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Cleanse Your Body with Colloidal Silver

Updated on March 4, 2010


According to Dr. Robert Young all diseases and ill health stem from an overly acidic body and the subsequent overgrowth of bacteria, yeast and parasites (termed 'microforms') and the toxins they produce, called mycotoxins.


When attempting to rid the body of these microforms via an alkalizing diet we should also use a powerful mineral called colloidal silver. It has the unique ability to target harmful bacteria by inhibiting the expression of enzymes and other proteins required for bacterial energy production. It is also a natural alkalizer and assists in the organization of cells that make up new tissue.


Silver colloidal contains extremely fine particles of silver suspended in water. The particles are small enough to pass through membranes and therefore can be taken under the tongue or even applied topically. The silver can bypass the digestive system and be instantly absorbed and used by the body. However, they can also be added to water and taken as a drink. Take three to five drops three times a day.


Colloidal Silver is one of the many supplements Dr Young recommends. It is also one of the most useful and beneficial in achieving a healthy environment in the body.


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