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Add Coffee and Shake for a Health Lifestyle.

Updated on July 17, 2016

Your Body Loves Coffee.


What Is The Health Benefit To Coffee.

Coffee has often been viewed as a vice, so purchasing a coffee maker would be seen as a big no-no!


Recent case studies have confirmed that coffee is not as bad as it was once seen to be. There are a myriad of health benefits that were previously overlooked.

Over the last 18 years studies have been carried out using a massive 126,000 person database and the resulting conclusion is that coffee is far more helpful than harmfull.

Believe it or not, coffee has been known to help asthmatics control their breathing, which is good news for wheezers. But the benefits don’t end there, the caffeine in coffee has shown evidence of digestive benefits, including reducing the risk of developing gallstones and kidney stones, and assisting in healthy digestion.

Consider this: At least six case studies have indicated that a person drinking coffee on a regular basis is up to 80% less likley to ever develop Parkinson's Disease. In fact 3 of the case studies showed that the more coffee consumed, the lower the risk was of Parkinson's.

Another study shows that compared to people who do not drink coffee, at least two cups a day translates in to a 25% reduction of the chance of contracting Colon Cancer,an 80% less chance of cirrhosis and reduces the risk of gallstones by almost 50%.

Coffee Machines

Coffee Machines come in all shapes and sizes.
Coffee Machines come in all shapes and sizes.

Its Time For Coffee

'Would you like to come up for a coffee?' Ah that age old chat up line...who hasn't heard it? But did you ever actually get a decent cup of coffee from the offer?

Most people who enjoy coffee would rank a fresh brewed ground coffee in their top ten pleasures in life but it's not always easy to get a great cup. Buying a coffee machine is the first step to success with coffee but there are so many out there it's hard knowing which one to pick. A good idea is to find yourself a good shopping site like so you can compare features. For example, if you're not big on cleaning, there are coffee machines that don't make too much of a mess. If you're a bit cack handed in the kitchen a la moi, some brands make it very easy for you with coffee pods that you simply insert and the machine does the rest! For the more sophisticated amongst you there are coffee machines that do more than just the run of the mill filtered coffee there are more heavy duty machines that help you create 'lighter than air' frothy milk, grind the beans for that fresh from Columbia taste.

There are so many on the market that it's important that you work out exactly what you want from your machine. Once you've done this decide how much you are willing to spend. Remember, coffee machines should last a very long time so it's worth investing a little more in it if you want to get the best from your brew, after all in a year you probably won't even recall how much it cost you, but you will still be enjoying great coffee.

Once you've decided on the perfect machine it's time to hone in on how to make your perfect cup. There is a fantastic range of coffee products on the market to complement that wonderful aromatic mug of coffee. There are a huge range of flavoured syrups to pep up your lattes, from vanilla to caramel and mint to orange, and at Christmas time there's always a great range of limited editions like nutmeg, ginger and even eggnog! There's an even bigger range of coffee beans themselves, mild, medium, strong, African, Columbian, Brazilian even Mexican!

The most important thing to remember is that there's a coffee machine out there to suite everyone, from the connoisseur to the beginner and everyone in between, so take a deep breath dive in and enjoy the years of good coffee ahead of you.


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    • profile image

      Melanie Munn 8 years ago

      I think there are benefits and risks that come with coffee. I wouldn't drink it everyday, but that is only my opinion. For me, it's the caffeine that turns me off. Caffeine everyday is an addiction.