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Cogent Shoes for Wellness with Style

Updated on October 11, 2011

It has to be said, I am a big fan of toning shoes. They are a great motivation for starting a new exercise programme, they make walking to get fit more fun and more rewarding, and the shoes correct the posture which can have profound benefits for improving overall body health.

They are a great partner for a new and healthier lifestyle, and there are some great designs on the market to choose from. Gone are the days of thick EVA foam and ugly sneakers, with a new wave of toning footwear now available which actually look pretty cool with a wide range of outfits.

Toning shoes offer the chance to get more out of any walking activity, and to turn time spent on the feet into a wellness boosting, muscle tightening, and fat reducing workout. Whilst this is undoubtedly great news, anyone who wants to get the maximum benefit will need toning shoes for the whole day and sadly most of us have to go to work, and finding a pair of toning shoes which are smart enough for the workplace can be a little difficult.

Cogent Shoes Technology
Cogent Shoes Technology

Toning Shoes for the Workplace

Whilst sneakers are great for casual wear, they don’t look too hot with trousers. Men have already have been somewhat neglected by the toning shoe manufacturers, and when it comes to smart shoes suitable for work the options are severely limited, which means a lot of toning downtime.

Fortunately Cogent shoes have the answer with an excellent line of smarter toning shoes for both men and women.. If you want leather shoes for work, but still want to tone your body and get a wellness boost, Cogent shoes will be right up your street.

Cogent are a different breed of toning shoes to the popular toning sneakers and sandals on the market, and the brand concentrates on producing styles to get the maximum wear each day. They offer more of a lifestyle change than purely toning, and work on long term goals rather than a quick fix fat busting solution.

Whilst high quality smart footwear is a major draw to the brand, Cogent also produce robust sandals with classic outdoor styling, Mary Jane’s and sneakers. The range is designed to offer a shoe for all occasions.The high quality construction ensures a long lifespan, and they will be working your body long after most toning sneakers have become landfill.

Toning Shoes for Work
Toning Shoes for Work

Benefits of Cogent Footwear

  • Correct poor posture
  • Build core muscle strength
  • Strengthen and condition the feet
  • Boost blood circulation
  • Support the arches to reduce fatigue
  • Tone the muscles throughout the lower body, lower back and abdomen
  • Ease pain in the joints and legs
  • Help to build more lean body mass and muscle

Cogent Shoes Posture Correction and Toning
Cogent Shoes Posture Correction and Toning

Construction Quality

  • Full grain leather uppers
  • Antimicrobial nano-silver treatment kills 99% of bacteria to prevent foot odour.
  • Highly breathable uppers and insole to wick away moisture and keep the feet dry and comfortable
  • Orthotic insole to further correct the posture
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Polyurethane sole for greater robustness
  • Shock absorbing inserts in the heel and forefoot

Cogent Toning Sandals
Cogent Toning Sandals

If you look at the above benefits and compare toning shoes, you will notice that Cogent shoes offer much the same as the many others on the market.

However in contrast to sneaker manufacturers such as Skechers, New Balance and Reebok toning shoes, the Cogent do not use a system of EVA foam, instead opting for a polyurethane midsole and a rigid sole similar to that found in many MBT shoes .

Whilst EVA has been instrumental in getting the wobble when walking for many brands, its downside is a relatively short lifespan. EVA foam rubber degrades over time, and as the shoes age, they become less effective at toning. With a harder material for the midsole such as PU, the lifespan of the shoes is increased significantly and Cogent will outlast most of the sneaker brands for excellent value for money.

Womens Mary Jane Toning Shoes
Womens Mary Jane Toning Shoes

How do Cogent Shoes work?

When you first put on the shoes you will notice that the body weight shifts back to the heels, with the toes and ball of the foot higher. They are anti-high heels if you will, and just as stilettos kill your feet, Cogent shoes are the perfect antidote.

With the body weight moved, the spine is straightened and the shoulders brought back easing muscle tension and aligning the body properly.

The muscles in the lower body are allowed to work more efficiently and the bones become aligned for better absorption of shockwaves. Cogent shoes get you to stand up straighter, align the feet naturally and are offer a more natural walking experience, for which the body is designed.

There have been recent studies into the effectiveness of the design, however the best evidence dates back a further than when Cogent started producing their wellness shoes.

Anyone who has tried Yoga will be familiar with the mountain pose (tada). In this pose the posture is corrected, the shoulders rolled back, foot pressure is changes for the better and the muscles get a toning session.

Just as with Cogent footwear, the body is allowed to relax, whilst at the same time a more comprehensive workout.

Cogent Wellness Sneakers
Cogent Wellness Sneakers

Whilst the shoes will feel a little unnatural at first, it doesn’t take long to get used to the new way of walking, and although it will take a little while to start to notice the effects from the enhanced toning, the benefits of posture correction are instantaneous.

Cogent shoes are FDA and LUDPAC (Japan) approved, and have been demonstrated to offer excellent posture correction and toning benefits. You will find cheaper corrective footwear on the market; however you will struggle to find smarter and better constructed toning shoes.

Cogent footwear is in the same bracket as MBT and Chung Shi Shoes, but beats both on price. If you want hard wearing, high quality shoes to correct the posture you really can’t fault Cogent. The styles are excellent, they offer the full range of shoes for exercise, the workplace and casual wear, and will outlast the cheaper brands. A little extra money spent initially will ensure much better value for money in the long run.

The shoes are big sellers in the Asian market, however have recently become available in the USA through Amazon. There are many styles, colors, and designs to choose from, of which the men’s Oxford shoes and women’s leather models are undoubtedly the highlights in the collection.


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