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Coconut water Nutrition and Health Benefits

Updated on December 18, 2011
Coconut water benefits and nutrition
Coconut water benefits and nutrition

Coconut water is the juice of young tender coconuts and is a natural energy drink. It is delicious, refreshing and very nutritious and has tremendous health benefits. The water of tender young coconut, technically is the liquid endosperm. It is one of the purest, most nutritious wholesome waters and beverages with which nature has provided us. The people in tropical regions and countries have been enjoying this drink for centuries. They have used the all-natural coconut water to refresh, refuel, re-hydrate, feed and maintain the proper nourishment and fluid levels in their bodies. The natural water has a caloric value of 17.4 per 100 gm. The benefits of coconut water are endless and should be an essential part of any healthy diet.

Coconut water is naturally sweet, ingratiating, promoting proper digestion, and naturally helps clearing our urinary paths, and lubricating our body systems. India is one of the leading producers of coconuts in the world producing 13 billion nuts per annum.

India has 3000 years' tradition in coconut cultivation. A large number of coconut products are manufactured in India which have both domestic and export market. Vinegar and soft drink are manufactured in the country from coconut water. Tender coconut water concentrate is another product which is manufactured and marketed successfully.

fresh coconut water
fresh coconut water

Coconut water health benefits

Young tender coconut water has the following benefits and medicinal values:

  • Low in Carbohydrates
  • Low in Fat 99% Fat Free
  • Low in natural occurring sugar
  • Keeps the body cool and at the proper temperature.
  • Effective in the treatment of kidney and urethral stones.
  • Natural drink for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances.
  • Excellent oral re-hydration medium, an all natural isotonic for all ages.
  • Presence of saline and albumen makes it an excellent drink in cholera cases.
  • Maintains the human body's natural fluid levels.
  • Aids in the quick absorption of drugs and makes their peak concentration into the blood stream easier because of its electrolytic effect.
  • Found as a blood plasma substitute because it is sterile, does not produce heat, and does not destroy red blood cells and is readily accepted by the body.
  • Kills intestinal worms.
  • Excellent all natural water to drink while Relaxing, Meditating, Driving, Eating, Running, Aerobics, Working, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Exercising, Body Building, Surfing, Fishing, Snow Boarding, Working Out, Surfing, Physical Activities, or Exertion of any kind.
  • Aid the body in fighting viruses that cause the flu, herpes, and AIDS
  • Helps prevent osteoporosis
  • Helps control diabetes
  • Promotes bowel movements
  • Promotes healthy thyroid function
  • Helps eliminate pinworms
  • Used in cancer therapy
  • Helps kill the parasite Giardia Lamblia
  • Improves digestion
  • Provides quick energy
  • Relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body
  • Helps in gallbladder disease
  • Helps eliminate Candida yeast infections
  • Inhibits the growth of mycoplasma
  • Helps eradicate eczema
  • Helps keep skin soft and smooth

As you can see, Coconut water has amazing health benefits. It should be an integral part of any healthy diet. Coconut water is a natural energy drink. No need for drinks like Gatorade or Powerade. Replace them with the healthy alternative that is coconut water.

Coconut water nutrition facts

Coconut water nutrition
Coconut water nutrition

Delicious and nutricious coconut water

There is no fat in coconut water and it contains plenty of natural sugars and minerals, loaded with magnesium and potassium and even high fiber. One cup of Cocnut water has about 46 calories while coconut milk has 550 of those calories. Coconut water is very hydrating and was given to soldiers during the World War when saline was not obtainable. It is commonly known that staying hydrated is very important to maintain good health. It will help feel full so it reduces hunger consequently resulting in weight loss. Health benefits of coconut water are tremendous and the list is so long that hopefully people understand it and consume it properly.

Vitamins: Young tender coconut water contains ascorbic acid. The concentration of ascorbic acid ranges between 2.2 to 3.7 mg per ml. This ascorbic acid content gradually diminishes as the kernel surrounding the water begins to harden up. The coconut water also contains vitamins of the B group.

