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Cleanse Your Bowel by Drinking Salty Water

Updated on October 8, 2010

The great natural healer Dr. John Harvey Kellogg said, “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon. ”To cleanse your digestion system is one of very important measures to keep your body healthy.

Black, tarry stools with a foul odor can be the result of eating certain foods, taking iron supplements, or possibly from internal bleeding. While stubborn stool will hinder the absorption of nutrients, deform your figure, and contribute to acidosis meanwhile leave a huge burden on the organ of detoxification.

The latest figures suggest that the amount of citizens’ black stool is much lower than the past, which is decreased over 20%. Our bowel has born the unprecedented burden by stubborn stool. According to the experiment of cleaning bowel, the weight can be lost 1-15 kg.

The excise of cleansing digestion system is as ancient as human civilization. On of these is religious fasting.

Muslims all over the world excise fasting from dawn to dusk daily for 30 days during the Ramadan, of course, Muslims do not fast because of medical benefits, but apparently, fasting has such physiological effects as lowering of blood sugar, lowering of cholesterol and lowering of the systolic blood pressure, and best of all losing weight.

Fasting gives your digestion system enough time to cleaning up its stubborn matters accumulated in some dead corner.

One significant requirement during the Ramadan fasting is that they are not only abstinent from food, but also water from dawn to dusk for as long as 8 to 9 hours! This is not necessarily bad, quit the contrary, this can concentrate of all fluids within the body, get rid of excessive water and other toxic fluids. It also challenges your body by producing slight dehydration, so your body can respond to next intake of fresh water much quick and better.

There is another way to cleanse your digestion system by drinking a lot of salty water, this help to flush away those dirty stubborn accumulations in the dead angles of your colon and stomach. The salty water can also help to extract excessive body fluids because of it higher concentrations. Here is how to do it, and please consult your family doctor before trying this, and the author of this article will not take any responsibility of the any damage thereof.

First of all, you shouldn't eat anything after you wake up in the morning. To prepare a salty water is very simple: jut add 20g salts to 3000ml water. Don’t worry. It will not be awful too much although the volumes of water give you a little shock.

7.00Am. It is beginning. You should drink it every 2-3 minutes and 200ml every time. Until 1000ml, the intestines and stomach will start to wriggle slightly.

7.15Am. Now, you will have a light nausea. The only thing you need to do is to slow down the speed of drinking.

7.25Am. Total 2000ml water you have drunk that makes you desire to defecate. Then you can stop to do it at last.

7.35Am. It is starting to defecate and every 2-4 minutes at a time.

7.50Am. The intestines and stomach do not wriggle any more, and you begin to feel hungry. You can have a short break and start you breakfast as usual. Mission Accomplished!

You had better to try this once or twice a month, because the accumulation of toxin will not be too quick. However, it is doesn’t agree to a patient with any of Gastrointestinal disease.

(By Cong Zhou & Jim Sheng)


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