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How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast Without Medicine

Updated on December 9, 2019
You can clear your stuffy nose by changing your environment.
You can clear your stuffy nose by changing your environment. | Source

4 Quick Tips on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast Without Medicine

When the seasons change, people typically suffer from sinus problems and elements in the air can lead to clogging our noses.

There are several things you can do to help clear a stuffy nose when it occurs – and there’s a lot more you can do than simply blowing it out with a tissue in hand.

This article will explain a few useful alternative remedies for how to clear a stuffy nose without medicine or a visit to the doctor.

1. Use a Humidifier

Dry air can sometimes be the culprit of a runny nose. So what you want to do is add moisture to the air with a humidifier. Put one in your room or wherever you spend the majority of your time.

If you are sleeping and you find that the noise of the humidifier bothers you, then try turning it on during the day and close the door. That way the room will be more humid when it’s time to sleep.

Before you go to bed, turn off the humidifier so you can get to sleep without the noise. However, some of the more modern humidifiers have gotten a lot more stealth-like and won't get too loud. You could always try a white noise device to block out the sound if you are sensitive to it.

Using a humidifier can help relieve a stuffy nose.
Using a humidifier can help relieve a stuffy nose. | Source

2. Put Breathing Strips on Your Nose

Athletes use them and so can you! Breathing strips can help open up your nasal passages and can help clearing a stuffy nose as well. They can also be useful for people who snore a lot.

Place the breathing strip across your nose before bed and you will find yourself breathing much easier than you did without the strip. This quick remedy can also help the person beside you sleep easier too.

3. Try Specific Beverages and Food

Do you know how to clear a stuffy nose fast by modifying your diet?

These food remedies can be found right in your fridge or around the corner at the neighborhood supermarket.

Typically, hot beverages, tea and soup can help clear a stuffy nose if you have them regularly throughout the day. Try some chicken noodle soup or French onion soup. They’re easy to make and will satisfy your taste buds as well.

Another remedy you could try is peeling an onion and taking a strong whiff of it. Put your nose right up to it and breathe in deeply. The scent and power of the onion will help unclog your nose in no time.

The website Health Benefits 101 has some helpful articles on how to prevent colds naturally by making changes to your diet.

Try cutting an onion to solve your stuffy nose problems.
Try cutting an onion to solve your stuffy nose problems. | Source

4. Apply Oils, Ointments, and Other Natural Remedies to Clear Your Nose

Certain natural oils and over-the-counter drugs at your pharmacy can do wonders to clear a stuffy nose as well.

Try rubbing some Tiger Balm on your nose or just below your nostrils. Vicks Vapor Rub works just as well. Experiment with both of them to see what works best for you.

Furthermore, you can try clearing a stuffy nose with nasal sprays. There are several brands that basically do the same thing, but ask your pharmacist for which one would work best for your condition.

If you want to go the “home remedy” route, you can mix up a solution of water with some salt and boil it up on the stove. Let it cool, fill a nasal spray container and shoot it up your nose. The mixture works just as well as some nasal sprays bought at the store.

Understanding how to clear a stuffy nose without medicine takes time. By using these remedies you can help speed up the process and breathe your way to nasal freedom soon.

More Tips on How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast Without Medicine

If you have any advice or additional tips for clearing a stuffy nose, please leave your comments at the bottom of the page. Other readers will certainly appreciate your valuable feedback.

Also, remember to participate in the poll below.

Lastly, check out the video about how you can clear your sinuses.

You may discover some extra tips that will work well to alleviate your ailments!

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Video: Watch How to Clear a Stuffy Nose Fast


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      i acute/chronic rhinitious nasal drops for permanent cure.


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