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Cleansing your Fitness Psychology

Updated on August 16, 2012
This was one of the 1st things I bought to workout with at home due to its many fucntions.
This was one of the 1st things I bought to workout with at home due to its many fucntions. | Source

By: Anastasia Vaughan

As of about 6 months ago I set out on a journey to find a friend that wanted to get in shape or toned up. Though most people wanted to engage in the comfort of new friendships no one wanted to create a friendship founded off of fitness goals, and frequent exercise routines. After searching my surroundings I finally found a few potential friends that seemed to be up for the challenge of change. It all started out blissfully with routine late afternoon workouts and confidence boosting health conscious lunches yet that swiftly changed.

Each semester the same pattern appeared with the friend who had a spark interest with the dream but wasn’t exactly completely and totally committed to the cause. After almost 3 consecutive semesters of an unsteady health buddy I began to wonder what was wrong. Was it the goal? Was it the push? Or could it simply have been the failed corrupt psychology within all the parties involved me included?

After sitting down to asset all that happen, I noticed that despite the fact I had lost a good 15 pounds their were still some very unsteady cracks in my habits, ideals, and motivations. Realizing that a cleansed fitness psychology was the only way to achieve the long goal ahead I drew a list of all the dirty concepts that cross the minds and thought of most people stuck in the rut of fitness failure.

I would now like to present what I refer to as the dirty dozen that leads you down the dark path of a fitness fiasco waiting to happen.

12. Feeling it is so ok to skip out on exercising days wither it be at home or at the gym without having a make-up day.

11. Underestimating the power of exercise as a focal point to rejuvenate your concentration. Not asking the question how can fitness stimulate my mind today?

10. Having a generally low motivation to exercise.

9. Daydreaming about food during a workout.

8. Magically forgetting your workout gear when you leave the house even if the gym bag is sitting directly at your front door.

7. Refusing to do outside gym research such as knowing your BMI.

6. Finding excuses not to workout.

5. Binge eating after a workout as you constantly rationalize that since you have worked out over eating is ok once you have pre burned off the calories.

4. You are unwilling to try new things in terms of exercise and food you aren’t use to. If your way had worked you wouldn’t be at the point where you need to lose weight.

3. Finding creative ways to trim the time off the initially set for a workout.

2. Using the gym as a social hotspot as a self distraction when you know you haven’t even come close to your goal yet. While I’m in the gym since I don’t feel like I am getting closer to my fitness goal why not make a few cool friends.

1. Having no concern for making healthy lifestyle/diet changes to your life.

Now that we have identified some of the possible threats that stand in our way to goals we can use our self determination to trick the flaws of our own twisted psychology to get to where we frequently daydream of being. Life is often an unpredictable path filled with many dark ditches and derailed plans. But a change in plans doesn’t mean that you won’t still at the end of the day have to live with the one and only body you have been given. Weight loss or healthy lifestyle changes have many different positive side affects that you will be thankful to endure in the long run. In fact studies have should that a healthy strong body such as being able to fight numerous cancers, potential memory problems with GOMBS (Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries and Seeds) alone.

A daily exercising routine is always a winning situation even if your physique doesn’t look like the models that come across your television screen. High cholesterol, blood pressure, and diabetes type 2 though seen as genetic is unnatural and can be avoided. Whenever, you feel the need to think that having ailments after a certain age is a natural thing. You must consider the fact that the United States of America is a first world country that is now on the verge of having below third world country health when it comes to natural health without the substance of drugs, machines, or doctor’s treatments. There are countries across the world who can afford to have doctor’s visits that have much better health than we do as a nation solely based off diet and physical activity.

In wanting to take strides towards at home exercise I decided to invest in 3 products that slowly help me engage my fitness goal. Those three items are a 4-way Pilates stretch, a set of dumbbell weights, and a slimmer belt with zippers. The last 3 pieces of the collection for my mini-at home workout to be completed will be a yoga mat; an exercising ball and a great cardio at home work out DVD.

If you don’t have the money for a yoga mat at the moment, or a cardio workout DVD these things can be improvised. Use a long towel specifically for the purpose of exercise in place of a yoga mat. Exercising DVD’s in the era of you tube and real player make it easier than ever to have a workout partner at your finger tips. If you have internet you tube is your go to source. If you do not have internet my suggestion to you is to download a version of real player into your computer than you will be amazed at how many fitness workouts you can exclusively rip into your real player library. However, due you tubes new before the video add pop up and real player recent partnership them you will unfortunately have to find your workout DVD clips from other sources. But just remember where there is a will there is a way.

Don’t put off the goals that you can achieve today in favor of the tomorrow that is not promised to you. Your best fitness psychology is only is only a few mindset changes away.


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