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How to Use Coconut Oil For Yeast Infections

Updated on February 14, 2016
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Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection
Coconut Oil for Yeast Infection

Why Coconut Oil for Yeast Infections ?

Did you know that you can use coconut oil for yeast infection? No? Then continue reading to learn how coconut oil can help clear up your infection and several ways to utilize it for ideal results...

Candida albicans is a natural yeast-like fungus that resides in our bodies. It is relatively safe due to the fact that your body's friendly flora keeps it under control. Nevertheless, if the conditions are right, it can overgrow into an infection...

A major reason for yeast overgrowth leading to an infection is taking too many antibiotics which kill-off your body's good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria they are meant to kill.

In addition, individuals with a compromised immune system are at a much greater danger of an infection since their immune system cannot effectively combat the bad bacteria, i.e. the Candida albicans.

Candida can easily show up as an infection in places such as, your digestive tract, sexual organs, mouth, skin, nails, anus, and so on. It particularly likes the warm, dark, moist areas of your body.

So what can you do to reduce the risk of getting a significant yeast infection and how do you do away with it when you have one?

Well, scientists have uncovered that you can do this naturally by utilizing coconut oil for yeast infections...

Why Coconut Oil is Good for Yeast Infections

Coconut oil has a saturated fatty acid called 'caprylic acid' which is a natural anti-fungal agent, excellent for combating Candida. And, because caprylic acid is not water-soluble, it is able to permeate the mucous membrane layers in which the yeast fungi are deeply embedded.

Moreover, coconut oil also features another saturated oily acid called 'lauric acid' which is known to be able to improve your immune system, which is very important in helping to eliminate your infection.

Finally, coconut oil is a healthy alternative for sugar. And since the yeast fungus needs sugar to sustain itself, by using coconut oil instead, you are denying them that food source.

You ought to make certain that you buy a really high quality, extra virgin coconut oil for your yeast infection, as cheaper oils tend to degrade faster.

Taking Coconut Oil for Yeast Infections

There are 2 ways to utilize coconut oil for yeast infections...

You can consume the oil to combat the yeast in your gut and you can apply it topically to the external infections.

Internally, try taking one tablespoon a day for a week or two until the symptoms abate. You can add it to smoothies, utilize it instead of butter, or stir it into your tea or coffee. And, of course, you can use it in your cooking.

For external use, just apply it over the site of the infection. Do this everyday till the symptoms disappear. For vaginal yeast infection, you can apply the oil to a tampon and leave in overnight. Repeat daily until the symptoms disappear.

Other Coconut Oil Benefits

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