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Clean Earth Running: Organic Socks

Updated on May 15, 2007

"Conventional cotton production accounts for more than 10 percent of pesticides used today and nearly 23 percent of agricultural insecticide sales. It takes one quarter of a pound of chemicals to produce 2 pairs of conventional men's boxer shorts. Cotton pesticides can enter the human food chain via cottonseed oil used in processed foods".

Certified Organic Cotton Socks from RAWGANIQUE

These socks are great! They are certified organic socks that are comfortable and great for running. The socks are a good quality, and for those of us looking to be more environmentally sound they are great! They come in many styles, and while slightly above normal sock price, they are great quality and are made to last. I wasn't disappointed at all when I ordered them and I bought you will be either.

All runners know how important their feet are, and socks are a major part of that. Specialty running socks can cost up to $25- so for $22 for a three-pack really isn't bad at all!

These plush organic cotton socks contain the highest organic cotton content in the industry . There is a small amount of green cotton to create the elastic feel which keeps the socks in place as you run. The socks come in 5 styles and 3 colors:

Here is a brief rundown of what they offer, but please do to

to see the full pictures and for ordering info:

FT101 Unisex Organic Cotton Casual Athletic Crew Socks

"Plush medium weight, all-purpose organic cotton socks. "

Composition: 83% organic cotton; 16% cotton;1% Spandex for elasticity Colors: Natural, Navy, or Black\

Price: $22 (3-pack)

FT102 Unisex Organic Cotton Dress Crew Socks

"Lighter weight, thinner knit (for dress shoes), and wider ribs organic cotton dress socks."

Composition: 84% organic cotton; 15% cotton; 1% Spandex for elasticity

Colors: Natural, Navy, or Black

Price: $22 (3-pack)

FT201 Unisex Organic Cotton Tennis/Sports Socks

"Hugging crew top and padded sole make these organic cotton socks great for tennis, running, and other sports."

Composition: 83% organic cotton; 14% cotton; 2% nylon, 1% Spandex for elasticity

Color: Hydrogen peroxide White only.

Price: $22 (3-pack)

FT202 Organic Cotton Sports Anklets

"By popular demand, we're now offering these great organic cotton socks for those who prefer their socks to come up just above the sneakers. Cozy & thick reinforced sole."

Composition: 82% organic cotton; 15% cotton; 2% nylon, 1% Spandex for elasticity

Color: White only

Price: $22 (3-pack)

FT203 Unisex Organic Cotton Nuby Crew Socks

"Wear them up or wear them down around your ankles, the Organic Cotton Nuby Crew Socks (pronounced nubby crew) are cozy and sure to be your favorite. Made for lounging around the house or for sleeping, but many customers wear them the day long. The sole part is hugging while the top nuby crew part is loose-fitting and designed to collect around your ankle for lounging comfort."

Composition: 86% organic cotton; 13% cotton; 1% Spandex for elasticity

Color: Ivory or Black

Price: $22 (3-pack)

FT401 Unisex "Allergy Crew" Organic Cotton Socks

"99.98% certified organic cotton; 0.2% Lycra (at the top only). We are happy to carry the world's highest percentage of organic cotton socks per our customers' request. Since there isn't much elastic to hold up these rare and unique organic cotton socks, we offer them in four sizes to accommodate different foot sizes. Designed specifically for chemically sensitive customers, the Allergy Crew Organic Cotton socks aren't as hugging as the other organic cotton socks on this page, but for many, that's just a small price to pay for having really pure organic cotton socks. Please note: the buy module for these organic cotton socks are at the bottom of this page, below that of the other socks."

Composition: 99.98% organic cotton; 0.2% Lycra (high-grade elastic)

Color: Natural (unbleached & undyed)

Price: $9.50 (1 pair) or $27 (3-pack)


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