Sugars: The natural sugars in the forms of fructose and glucose form an important element of the young tender coconut water. The concentration of natural sugars in the water of the coconut steadily increases from about 1.5 % percent to about 5.0 to 5.5 % percent in the early months of maturation. This process slowly begins to fall back to around 2 % percent at the stage of full maturity of the coconut. It is in the early stages of maturity when the sugars that are in the form of fructose and glucose (reducing sugar) and sucrose (non reducing sugar) appear. Sucrose appears only in the later stages and increases with the maturity of the coconut, while the reducing sugars fall of. In the fully mature coconut approximately (90%) percent of the total sugars is in sucrose form.

Minerals: Young tender coconut water contains many valuable minerals for our bodies such as calcium, sodium, potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus, sulphur, and chlorides. Among the minerals that accounts for more than half the concentration of the coconut water is potassium. The environment in which the coconut trees are grown markedly influences the concentration of which. Young tender coconut water with its high concentration of potassium is the perfect electrolytic balance for our body. This help in the elimination of toxic waste from the body by increasing the urinary output. "Nature's Fitness Water" TM

Protein: Coconut water contains small amounts of protein. The percentage of alanine, arginine, cystine and serene in the protein of young coconut water is higher than cows milk. Soymilk is another great source of good protein. Since young coconut water does not contain any complex proteins the danger of producing shock to the patients is minimized.

Almost every part of coconut palm is used. It is a primary source of food, water, drink, purifier, fluid re-hydration, isotonic, energy, tonic, fuel, soil rejuvenator from the fiber, animal feed, and shelter. Nature provided us with a tree that produces the world's best water.

The Nutritional Values of Coconut Products: This varies according to the different stages of development. The mature coconut is a good source of iron and potassium. Approximately 86% of the calories in coconuts is from the white meat inside the shell and are from fat calories, most of which is saturated fat. But the water of the coconut contains less than 1 %. So the pure coconut water is Cholesterol Free and 99% Fat Free. Young Coconut Hearts: High in calcium and phosphorus and low in fat.

source: coconut development board of india.

How to make a coconut water smoothie Video


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    • profile image

      Avigna 5 years ago

      We have a coconut plantation. I knew from my experience that coconut water help my time of going to the bathroom in the evening of from 5 times a night to 2 times.

    • kal30314 profile image

      kal30314 6 years ago

      I have to try coconut water or milk, it sound like it have lots of benefit for the body. Thanks for sharing this hub & I vote up for u.

    • profile image

      Deanna 6 years ago

      I have been recently introduced to coconut water, and I just love it. I am doing a weight loose program with my new juicer, and i know this coconut water will be a huge help!

    • profile image

      hussain 6 years ago

      i grow in my house coconut tree in karachi the tree give up 200 coconut in six month; i drink water daily & meat, very delious. and healthy drink..

    • profile image

      niceter 6 years ago

      finally america and the west are catching up with coconut water and pomegranate juice. being from india and growing up in mideast, i had enough of this since early 80's lol.

    • profile image

      Rands 6 years ago

      When our family go for vacation in Bicol, Philippines. I always eat and drink coconut. Its very delicous and refreshing. =)

    • profile image

      veenanath 6 years ago

      I love tender Coconut......its helpul in increasing aminiotic fluid in Pregnant womens.........

    • profile image

      Neil 6 years ago

      I'm from Bangalore, India. I buy fresh tender coconut daily and drink its water. Believe me, it is refreshing indeed. One obvious difference that I've noticed that my skin looks clearer and smoother than before. Tender coconuts are available at very cheap price here. It is from Rs. 12 per coconut to Rs. 15 per coconut; and no need to go to supermarkets. They are available at every nook and corner in all neighbourhood.

    • profile image

      RAM 6 years ago

      Great information , Now i have to cultivate organic coconut for drink everyday at my organic farming

    • profile image

      genes 6 years ago

      I drink coconut water every morning here in the Philippines.....and my friend said its also an age 50...he can make love to his wife...for half an hour non-stop....

