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Cold Home Remedies

Updated on June 24, 2009

Cold Home Remedies

Cold Home Remedies

This Hub Cold Home Remedies will Guides you in your difficult days of cold by providing you with home based cold remedies.

The Cold or common cold or acute coryza is an inflammation of the upper respiratory which is caused by viral infection. Most colds lasts from 3 - 7 days.

The main symptoms of a cold are feeling of sore throat and nasal passage congestion . Others may include:

- Running nose

- Sneezing.

- Rise in body temperature.

- Headache .

- Chill, Aches and Pains in the body .

-Watery Eyes .

- Loss of appetite .

- Low grade Fever .

- Nasal Discharge .

- Cold can lead to many other problems like an Infection of ear, sinusitis, strep throat, bronchitis,pneumonia, or a flare-up of asthma

Colds are responsible of doctor’s appointments and work loss in offices , schools etc .


Colds causes :

Lack of Sleep :

Sleeping less then seven hours increases the risk of cold ( infection ) , as lack of sleep weakens the immunity system of our body .

Smoking :

Nasal passage is damaged by smoking which results in more susceptibility of viral infections

Season :

Cold virus survives better in low humid conditions , therefore colds risks are more likely to be increased during falling winter .

Diet :

Nutritional deficiencies and excessive alcohol intake .

Age :

Children are most susceptible to viral infection and may experience as many as 10 colds a year because they are not careful about health hygiene .

Other Causes Include :

- Dust .

- Stress and depression .

- Allergic Disorders .

- Sudden change in environmental temperature.

Here are some COLD HOME REMEDIES :

Cold Home Remedies - GARLIC SOUP :

- Make a mixture of Garlic oil + Onion juice + water for dilution

- Drink this solution 3 - 4 times a day.

Cold Home Remedies - GINGER :

- Cut a ginger into small pieces.

- Boil it in a cup full of water .

- Add some sugar .

- When the mixture is ready try to drink it while it is still hot .

Cold Home Remedies - GINGER TEA :

- Making of ginger tea is similar to that of making a normal tea. But , in order to make ginger tea add ginger in to the boiling water before adding tea leaves.

Cold Home Remedy - BURNING TURMERIC :

- Burning turmeric should be inhaled in the case of running cold.

Cold Home Remedies - WATER :

- Drink plenty of water.

- Gargling is beneficial for sour throat when it is done by hot water mixed with salt.

- Hot water bath is beneficial in chest congestion and nasal congestion.

- Hot packs can be used for treating chest and head colds.

- Steam inhalation will help relives nasal congestion.

- Take steam bath , Hot water bath , Hot foot bath , Hot hip bath whenever you want .

Cold Home Remedies - HONEY and LEMON :

- Take a mug full of boiled water

- Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice + 2 teaspoons of honey.

- Beneficial in sore throats and blocked nose.

Cold Home Remedies - TAMARIND TEA :

- Take a cup of tamarind pulp + 1 liter boiling water.

- leave it for 2 hours to infuse.

- Drink it , 1/2 a cup at a time .( 4 times a day )

- Add a little honey for sweetening.

Cold Home Remedies - WHITE VINEGAR :

- Take a cup of molasses,

- 1 tablespoon of butter.

- 2 tablespoons of. White vinegar .

- Cook this mixture for at least 10 minutes.

- Take 1 tablespoon every hour.

Some other useful Cold Home Remedies :

- Mild sunbath and fresh air breathing.




yogamudra in vajrasana,

pranayamas such as kapalbhati, anuloma- viloma are beneficial in treating common cold.

Foods To Include :

- Fruits and Vegetables that are beneficial for immune system.

- jJuices , herbal teas and soups discussed above in cold home remedies section.

Foods to avoid :

- Milk and Dairy products which are responsible for mucus formation and congestion.

- Sugar decreases immunity . So , try to avoid candies and sweets


- Manage your stress by meditation , yoga and exercises.

- Avoid smoking .

- Avoid drinking alcohol .

- Learn about health hygiene .

- Do not share drinking glasses or utensils with others .

Cold Home Remedies


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