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Colon Cleansing Products? I Don't Think So!

Updated on January 5, 2008

40 Lbs. of compacted fecal matter?

It may be an urban legend, but it has been reported for many years that when John Wayne's autopsy was performed, 40 pounds of fecal matter was found compacted in his colon. Maybe this is one for Mythbusters. It has also been reported that Elvis had 60 pounds of fecal matter in his colon when he died. Maybe, maybe not.

You've probably seen the all night infomercials pitching colon cleansing products with the boyish-looking guy standing on a beach, preaching the rewards of good colon cleansing. Or the guy named Klee Irwin, who looks like a vampire from a B movie.

Well, I've had this sort of health problem before and it definitely isn't a pleasant thing. But the fix is very cheap and relatively quick. A few years ago, I was eating my favorite sausage on a regular basis. It turned out that my system wasn't digesting the paper-like skin that is used to make sausage. After awhile, this skin would build up in my colon and completely block all bowel movements. If this ever happens to you, you'll notice that you don't even have the slightest amount of natural gas that everyone expels on a regular basis and of course, you'll also notice that you haven't had a bowel movement for awhile.

The fix? A bottle of Magnesium Citrate. It's either 8 oz. or 10 oz. and is usually in a green glass bottle. It's available at any drug store and I've even bought it at Dollar General. The last time I bought it, the price was about 89 cents. This stuff tastes sort of like Sprite from hell. The best thing to do is just chug the entire bottle at once and get it over with. Follow any instructions that are on the label. Some instructions say to drink a glass of water afterwards to help it along. Actually, just THINKING about drinking a bottle of this stuff gives me cold chills and I'm not joking.

What happens next? Well, I went through this 3 different times until I figured out what was causing my problem. The last time was about a year ago. The first time around, it took at least 8 hours before I felt any effects, but when it came, it really came. The last time, it took about 24 hours. When the stuff finally does its job, you'll have 4 or 5 bowel movements or maybe even more spread out over several hours. The magnesium citrate doesn't upset your stomach or anything. Your bowel movements will be liquid. I actually gave myself an enema each time before I drank the "hell water". This helps it along a little. Those 2-packs of enemas are also very cheap.

As far as I know from my experiences, magnesium citrate cleans your colon out THOROUGHLY. I don't have any pictures or X-rays to prove it, but when those bowel movements finally came, it was a huge relief. I don't see any need for the multitude of costly quack products out there that may or may not even work or may take weeks or months to get any results.

I'm not a medical doctor, so take my advice for what it's worth. Consult your physician if you are having any kind of medical problems. A good, balanced, healthy diet also doesn't hurt any. You're not supposed to drink magnesium citrate on a regular basis and there is probably potential for abuse, but this over-the-counter remedy is generally safe and is hard to beat! It worked for me 3 times.


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    • profile image

      Max 4 years ago

      A friend recommended the Lady Soma Detox since it was using all natural ingredients and I was really impressed. I did the Detox in 7 days.

      This was a lot easier than other cleanses mostly because you're not starving the whole time. I even had energy to work out.

      I emailed the company about suggestions and a rep got back to me the same day with a lot of great suggestions. Really nice woman and nice company.

      I felt really cleansed after the first 3 days and the "cleansing" part sort of slowed down after that, so doing just 3 days is probably enough for most people.

      I lost 8 pounds by the 6th day and I've only gained back 1 pound. Great product!

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Sounds like you're one of the good guys! No fuss no muss just do it! Yay for you! Ill try it!

    • profile image

      Breanna 5 years ago

      I've used this stuff to prep for a colonoscopy years ago. I was looking into buying one of those pricey colon cleanse products and then I remembered Magnesium Citrate. It makes very logical sense as a lot MD's use it for patients to completely irrigate their bowels prior to colonoscopy. When I was a nurse the orders were to drink one bottle and then another 24 hours later. You should be going almost completely clear by the time the process is complete. Screw those other products! I can't afford them. I'm trying Mag Citrate as a colon cleanser. "Sprite from hell"...bahahaha...that pretty much sums up how it tastes.

    • profile image

      monae 5 years ago

      lol @ sprite from hell lmao it does taste like that. But it works!!! A+++

    • profile image

      Bill 6 years ago

      Shane, I don't know where you're paying $5 for a bottle, but I've never seen it priced more than about $1.25. Dollar stores and Wally world have it and it's always around a buck. Maybe you're buying yours at Nieman-Marcus?

    • profile image

      Sarah Morrow 6 years ago

      Hi everyone... found this page online so I thought I'd post. I've taken magnesium to clean out my bowels... works great. Different kinds of magnesium can work in a pinch. Magnesium citrate seems best.

      Sheila Mary, I hope you're feeling better.... was the doctor able to help? I have a hunch you needed an enema because you were totally blocked. But I'm glad you went in for medical help.

      I agree with the comments that all the expensive bowel cleansing products are a waste of money. Magnesium citrate is 100 percent natural. It works. As Shane pointed out, it REALLY works, so stay near the toilet! And drink LOTS of water. What a great relief to get so thoroughly cleaned out.

    • profile image

      sheila mary 6 years ago

      i drank one last night around 8 nothing much happened on my second one this morning, went to er with swollen aching smotach, could go and couldn't pass gas, i have a headacke form the constipation. hope this is over sooon, guess it was the nasty vicodin

    • profile image

      Elaine 6 years ago

      OMG this MC really works. Is it safe to take another one 24 hours later.