    • profile image

      ZAFAR KHAN 6 years ago

      I am suffering from Diabetic and since I started drinking coconut water regularly I feel more energetic and I lost diabetes disease

    • citychick profile image

      citychick 6 years ago from Ulster County, New York

      Great hub. I discovered coconut water not too long ago, and love it. I especially like the Zico coconut water after a gym workout, and find it to be lower in sugar than bananas. Good information. Thanks.

    • camdjohnston12 profile image

      camdjohnston12 6 years ago

      I agree!Coconut water is great for those who have kidney problems.

    • no longer anxious profile image

      no longer anxious 7 years ago from British Columbia

      I had anxiety for years and panic attacks, way back when, with that came IBS and my stomach was a mess. I started drinking coconut water and i felt waaaay better it works and it has so many other benefits as well. Did you know that true pure coconut oil for cooking is known to kill the HIV virus over time, of course the doctors would never tell you that...cut into their profits NO WAY!! HIV patients had a tbsp of oil everyday for a year and their white blood cells sky rocketed !

    • profile image

      ashley 7 years ago

      Im very fortunate to work for a locally owned natural foods store that gets.these.cocounuts from either mexico or thailand. Ive been drinking c2o from cans daily and have a fresh coconut every other day. I have solo much energy and feel so healthy its ridiculous. ;) im not sure how good the stuff in the cans are. They say no preservatives. But im sure it goes threw a heating process. Can anyone tell me if im still getting nutrients this way?

    • profile image

      Exotic Superfoods 7 years ago

      Hello Everyone,

      We love to drink and eat only the certified organic and unpasteurized young thai coconut water and coconut meat. It must be certified organic, raw, and processed without chemicals otherwise the nutritional benefits have been lost. Love, Exotic Superfoods

    • Glen619 profile image

      Glen619 7 years ago from Camden, New Jersey

      Wow did not know coconut water holds so many benefits. nice hub

    • profile image

      ryan the man 7 years ago

      yeah pharmaceutical companies are the real evils of this world

    • aslanlight profile image

      aslanlight 7 years ago from England

      I eat lots of coconut oil but I don't drink coconut water. If I can find it in the local health food shop I'll start drinking it.

    • profile image

      koto N. 7 years ago

      Hi! i live in manila, philippines. Fresh coconut juice is part of my daily diet. I can buy a fresh coconut at street vendor 15 meters away from my place. The vendor will cut it open in front of you and scrape the yummy coconut meat. The best thing of all is 1 fresh coconut is like 50philippine peso or less than $.50 ;) ... 1 coconut has more or less 400ml. i consume 2 coconut water and meat a day. yay! haha

    • profile image

      M.M Millender 7 years ago

      Born raised in Jamaica, my Grandparents used Coconut oil for cooking every day and drink the Coconut water daily, and lived to their late 80s. Many people on the Islands drink Coconut water like American drinks Coke, so Dr. Steven, is just another MD trying to discourage people from using natural remedies, in order to support the pharmacies.

    • profile image

      Dr Steven 7 years ago

      This hub is dangerously misguiding. Excessive consumption of coconut water can cause fatal renal malfunction. As a matter of fact, in India with its '3000 years of experience' coconut water is used for (involuntary) euthanasia of the elderly when their family cannot support them anymore. See:

    • profile image

      Adua Ismail 7 years ago

      It is suprising that people can get all these benefits from coconut water.its nutritive value is immeasurable and fantastic.i take the flesh part and discard the water but with this eye opener,i will continue to take the coconut water.

    • profile image

      Guitarman 7 years ago

      Born raised and live in the Caribbean. Considering a 3 month regime of drinking coconut water as my only fluid in addition to water. Its supposed to be a great body cleanser too.Its also very high in potassium, but I guess that's in there too. Glad I came across this article. And to think I get coconuts for free or for the most about $2.50 US for 1.5 litres (51 fl. oz.)...and that's 100% pure unprocessed...straight from the nut to the bottle.

