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Help! It's the attack of cold virus time of the year!!

Updated on May 9, 2011

Human body. It is amazing and wonderful, though troubleome at times. Especially when it comes to fighting off infection, like a cold!

The stuffy and runny nose.The gunk that comes up to your throat whenever you cough. The aches and pains. The low-grade fever. The sore throat.

No, people! They are not caused by the virus. Well, not directly. And you can't kill the virus from taking over-the-counter cold remedies. (The myths I had to live with...) And no, antibiotic is not the "wonder drug" for this case! It will only cause further complications in some people.

Cold viruses don't directly cause the symptoms. Your immune system does. See, our bodies produce the little, clever, but deadly soldiers to assasinate the viruses. In doing so, they produce chemicals that react with some of our cells, and voila, we got those symptoms.

Cold remedies don't cure. Well, not directly. They make us happier, because we don't have to suffer too much from the symptoms. In turn, we get to rest easier. And rest is, with rehydration, the cure. Little patience added.

Antibiotics don't cure. They ward off different germs, the bacteria. Some medical doctors (and parents) are keen on giving antibiotics to cure cold. Unless you and they are 100% sure that the infection is caused by bacteria, ditch the antibiotics. It will only over-work your liver, who is already working so hard to stabilize the body.

So, I got the cold. It's normal around this time of the year. Winter for Aussies! And so I delve, again, tonight, for a mug of warm beer with a teaspoonful of sugar. An ancient German tradition to ward off cold. Does it cure my cold? Don't know. But I feel better in the morning, and feel more energetic in trying to catch my "running" nose. (No, this is not a recipe for enjoyment. It is a torture for the gustatory sense.)


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