    • profile image

      MR.GRANADOS 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Shane  7 years ago


      For those of you that are not sure what "Magnesium Citrate" is .. or what it does, take it from me, It's a Godsend in a bottle for under $5.00, about every 3-4 months I tend to have "bowel movement" issues .. don't know why .. but every so often I clean my system out and this little badboy does it and does it WELL! 30 mins - 1 hr after drinking a full 10 oz bottle with 2-3 glasses of water and it's go time every time, never fails and when it comes prepared to get to the toilet because NOTHING stops it. Screw the expensive cleaning / expensive doctors ideas .. 1 bottle of MC for $5.00 every 2-4 months is so AWSOME! you feel so much better after you clean yourself out .. When my doctor told me about MC and told me that sometimes even tho you have bowel movements some gets trapped up inside and just sits there, rotting/fermenting and poisoning you over time if it doesn't come out !!! that scared me .. the first time I tried MC I was freaking out .. thinking omg wtf is gonna happen, I drank it .. sat down and played a video game on my computer, nothing happened, got into a group with some friends .. we killed a few monsters and then I felt it!! from deep inside .. my stomache rumbled, I shook it off and continued with what I was doing .. a rumble again, I got up and got something to eat thinking I was hungry forgetting I drank the MC, "gurgle gurgle gurgle" my stomache rumbled again .. I drank some water, sat back down, played my game with my friends for about another 10 minutes .. more rumbling, this time making my stomache a little sore ... then it got more and more intense, rumble rumble.. after about 25 minutes I had to step away from the computer and go for a walk outside for a bit to get a breathe of fresh air ( Totally forgetting I took MC, how I dunno lol ) as I was walking back home .. that is when it hit me .. I had to take a crap .. then I remembered I said " Oh .. Shi* !! I ran , erm more like walked home fast like a penguin walked into the door and without no warning , or sign of anything it came .. OUT!!!! in my pants, down my leg, and into my shoes and on the carpet .. I quickly ran to the bathroom and released what was left ... OMG .. what a relief Praise GOD! it felt so good. It works wonders . .just be sure your ready to release .. it gives really no warning, I have done a cleanse about 6-7 times after that 1st day and I love it everytime .. you feel so better after it's all out, don't be amazed if what comes out is black/rotted/fermented waste .. that's a GOOD thing, it was poisoning you slowly :) Good Luck and remember " Shi* happens, make sure it happens in the toilet! "

    • profile image

      leon co. 7 years ago

      The stuff works great. don't worry about the taste, the benefit far out ways the taste.

    • profile image

      Acai 8 years ago

      your hub made my day...I bought many colon cleansing products before, put myself through endless cleansing diets and haven't achieve any results yet...hope your advised Magnesium Citrate will do a job!

    • profile image

      Paddy 8 years ago

      Balbas, your advice is very valuable. I've taken the MC without drinking water and sometimes it acted fairly fast and sometimes it was the next day before it acted but it always worked. It would always be best to drink water as instructed on the MC label. All those expensive so-called cleansing products on the market are ripoffs and are capitalizing on the suffering of others. And yes, it does help greatly to give yourself an enema first. The enema kits are usually right next to the MC and are also very cheap.

    • GoddardThompson profile image

      GoddardThompson 8 years ago


    • profile image

      Jolanta 8 years ago

      Thanks, your hub made my day...I bought many colon cleansing products before, put myself through endless cleansing diets and haven't achieve any results yet...hope your advised Magnesium Citrate will do a job!

    • profile image

      Denise 8 years ago

      I tried this last night.. within 2 hours it was working.. I had no stomache pains, it went very well.. and it only cost me 1.06 at walmart.. I have bought other colon cleansers costing 20+ taken over 2 weeks.. well after 1 week I got tired of taking 12 pills a day with no results... I will definatly continue to use this method from now on!

    • profile image

      tom 9 years ago

      You're exactly right. A cleansing is a cleansing. Doesn't matter how it's done. The Magnesium Citrate stuff will do the job. It's best to do a self enema first, but probably not required if the juice does its job. The quacks on tv are just that - quacks.

    • profile image

      Kathleen 9 years ago

      I too, had seen all of those colon cleanse products on TV, some as high as $155.00. I talked to a pharmacist and he recommened this Magnesium Citrate. I can't give any particulars at the moment because I JUST took my first dose of 10 oz. I drank 12 oz or water before I did that and am going to drink another 12 oz. of water in a minute. But if it does what it's supposed to, it's definitely the cheapest way to go!!!

    • profile image

      Balbas 9 years ago

      ALWAYS drink water with MagCit -- it's not an option. MC drags water out of your system to liquify your colon contents and extra water speeds it along. Drink water before, then a third of a bottle with twice as much water; wait 10 minutes, then more MC with double water; wait another 10 then drink the rest with again, twice the water. For me it took less than a half-hour after this ritual to start exercising the toilet.

      It takes about eight hours to empty. Drink chicken or beef broth halfway through followed by more after, and then stick to broth, fruit juices (not prune), gelatin, and toast for half a day.

      Don't overdo the MC more than twice a week as you could get magnesium poisoning far too easily.