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Cleaning Out The Soul

Updated on September 21, 2013
Inner peace is a journey of one's own soul searching.
Inner peace is a journey of one's own soul searching.

Finding Inner Peace

Cleaning Out the Soul

My eyes sting, not from make-up, contacts or tears. It is difficult at times, to pinpoint the exact source of pain. From a small bruise or scratch on your leg that you have no recollection of bumping, to a scar within your heart that hinders you from seeing the other side. Pain comes in many forms and from many different sources. The emotional punches we take can hurt as bad, if not worse, than physical afflictions. We can not control everything that comes against us, so how do we manage the effects? How do we keep our heart open, when its desire is to shut down and create its own solitary confinement?

Blame Not Others

We often go through life taking hits then spend our time crawling back upon our feet and searching for a place to lay blame. It seems we find a temporary comfort, if we can find ourselves ‘not guilty’ before the judge in the mirror. We fail to see the blows we have delivered and we do not take that moment to analyze how we really got here. It is against human nature to search within ourselves, in fear that we may find a lot of our own turmoil has stemmed from a selfish act, a bad decision or simply an unfriendly look or discouraging word, we have planted elsewhere that grows up to bite us like a huge carnivorous plant. There comes a time in life, when burdens get too heavy, that we have to analyze and solve for the things within our own power.

Change is Going to Come

In spite of all non believers out there I can say if you have an ounce of humanity then you can not deny that the teachings of Christ are at best a solid foundation of how to obtain peace within. We can learn from Him to search ourselves, apologize when we are wrong and forgive, no matter how bad we have been hurt. For if we don't learn to forgive and let it go, it is our hearts that turn dark, growing over with hatred and bitterness. The person who had wronged you may not even realize the damage they caused or even think twice about what they have done, therefore when you hold on to it, the only person that suffers is you. Sometimes we hold on to such much anger from pain that we allow it to transform us into a person we no longer recognize in the mirror. We have to remember to search our own hearts instead of searching for something or someone to blame. We at times don't acknowledge that most likely somewhere in our past we made a choice that changed our direction in life that put us on the road we are currently traveling.

I believe we all need to do deep, soul searching regularly. We should make it part of our daily routine, if even for the few, brief, quiet moments we may have while standing in the shower. If I feel I have hurt someone, I have as much trouble laying my head down at night, as I would if someone had hurt me. The teachings from the Bible also exclaims; that if we have wronged someone then we should go to that person and apologize. That is not only for their benefit but also for our own peace. Let us not carry every trespass within us, as our hearts will always be heavy with guilt as well. I try every night, when I lay in bed to evaluate my actions for that day, did I say something that caused pain for another?

Self Check

I have to admit, lately, it has been difficult for me to search within, instead of assigning blame. I have been so busy climbing back upon my feet from the blows I have taken, but when I push my hurt aside and check myself it becomes a little easier to find my peace. Knowing that I have done my best to cause no harm and fixing the things that I can. Cleaning out my soul, taking out the trash, so to say, keeps my heart from growing bitter and hard, which leaves me open to enjoy the love I have and humbles me to a position to ask for and accept forgiveness when I am wrong.

Put it to the test

When you have hurt someone, do you feel better when you have apologized or tried to make things right?

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    • WV London Blue profile image

      Tammy Larch Letart 4 years ago from WV

      'ahorseback' Thank you for your feedback. This one really came from the heart, during a tough time.

    • ahorseback profile image

      ahorseback 4 years ago

      I agree completely ! When we look within we can find serenity ! I am devastated when I know I've hurt someone . Lets be nice -always .......Ed :-}