

Chronic Migraine Headaches

Many people will say that they are suffering from chronic migraine headaches. Although this may be true the causes of Migraines is not fully understood. Migraine headaches hit hard and are very painful. People complain about sudden severe pain that will usually hit one side of the head. This pain will even cause you to be sensitive to light and sounds and can even make your stomach upset. Many will only find any relief by lying down in a dark quiet room for a few hours.

It is not fully understood what exactly sets off a Migraine. Whether is might be chemical reaction in the body or a certain noise or light. There have been medical breakthroughs of medicines that can work well in the treatment of Migraines. You doctor can prescribe medicines for you that might help. There is more than one medication for migraines so you may find that one medicine may or may not work as well as another. Try to keep track of when your chronic headaches or Migraines come on so we can try to see what is setting them off whether it might be stress, light, sounds and so on. There may be another underlying cause that the doctor may be able to help you with so you can get relief.

Chronic Headaches Not Related to Migraines

Migraines are not the only type of chronic headaches. There are other types of chronic headaches that can be just as painful and reoccurring. If you have allergies then you may know that you can suffer from sinus pressure which can cause some nasty headaches. Tension headaches can be very painful also. Allergy sufferers and stress can bring on chronic headaches that will last quite some time. Until it is figured out what kind of headaches you are having they cannot be treated effectively.

It is also said that some sweeteners or preservatives may be the cause of chronic headaches. This may be caused from some kind of chemical reaction in your body. Chemical imbalances can also cause chronic headaches. There are now newer medications that will help you with chemical imbalances in your body. Many different things can cause sudden throbbing pain to occur in your head, neck and shoulders. You need to try and keep track of when they come on and possibly find out what is setting them off. If your body has an imbalance of some kind your doctor should be able to find it with a simple blood test.

It is thought by many that chronic headaches are caused by blood vessels constricting or squeezing which in fact is not true. Chronic headaches and headaches in general are caused by the exact opposite happening. When your blood vessels relax is when the rush.


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    • profile image

      TheMigraineDoctor 7 years ago

      There is some research out there showing that 50% of migraine sufferers don't realize that they even have a migraine headache.

      These people are not getting the proper treatment of migraines. It is important to educate people about what migraines really are.