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Chronicles of the Bosoms: The Many Issues That Face Ladies with Big Busts

Updated on February 27, 2016
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The Gifted Ladies

Are you a lady profoundly endowed with huge arsenals of flesh around your heart? Or, are you in possession of that particular quality upstairs that can cause even a man of God to take a second look? If so, then I’m glad to announce to you that you are a peculiar gem, and never alone. Whenever you take to the music stand, look out for Dolly Patton, there is your sister. Many men would love to pay to watch her sing those old county songs of the 80s, but what we might never know is that, the quantity of flesh on her chest may have also added to her fame. Thus, you never can rule out the possibility that the products of her chest may also have been a contributory determinant relating to the numbers of tickets sold for some of her shows. Again, if you’re a home video freak, particularly down here in Africa, you can also take solace from the eye-popping busty nature of Nigerian Nollywood actress, Cossy Ojiakor, so famous for her “terrorist” frontiers.

There are many of such ladies in these present times that are heavily, and in some cases, overwhelmingly gifted up above the belly, in the “chesterfield region of attraction and temptation.” It doesn’t matter your size or your stature. Once the forces of nature are in love with you, there is hardly anything you can do about the condition of your breasts, unless you’re the type who knows the route that leads to the surgical office of Doctor 92010.

Yes. You can be slim, even skinny, but still busty like Pam Anderson. It is believed that fat or gorgeous ladies tend to be heavier upstairs, and at times, big bosoms have be seen as nature’s compensation for some ladies with flat backside. Then you may want to ask: what about those ladies that have both? Question for the gods!

Well, whichever way you may want to look at it, a lady with a big chest, especially one that didn’t go under the knife to achieve that purpose, should consider it an asset and a gift from God. Nevertheless, for every advantage or blessing, there is always an opposing disadvantage or curse lingering along - call it the curse of the bosoms.

Below are some of the unwelcome conditions associated with these "gifted Ladies."

The Health Issues

The Associating Pains

As gifted and attractive some women might appear to be, owing to the size of their breasts, there is no denying the fact that certain problems are also attached to this wonderful gift of nature. For instance, it is common knowledge that extremely large busts poses numerous health challenges which, i have decided to classify into two broad categories namely;

1. Primary "breast" health challenges and,

2. Secondary "comical" challenges.

The Primary Challenges

The Primary health challenges in this case, entails the various physical, psychological or mental circumstances that are inimical to your health or body wellness; resulting from the condition of your bosoms. This first category includes, but not limited to, conditions such as:

(a) Pain, Aches And Psychological effects

Pain and aches are some of the conditions that emanates from the heaviness of your busts. Women with large busts often suffer from conditions such as, back pains. A heavily built busts puts extreme pressure on the chest and ribs, causing difficulty in breathing. This condition can prevent you from going about your normal activities like working, exercising, or becoming inactive as a result of fatigue. Also, there are other problems like shoulder pains, neck pains, both of which can be just as debilitating as back pain, and can easily lead to development of further pain lower down the back. This could in turn, result in psychological effects like, self-consciousness-leading to low self esteem, depression, stress, and a very negative body image; thus having more negative effect on your life. This psychological or mental perspective of your health, as a result of the condition of your bosoms, can be very devastating than the physical aspect, and as such, you are advised to see a physician for the betterment of your psychological well being.

Troubled Underneath the chest

(b) The Skin Problem

Skin problem is another issue facing ladies with large breasts. Some ladies often experience rashes and irritations underneath the breasts, which are mostly moist and difficult to keep dry. This condition can be extremely annoying as they are often itchy, sore, and readily unsightly. Sequel to this is the unlovely condition of yeast infections, which also develop in moist areas, and can cause itching, irritation and skin discoloration. If you are facing any of these conditions, it is strongly recommended that you should try to keep your skin dry as much as possible, and wear clothes made out of natural materials. you can also use anti-fungi cream and other related substances that should reduce the symptoms.

(c) Defective Posture and the Risk of Cancer

Bad posturing is a relative of chronic nerve problem that causes numbness and tingling in the body, and ladies with large breasts are also likely to experience some problems with their postures. the weight of your breasts can give you bad posturing by causing you to stoop while standing, and as time goes by, it can cause your back to curve in like a hook and consequently develop a hump.

