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Cleansing Negative Energy In The Home

Updated on January 20, 2014

Negative Energy

Negative energy builds up over time. It’s not a pile of dust or dirt we can see, but it won’t take much before you dread walking into a specific space. Our homes are a place we should always try to keep clean of negative energy. There are some that believe energy cleansing can help with getting rid of bad spirits that remain in the home. So if you have unwanted guest, it couldn’t hurt to try an energy cleanse. We don’t want a nasty feeling waving over us whenever we go home, or even think about our house. In this article, you’ll find an easy way to clean your house of the past and start fresh. In the article, I’ll explain a few beliefs on the energy cleanse and how it should be done. Most cleanses are generally the same, with a few tweaks here and there. It’s important to do what’s comfortable to you.

Getting Started




Candles (optional)


A clear mind

As you can see, this will be pretty easy.

Everything listed above is an important step in the process. The first thing you need to do is clear your mind. Extra clutter and dirt will create negative energy, so tidy up the space you want to cleanse first. It’s difficult to have a clear mind while your eyes are trying to sort through everything that’s going on around you. Clutter will do exactly that, filling your head with extra noise. Once your space is clutter free, bring in the incense, sage, and candles. The candles are optional, but the help in creating a calm space. Remember that your energy is the main source for the room’s energy right now; you should be calm and relaxed. Open up the curtains and let some natural light in.


Open Your Windows

Some people believe you should open your East windows for better, stronger energy. The point of opening your windows is to let in fresh, natural energy in from outside. It’s also pretty helpful if you are cleansing a small space, since you’ll be burning some things. I’m not picky about East windows, since you need as much fresh energy as possible. I would just open as many windows as possible. Let the sun shine in, and clear out the negative air.


Burning Your Incense

There are people that believe you should be picky about the incense you buy. It’s said that sandalwood is better for energy cleansing, and that you should buy incense from Japan, China, or India because the energy will be stronger. I think you should buy whatever incense you like the most, and are most effected by positively. If you hate the smell of sandalwood, you’re going to end up sending out more negative energy. However, If you do like sandalwood and want to go with majorities vote, that’s fine too. It’s said you just hold your incense and wave it counter-clockwise while walking around the room. It’s not what I would do, but again if you want to go with majorities vote you can. I would set the incense in a few different places in the room (at least three) and let them burn on their own.


Burning Your Sage

Some people believe you don’t have to have both incense and sage, others say you need both. There isn’t really a majorities vote on this one, it’s about 50/50. I agree with both, but remember to do what makes you comfortable. If you hate sage or are allergic to it, you don’t have to have it. The main focus is the energy you are putting out right now. You can wave the sage counter-clockwise while moving around the room, or you can place it around the room to burn. I would suggest placing in between the incense, or by windows.



This is the most important part. While meditating, you’ll be releasing your positive, calm energy while the negative energy is being swept away. There are many forms of meditation; prayer, Buddhist meditation, mindful meditation, Taoist meditation, do whatever makes you the most comfortable. You just need to clear your mind and release some positive energy.

If you’ve never tried meditating before and aren’t sure how to go about it, that’s okay. Sit in the center of the room, in any way that is most comfortable. You often assume people meditating sitting up with their legs crossed, that position is just to help with chakra flow. It’s not something you should rule out right now, but if you aren’t comfortable like that you don’t have to do it. Just get comfortable, and take ten slow, deep breathes. Once you have slowed your mind down a little, think of something you love and focus on it. You can imagine an open field, the beach, anything that makes you happy and will calm you down. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Try to keep yourself in that place for a while, so you’re sure to clear out all the negative energy.


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