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Coconut Water Nutrition Facts and Amazing Health Benefits

Updated on February 4, 2015

Coconut Water - Hype or Nutritious Drink?

There is much hype about coconut water lately. Sometimes, people who don’t really “know” coconut are led to believe that the hype are sales gimmick dressing some hidden commercial, profit-seeking agenda. This hub is about the health benefits of natural and fresh coconut water.

So, does coconut water really qualify to be called a natural nutritional beverage or a healthy drink? Is coconut water really nature’s energy drink as claimed to be?

Coconut water is the clear water-like liquid that is sweet and tasty and is found inside the young immature coconuts, which are fruits of the coconut palm (cocos nucifera). Cocos nucifera is native to the tropics and in the remote islands of the Pacific, our lives depend on the coconut and coconut products for many things, including natural and alternate medicine for health.

Even without modern medicine, we have used coconut, including coconut water, for thousands of years because of its many health benefits. If coconut water is not an healthy, nutritional beverage, we would have developed all kinds of diseases and even gone into extinction because we consume it everyday.

So coconut water is indeed nature's best healthy nutritional beverage.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

Electrolytes in Coconut Water
Vitamins in Coconut Water
Other Nutrients in Coconut Water
Coconut Water Does NOT Contain
Potassium (high)
Vitamin C
Protein (modest)
Fat (fat-free)
Chlorides (high)
B Vitamins - B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folate (B9)
Natural Sugar (modest)
Cholesterol (cholesterol-free)
Calcium (high)
Dietary Fiber (high)
Additives (its naturally pure)
Magnesium (high)
Trace minerals directly from the sea
Calories (low in calories)
Sodium (modest)

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes that are essential for maintaining proper functionality of the body. Coconut water also contains a complex array of nutrients including trace minerals which come directly from the sea and which most other foods lack.

When freshly extracted from the coconut, coconut water is germ-free and parasites-free. Fresh coconut water is uncontaminated by bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens. It is nature's best distilled water.

Coconut water is a healthy, nutritional energy drink that can supply the necessary electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to the body. There are no allergies, disadvantages or side effects of drinking coconut water. The only issue to be aware of is the natural laxative nature of coconut water.

Being a natural laxative, coconut water is one of the best natural remedy for constipation. It can be taken for colon and bowel cleansing to eliminate toxic substances from the body. For read more about the Benefits of Coconut Water Fast, for detoxification, healing and weight loss.

16 Amazing Properties of Coconut Water

1. Reduces problems for infants suffering from intestinal disturbances.
2. Is an effective oral rehydration medium.
3. Contains organic compounds possessing growth-promoting properties
4. Keeps the body cool.
5. Used topically it prevents prickly heat and summer boils and relieves rashes caused by smallpox, chickenpox, measles, etc.
6. Kills intestinal worms.
7. Presence of saline and albumen makes it a good drink in cholera cases.
8. Checks urinary infections.
9. Excellent tonic for the old and sick.
10. Cures malnutrition
11, Diuretic
12. Dissolves kidney and urethral stones.
13. Useful as an intravenous (IV) solution
14. Useful as blood plasma substitute and is readily accepted by the body.
15. Aids the quick absorption of drugs and makes their peak concentration in the blood easier by its electrolyte effect.
16. Urinary antiseptic and eliminates poisons in case of mineral poisoning.
Source: Coconut Development Board, India

Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Until recently, fresh coconut water is only available in places where the coconut grows. The demand for natural sports drink has led to the commercial packaging of young coconuts water. Coconut water is now available in supermarkets and health food stores in bottled and tetra pak containers. You can also buy these great healthy drinks online.

The claims about the health benefits of pure young coconut water is not hype. If you want a all natural, energizing and rejuvenating nutritional drink, coconut water can give you all that.


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    • Kalmiya profile image

      Kalmiya 4 years ago from North America

      Thanks for your hub on coconut water Kejanny. Coconut water is sold in North America as a nutritious drink and perhaps with a bit of a celebrity spin on it. I've tried one or two of the products you list and we keep coconut oil in our house as I've read of the many benefits. I've also written a hub about palm products that mentions coconut. Voted up!

    • nutritionhub profile image

      nutritionhub 4 years ago

      As you've shown the health benefits of coconut water are vast and certainly not a myth. It's nice to connect with another nutriton hubber! Following now.