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Coach Kip's Top Weight Loss Tip!

Updated on October 19, 2014

The number 1 Weight Loss tip!

Here's some you may have heard, drink green tea, eat 6 small meals a day, eat more grapefruit, stay away from carbs and sugar! Although these are all decent tips that can help you burn more fat, sometimes 6 meals a day is not best for everyone. Eating more grapefruit can help lower your blood sugar levels, but that alone is not going to turn you into a fat burning machine! Green tea as well can help pick up your fat metabolism, but drinking 3 green teas a day is not going to get you to the weight you long to be at! Also, carbs and sugar are both extremely important when it comes to brain function, the immune system, and all daily activities. Cutting all carbs and sugar is very dangerous, rather, keep it to a minimum, or as I always say, consume what is demanded for your lifestyle!

With all that being said, if I was forced to only give one tip, my best tip, my most universal and powerful tip that will work for men and women of all ages, here it is! If you can ever use all your will power on one thing use it on this. STOP EATING 3-4 HOURS BEFORE YOU PLAN ON SLEEPING!! That doesn't mean you can't drink water or green tea, (decaf if it's close to bedtime) but it for sure means don't be using your teeth for chewing... ANYTHING! I am not saying that this is easy to do, but I am saying it is 100% worth it. Remember this saying and repeat it when the going get's tough... "The fight is at night"!!

It's not about how you start a race, it's about how you finish it. Likewise, it's not about how you start the day, it's about how you finish it! It's easy to start out healthy and on track and motivated, but when you start to get tired, its proven that your will power and decision making skills go down considerably! "The fight is at night"! Prime yourself for battle and be ready for some hunger pains! Know this though, it gets easier and easier the more nights your able to do it! Also you get more and more motivated when you see the results.

Allow me to explain the reasoning behind this tip and why it works. Food and calories are simply fuel and energy. Depending on your lifestyle, you need a certain amount of fuel and energy to get through your day. People who work 9-5 behind a desk need a different amount of fuel and at different times than lets say a garbage man, or any job where you are on your feet rather than sitting. You need to eat during the day, and rest at night. Your body burns stored fat when you rest or when you do low intensity activities that keep your metabolism up. Do not get confused, you burn stored fat when you rest only if your blood sugar level is where it should be. If you have too much sugar or carbs, it will not turn into fat, but rather keep you from burning fat. You must burn excess sugar first before fat, so if you want to burn fat when you rest, watch the sweets.

Coach Kip
Coach Kip | Source

How It Works

So let's say you did well during the day with eating pretty healthy. You usually go to bed at around midnight and it's 7:30 now and your about to have dinner. Make your dinner the healthiest meal of the day, not one that will raise your blood sugar level. Dessert after dinner was designed by the devil to hold you back. If you want dessert, have it at 3pm, when you have some time to burn it off!

So you have your healthy dinner and are finished by 8pm. You now have 3-4 hours before bedtime to digest and also still burn a considerable amount of calories. Any movement uses calories, and also your brain burns calories (the more you use it the better)! Now the sun is down and our bodily hormones are changing gears. Our body senses it's night time and starts to switch gears. Your body goes from "go-mode" to recover and rest mode. We obviously get the most rest and recover the most when we sleep deeply. During a good nights sleep you can lose a lot of weight if you have primed yourself to. Going to bed with food still in your belly will force your body to continue digesting rather than recovering and repairing. Keep in mind, to recover and repair takes lots of energy and where does our body like to use energy from when our blood sugar levels are low... STORED FAT!!

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Go to bed on empty stomach!

Not only will your body be using calories from fat while you are resting, but studies have shown that going to bed on an empty stomach will raise your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) naturally! If you pay attention to sports you will see that they are starting to test for guys using HGH unnaturally for an unfair edge! I'm telling you, this is how to raise it naturally! This article is not about HGH but here are some of the benefits when our HGH is raised naturally...

1.Better, deeper, more restfull sleep.

2.Higher rate of fat metabolism.

3.Better recovery and reapir of muscles, bones, skin, and organs.

4.More energy and youthfull feeling.

5.Slows up the aging process.

These are just a few of the many benefits of having your HGH levels raised naturally by going to bed on an empty stomach!


There are alot of articles and research out there that go along with what I'm saying. I do not feel the need to back up this tip with links. I challenge you to try this for 3 days in a row and see how you feel. Now I know first hand how tough this is, I love to eat, and especially at night. When I feel as though its time for me to look my best again and I'm ready to feel my best again, this is the difference maker. The fight truely is at night! If you are able to be discipline and not give in and snack at night, I promise you, you will be starting tommorow off on the right foot, and a lighter foot!! You really have to prepare yourself mentally as the time draws near to not eat. Get ready for your stomach to growl at you! If it's growling at you, its actually shrinking and thats the noise its making. That's how you know your on the right track! I want to help people as much as possible and there's lots more I wish to say and share. I will continue to give my best tips here on hubpages!


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