    • profile image

      Janet Grosshandler 7 years ago

      In personally researching and using coconut water for its health benefits plus as a dehydrator when I do a long run or serious work out, coconut water beats any manufactured "sports drink" hands down. My choice is natural, pure coconut water.

      Janet Grosshandler

    • profile image

      coconutnut 7 years ago

      angelo, please tell us more about your diet


      -why did you begin it

      -how active are you

      -are you careful to eat a variety of foods to ensure adequate nutrition

      -do you eat mostly young or old coconuts

    • profile image

      asdf 7 years ago

      there is no nutrition in the air. if all you eat is one thing, how will you be getting all your vitamins, minerals, carbs, protiens, and fats? be careful, Angelo.

    • profile image

      Angelo 7 years ago

      I have been eating coconuts for the last six months as my Main Meal and couldn't feel more healthy. I supplement my coconuts w/a few ounces of Peanut Butter. And apart from drinking water and having my morning coffee. That is all I consume on a regular basis. I started out eating 5/day but now I am only eating 2/day. I just don't feel hungry enough to eat more than that. Real health comes from eating slightly and allowing our bodies to absorb all the nutrition in the air. If you eat too much your body just shuts down.

    • lindaadams37 profile image

      lindaadams37 7 years ago

      Coconut is delicious but that won't be a reason if someone finds me most of the time at the beach.

    • profile image

      Social Networker 7 years ago

      It just seems strange that I should come across this hub today of all days. My mother has been suffering with diarrhea for the past couple of days. She decided she would go to the doctor today but called him first. His advice amongst other things was to drink plenty of clear fluids including coconut water. So the word has gone out for a friend to pick up some young coconuts from one of the local vendors. It really is a privilege to be surrounded by natures natural remedies.

    • sun_knowledge profile image

      sun_knowledge 7 years ago from Kolkata, New York

      Nice and informative hub. Any idea if coconut water could eliminate/replace any medicine for senior people. If it does, we would try to include a section to our hubpage.

    • profile image

      Dchosen_01 7 years ago

      This is awesome. I know COcoa nut water has some nutritional value, but I never knew its magnitude till now.

      Great Hub..

    • profile image

      Hannah 7 years ago

      I drink coconut water everyday just because it tastes good. I had no idea it was this good for you.

    • profile image

      Kam 7 years ago

      I live in the Caribbean (Guyana) and grew up on pure coconut water straight from the nut, we have a tree in our back yard so do most of our neighbors, and it’s the most nutritious drink better that orange or any other fruit juice. I feel so fortunate to have this luxury, don’t mean to brag but it’s so cool to have nature’s sport drink growing in my back yard.

    • profile image

      What 7 years ago

      Haha, Chickens drink milk? What are you smoking poster #1, I want some...

    • profile image

      unknown  7 years ago

      diabetic patients can drink coconut water?

      any answer pls

    • profile image

      Danny 8 years ago

      The benefits from coconut water are astounding. It's no wonder, you can find them almost anywhere now. I am a huge fan of Vita Coco. I think it tastes amazing and it's good for you what more could you ask for?

    • profile image

      Dr. Prabhjit Kaur 8 years ago

      i find this as a very soothing drink which is rich source of nutrients too. this make you feel light and also improves the texture of skin.

    • profile image

      ohreally 8 years ago

      The "nutrional facts" contain an error. A 308 gram drink/serving size (11 fl oz * 28 grams) cannot have 530 grams of potassium. A 308 gram serving of coconut water might have 530mg of potassium...

    • Greenheart profile image

      Greenheart 8 years ago from Cambridge

      Thanks Sean for this hub.

      I will be looking out for coconut water next time i am in the health shop.

    • heckstallmaffei profile image

      heckstallmaffei 8 years ago from Leeds, UK

      maybe, coconut's kind of a milk and chickens do drink milk, last time i looked in an encyclopedia

    • profile image

      you 8 years ago

      can coconut benefit the growth of chickens????????


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