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Natural Cleansing Foods

Updated on April 10, 2018
Kenna McHugh profile image

My work with top natural health professionals and experience as a fitness instructor teach me health tips that I am proud to share.

Make a List of Detox Foods

Including detox food in your daily diet helps you experience a revived and healthier body. Foods that detoxify the body lowers its weight while cleansing -- even helps you look better and better each day. The first thing you must do before anything else is listing the foods the detoxify your body. That way, you will eat more food that helps your body get better and better. Start taking note as you read about the kinds of detox food, so you can pick up the following foods next time you go shopping at your local grocery store.

Organic is Best

It is very important you drink more water than you usually do as you include these detox foods in your daily diet. Water is known for flushing toxins out of the body. If you drink four cups of water a day, you need to increase it to eight cups a day. If you drink six cups of water a day you need to increase it to 12 cups and so forth. The more water you drink, the better for your body.

Once you are at the local grocery store or farmers market, look for green leafy vegetables. Organic is the best to eat but raw is even better. You can include them in a nice and healthy warm broth when you get home. The idea is that leafy vegetables are filled with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll aids the body by cleansing the environmental toxins from the body. Such toxins include pesticides and heavy metals and pesticides. It is a great liver protector.

Organic Watercress

Now that you are drinking more water consider adding fresh, organic lemon juice and drink it every morning as a detox ritual. Everyone knows lemons are filled with vitamin C. But, not everyone knows that vitamin C is a detoxifying vitamin. When the body consumes lemons, the fruit takes the toxins and transforms them into water-soluble substance and literally flushes out itself out of the body.

Don’t pass up that organic watercress because of just a handful that if thoroughly cleaned is rich in different kinds of minerals. You can put the plant in your salads, sandwiches, and even soups. Watercress is crunchy, tasty, and peppery. The little green leaves have a diuretic influence on the body, which eliminates toxins from the system.

Detox Brew

The body’s liver on its own cleanses the body, so it’s a smart idea to activate the liver enzymes by consuming organic garlic. Just add it to all your dishes from spreads to salads. Another blessing is that it’s really good for the heart.

Some experts say green tea is a detox brew, but I have my doubts. Still, it doesn’t hurt to sip the fertile antioxidant tea filled with catechins. Sources say it speeds up liver performance.

Tahini or Paste

When you arrive at the broccoli sprouts, pick a bunch but make sure they are fresh not yellow. You want tight, dark green sprouts. These sprouts are filled with more cancer-fighting enzymes than their grown-ups.

The liver is an interesting organ of the body. It is very wise to keep in top condition. One way is adding sesame seeds to your diet. Though they are hard to digest, consuming them in a concentration like tahini or paste is a perfect way to be super nice to your body.

Popular Vegetable

Cabbage is a popular vegetable but it is also filled with a substance that activates the detoxifying enzymes in your liver. Grab a cabbage and make a large bowl of coleslaw.

Buying psyllium powder and adding it your juice is beneficial to the body. The plant literally cleans up toxins and even cholesterol since it is rich in fiber.

Sink your teeth into juicy, ripe mango, fleshy peach, crisp apple or succulent berries. All of them are jammed with vitamin C, nutritious fluids, tons of antioxidants, and fiber.

Do you understand the importance of detoxing your body?

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Noticeable Change

Just keep adding these vegetables, fruits, and fiber to your diet, and you are detoxifying your body and cleansing it at the same time. Eventually, you will see a noticeable change in your outlook on life and the way your body feels better. Let me know how you do with the detoxing. Good luck.


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    • Kenna McHugh profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenna McHugh 

      4 months ago from Northern California

      Gregory, It does sound hot! That is great on the savings.

    • Gregory DeVictor profile image

      Gregory DeVictor 

      4 months ago from Squirrel Hill, PA

      Kenna, I just mixed water, ice, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper in the blender as a detox drink. It’s really hot! I buy organic cayenne pepper at Aldi for a fraction of what it would cost at Giant Eagle.

    • Kenna McHugh profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenna McHugh 

      4 months ago from Northern California

      Gregory, I love lemon and water and used to drink it every morning to break my fast. Now, I am drinking organic, unrefined apple cider vinegar. It's easier to prepare and cheaper. Sometimes, I long for some lemon and water in the morning and make me a drink. Copious amounts of organic cayenne pepper!! Wow! I drink cayenne pepper with lemon water. It's a great cleanser. Keep up the healthy lifestyle and you will benefit for years to come.

    • Gregory DeVictor profile image

      Gregory DeVictor 

      4 months ago from Squirrel Hill, PA

      Thank you for an informative article. I’ve been drinking 2-4 liters of water with lemon juice for years. I also stir fry vegetables with copious amounts of organic cayenne pepper.

    • Kenna McHugh profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenna McHugh 

      9 months ago from Northern California

      Thank you for reading my article. My daughter is in her fourth year of French. It is such a beautiful language. I hope my article was helpful.


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