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Clary sage oil: the health and aromatherapy benefits of clary sage essential oil

Updated on September 16, 2017
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I am a great fan of essential oils and herbs for everyday health and well-being.


Clary sage essential oil is taken from the leaves and flowers of the plant Salvia sclarea, a natural European herb that grows pretty blue or white flowers and is now cultivated mostly in France and Russia.

Clary sage has many different names, including clary and Oculus Christi, or "Eye of Christ." It is not the same as common sage (normally just called "sage") which is a different plant, and a different although related essential oil.

This rather expensive oil may be worth the cost as it has many healing properties and has been a valuable medicinal herb since the Middle Ages.

The herby, nutty scent of clary sage makes it easy to blend with many other essential oils, but it is also a wonderful scent on its own.

Clary sage in full flower. Photo (c) Kurt Stueber licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.
Clary sage in full flower. Photo (c) Kurt Stueber licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

Clary sage aromatherapy

Clary sage essential oil is perhaps best known for its calming properties. If can be used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser or vaporiser during times of stress or fatigue.

This is a very calming, relaxing oil, and for that reason, it shouldn't be used in conjunction with alcohol consumption, as it will exacerbate the effects of the alcohol on the mind and body.

Besides being calming, clary sage essential oil is an anti-depressant. This wonderful oil can lift the mood and relieve depression related to life circumstances such as a job loss or a death in the family.

While clary sage oil isn't a depression and mood cure-all, it can be used in conjunction with conventional depression and anxiety treatments under the direction of a qualified physician or aromatherapy practitioner.

When you are feeling the nervous tension that comes with a stressful work day or even more major life stresses like life changes or serious or chronic illnesses, clary sage essential oil could be a good solution for you.

Aromatherapy practitioners highly recommend it for the relief of particularly deep-seated tension. Because of this, clary sage oil can unwind the tension of the mind and the tension of the body, creating a sense of peace and relaxation.

For this purpose, it can be used as a massage oil on its own, or as part of an aromatherapy blend. It is also included in aromatherapy products designed to help people relax and de-stress, such as aromatherapy bath oil or aromatherapy lotions.

For insomnia and other cases of sleeplessness, clary sage essential oil can be used in an aromatherapy oil diffuser in the bedroom or as a massage oil before bedtime to aid in falling asleep and in sleeping more deeply. For this purpose, it can be used in conjunction with other essential oils which help relaxation and insonmia, such as lavender oil and cedar wood oil.

In addition to all these benefits, clary sage essential oil is often used in homeopathic drug and alcohol addiction programs.

This aromatherapy oil will give many people a sense of euphoria and a wish to live the best, fullest life possible. Besides this, clary sage oil can reduce the effects of depression that often come with withdrawal and addiction recovery and which can continue for many months into the recovery process.

Clary sage plant in full flower. Photo (c) Kurt Stueber licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.
Clary sage plant in full flower. Photo (c) Kurt Stueber licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.

Clary sage health benefits

Clary sage essential oil is also recommended for female problems, including unusual mentrual cycles and pain during mentruation.

Clary sage oil can be taken internally under the direction of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner, and it will help induce mentrual flow and regulate the mentrual cycle.

Clary sage oil can also be used as an aromatherapy massage oil during mentruation to relieve cramps and nausea associated with the female cycle.

Clary sage oil works well as a digestive oil. It is a carminative, which means that it can relieve gas in the stomach and intestines.

Taken internally, the oil can help with digestive issues from indigestion to diarrhea by toning the muscles of the digestive system. It speeds up the digestion process by inducing the production of bile and digestive juices, and it prevents gas from forming during digestion.

This oil is also a good remedy for eye problems. In diluted form, it can make eyes bright and prevent and cure eye infections like pink eye. More importantly, clary sage can keep eyes from degenerating as they normally do from age, and it slows the development of cataracts.

Because any essential oil can be dangerous on sensitive areas, clary sage oil should only be used on the eyes under the direction of a qualified medical, alternative medicine, or homeopathic practitioner.

Clary sage essential oil is a hypotensive, which means it works against hypertension. It can lower blood pressure, relieving tension in the veins and lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The oil also has a positive effect on the nerves, relieving convulsions and vertigo. While the scent alone of clary sage oil is enough to calm the mind and body, it is more effective when taken internally, put in an aromatherapy oil diffuser, or used as a massage oil.

Cautions and contra-indications

Other than the fact that it should not be used on pregnant women unless under the direction of a qualified practitioner, clary sage oil is quite safe. It is not toxic or sensitising.

It should, however, be used with care simply because it is one of the more expensive of essential oils.


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    • Eliasj profile image


      6 years ago from Kfar Yasif

      great article! indeed the clary sage is a miracle maker. There is one company however that manufactures a product based on the clary sage plant, the product is Omega 3, the purest one in the world yet. I wrote about it and the company in the hub. Other than google, I would love to refer people to your page when asking me about the plant :)


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