The likelihood of breast cancer associated with big busts, is a major existential threat. According to scientists, the link between breast size and cancer is real, and this could be down to the sex hormones oestrogen that can trigger the growth of mammary glands and tumors. This is one of the many reasons you need to regular check up with your doctor, while maintaining top hygiene and low sugar intake in relation to your breasts and overall health.

Awesomely Unnoticed

More problems: the comical Aspect

The Secondary Challenges

Not withstanding the various aforementioned Primary Health issues that may confront ladies with big busts, there are many other potentially unwelcome experiences that lies in the offing for such ladies. This segment constitute the Second Category of the many issues bedeviling women with larger bosoms, but they are more comical in nature, rather than being life threatening. Therefore, the following 33 examples below represent some experiences you are bound to have, directly or indirectly, as a result of your “huge twin towers”, or tonnage of mammary glands.

1.Your breasts automatically become your signboard and identity card because some people will definitely reference you by it.

2.Your face goes into relegation courtesy of your bosoms, when you walk into an office for the first time.

3.Your bosoms may become a strategic target for your adversary when you get involved in scuffles of words or blows.

4.You struggle to minimize attention to yourself when you go out like everyone else on the beach.

5.You will surely have deep cleavage and there is hardly anything you can do to help it.

6.Wearing long necklaces becomes useless, because your cleavage will bury them forever.

7.You are bound to stain yourself more often than not, especially on important occasions, and your busts will always be the recipient when that happens.

8.You will never be comfortable to put on a shirt without a bra.

9.Activities at the counter will become embarrassing, as your bosoms will either be pressing against it or resting on top of it. What about paying the counterman?

10.When you wash your ditches, your breasts rejoice as they will also get wash along.

11.Seat belts become a choking ordeal and a nightmare to your comfort, even as you struggle to put in the click.

12.In hugging, your heaviness becomes the front runner as they reach the other person way before your arms do.

13.The output of your melons entails that you will always be choosy in respect of your blouses style.

14.Using Suspenders on your clothes becomes inconvenient, and will appear clumsy and awkward over your body.

15.You grasp your melons to prevent them from bubbling up and down whenever you dart to and fro the stairs.

16.You’ll find out that strapping a bag down across your shoulders is not funny, most especially with your cleavage.

17.You get embarrassed at work because you try to look nice, but your buttons keep popping open like Add-ons on Google Chrome.

18.Your bra becomes the trash can when you lose snacks in your cleavage and only find them later when you take off the bra.

19.Your bra becomes like the Sahara beast of burden working so hard around the clock to keep up your chesterfield, to the extent of even leaving behind indelible marks on your shoulders, as a testimony to that effect.

20.You find yourself always defending your breasts because people always have Doctor 92010 in mind.

21.You become the battlefield between mother nature's gift-breasts, and man’s genius-bra.

22.You find yourself being adjudge by people for being “confrontational” and “pushy,” when speaking to them, courtesy of your ballistic missiles.

23.Your tips show off themselves as visible when you don’t intend them to, and putting on sports bra becomes essentially impossible and a workout in itself.

24.You’ll become embarrass when you take note of the stares directed at you each time you suddenly jump up and down in excitement.

25.You’re bound to harm yourself even though your bosoms seem to be your main selling point.

26.You’re bound to clatter and spill things over when you reach out to pick something from the shelves, hangers or tables.

27.You immediately lose sight of the TV as soon as you lie on your back.

28.You will always feel it is necessary to deduct the weight on your chest from the scale reading to obtain your real weight.

29.You won’t like to wash and dry your bras outside, out of shame.

30.You are always inclined in stopping your bosoms from flapping fans of war like an elephant when you are on the run.

31.You will wear cute shoes, but strain to see and admire them.

32.In the queue, your huge bosoms will always provide a reason for someone in your front to occasionally press back at you.

33.You always find yourself being rated against the immense size of your breasts.

Such is the chronological ordeal of ladies with big bosoms.

Solutions to the Problems

Having enumerated in chronological order, the various problems that faces ladies with large breasts, there are, nevertheless, some solutions that, if properly applied, should go a long way in helping to ameliorate these predicaments. These are:

1. Making use of the Right and Proper Bra.

Since sweating is one of the greatest inconvenience that plagues heavily breasted ladies, it is very understandable how frustrating and problematic it can be to sweat under the breasts. This mostly occurs during exercises, or when the temperature and humidity rises to a certain unfavorable degree, leaving beads of sweat under and around your breasts. When this happens, it can cause you to develop an offensive body odor, leading to self consciousness, a drop in confidence, and of course, a very bad image and negative a assessment by others. To prevent this ugly situation from occurring, it is recommended that you should only make use of the proper and right size of bras. This is very important because, it has been statistically proven that most women often put on the wrong bras. Your bras should not be too loose or too tight, as it could cause chafing, leading to development of rashes under the breasts.It is strongly advised that you should always check out your current size and try your bras before buying.

2. Always Dress Loose

Your dressing is of utmost paramount to your image. It's not only just your curves that tight clothing can reveal; problems associated with your body can easily be seen through your clothing pattern. Therefore, you are advised to make use of clothes that won't cling to your body and help prevent it from sticking to sweat. In sourcing for your clothes, polyesters are strongly recommended, as it doesn't show sweat. Making use of evergreen cottons is also good, but avoid clothing made of silk, satin or fabrics that are readily able to absorb heat and sweat, leaving behind an indent mark in form of a circle, when dry.Natural fibers in the form of a light cotton, are also good for use.

3. Use Bra Liners

The use of bra liners have proved to be one of the best means of preventing the breasts from having sweat rashes. All you need to do is to get yourself a good liner consisting of three layers meant to serve three distinct purposes. The first layer is to absorb whatever sweat that may arise from the breasts. The second is to hold it, and the third is to keep and protect your clothing. This should definitely help a great deal!

3. Perfume and Fragrance

The use of perfumes with sweet-smelling fragrance, is strongly recommended. This will help prevent or reduce the likelihood of body odor that always go with sweating. Take note that, it's not just any perfume or body spray that you need, but the ones that tend to last longer on the body. They always come very handy in places like in the office, church, or any other social gathering, especially where you might be expected to deal with important persons.

4. Clinical visitation and Exercise

Since there is always the issue of dangerous health problems such as, cancer, growth, back pains, neck pains, bad posturing, etc, etc, associated with huge breasts condition; a visit to your doctor for regular check up is strongly recommended. You should also try out massaging and timely exercises that should trim down the negative hormones responsible for some of the above listed problems; strengthening the veins and various muscles necessary for a good and healthy bodily balance.

5. Maintaining Appropriate Diet.

It is no secret that breasts tissues are primarily made up of fat.This is the area where most women experience weight-gain or weigh-loss, more quickly than any other part in their bodies. Consequently, it becomes expedient that you know which foods are helpful at burning breasts fat, and fats elsewhere. These are:

a. Fruits

Fruits, which contains a lot of antioxidants, have been proved to be the healthiest foods to reduce extra breasts weight. though they contain sugar, but unlike the high-fructose variety similar to those found in juices, soda and processed foods. Examples of these fruits Diet are, apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, nectarines and berries. You should go for them when they are fresh, not for the canned ones which contains a lot of high calories preservatives. It is recommended that you should try take two or three rounds of fruits per day.

b. Taking Vegetables

Just like fruits, vegetables are also good in reducing breasts sizes. They are very rich in antioxidants and nutrients, yet very little in carbohydrate. Vegetables like broccoli, brussels, spinach, kale, cauliflowers, and sprouts, are very useful as none starch veggies for dropping weight, while keeping a healthy living.

c. Fish

This is a source of high quality protein that is extremely low in calories. Fish is an excellent combination for breasts reduction diet. You only need to apply the right cooking or preparation technique like, steaming, broiling, baking or grilling, instead of frying. Then you are good to go.

d. Considering Nuts

This is yet another source of breast reduction and healthy fats like monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and omega-3 fats. Mixed nuts such as almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts, are some notable combinational addition into your diet; provided that you must not add salt to them or sugar coat them.

All the above listed suggestions and recommendations would reflect positively in helping the condition of your bosoms and overall health, if properly applied.

Nevertheless, let it be known that ladies with "heavily talented melons" are always going to be a sight to behold - talking about the Chronicles of the Bosoms.


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