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Colon Cleanse Products: Good Plan or a Scam?

Updated on July 5, 2011

Systematic Scare Tactics

Parasites. Toxins. Pounds of backed-up fecal matter stewing in your intestines. These are the common reasons the manufacturers of colon cleansers give you to buy their product. Is your fear justified? Or are you simply being manipulated?

Colon cleanse websites like Blessed Herbs, HPS Online, and Dr. Natura, which sells the popular "Colonix" product, contain photo galleries designed to panic the viewer. Accompanied by quotes like, "I can't believe this came out of me," these visual testimonials are some of the most effective advertising I've ever seen. But effective advertising doesn't necessarily indicate an effective product, as consumers too often forget.

Achieving Enlightenment

I agree, the prospects are frightening. But before you fork over hundreds of dollars and sacrifice countless hours with your behind glued to the toilet seat, think skeptically for a moment:

  • I start taking this product.
  • I start passing odd-looking stools.

The logician's immediate reaction would be, what you're putting in your body is, in fact, creating the foul bowel movements.

Browse those picture galleries one more time, then take a critical look at a diagram of your large intestine, such as the cross-section shown at right. The shape is remarkably similar. And since when did your stools have a consistency that allowed them to be hooked over a newspaper or plastic spoon?

Before you write me off as a conspiracy theorist, try this experiment: Take a glass and fill it 1/4 full of water. Add several tablespoons of Metameucil powder, or several of their capsules. Stir and let sit for a day or two. The mixture will settle, then gradually begin to form into a gel, which takes the shape of the glass.

You know what's coming next. Check your favorite colon cleanse product's list of ingredients. More likely than not, one of the first on the list will be some form of psyllium husk, which is, you guessed it, the main component of Metameucil, and many other fiber supplements.

The Truth Will Set You Free

When the spokesperson on the Dual Action Cleanse infomercial tells you he's spent years developing the perfect formula, he's not lying. He has created the perfect formula, but not for cleaning your colon. Colon cleanse products are painstakingly designed to produce visible, horrifying results that will induce the consumer to buy again, and again, and again. Customer satisfaction skyrockets, but does customer health?

The fact is, our bodies are very well designed, whether by an omnipotent Creator or by millenia of evolution, and the colon does its job pretty efficiently on its own. There are cases, like cancer, polyps, and IBS, where additional treatment is necessary, but in general, if you're eating enough fiber and drinking enough water, the most you'll ever need to take in the way of colon cleansing is a simple fiber supplement. And as you can see above, psyllium husk on its own is pretty darn cheap!

So don't waste your money, your time, or your peace of mind. Read up on how to fit more fiber into your diet, pick out a supplement from the list above, and try to appreciate the magical workings of your body. It's the only one you've got.


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    • profile image

      Jos-hua 24 months ago


      I just found, JUST came across this page, today, in April 2106.

      But I see some of our HPS cleansers have already been here in the past and have voiced their opinions clearly.

      I see my website is mentioned in your article. Thanks for the publicity, but in all truth, we're not the ones you want or should be writing about.

      I totally agree with you about scams everywhere.

      It's a big problem on the net... and in life in general. It's motivated by greed.

      As I have written at the website...


      I feel the same about colon cleansing supplement sellers, and equipment sellers. Especially regarding those who sell colon cleansing products claiming that a product can transform health. That's total BS in my books.

      But to call HPS a scam is way out in left field!

      The HPS deep body cleansing program isn't based on products... it's based on educating our clients, it's based on you acquiring skills, and you acquiring self confidence to care for your body and health.

      In the 79,000 posts at our forum you won't find one discussion about products! Not one! That's how immaterial products are to us. We promote skills, not pills.

      Products, colon cleansing products, detox products, herbal dietary products, cannot and do not transform health.

      Furthermore, regarding the legitimacy of HPS I quote from the website...












      BUT WE CAN.








      SO YOU TELL ME...




    • profile image

      CaliforniaTan 4 years ago

      I purchased the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse to rid my body of toxic waste build-up. I took it on a Friday night not knowing how it would affect me. After taking the first dose I got a bloated feeling but then it kicked in. I sure eliminated a lot of waste that was built up.

      By the time I was done I had lost 6 pounds. Think about that 6 pounds of waste built up. That was so nasty! I do not take these everyday but once a month do a good cleanse. Sometimes I do take them more often if I feel really backed up.

    • profile image

      livehealthy 6 years ago


      Have you ever considered that many food supplements and Probiotics aren't classified as drugs because maybe they don't want them to be? If Probiotics really did work it would affect antibiotic usage, if basic grapeseed extract really kills so many bacteria and fungi, it would cut into sales or the monopoly of drugs that do the same but cost much more. By keeping Probiotics as food supplements they can use that to discredit them and allow others to mistrust them very easily. In my opinion the health services do not want to empower us, they do not want us to be too healthy. Are we forgetting that health is still a business?

      If you were making so much money from certified drugs that had been tested, making huge amounts of money from manufacturing antibiotics, would you certify a natural product that was cheap and meant less need for antibiotics?

      If you were becoming rich from a certain illness, would you support and encourage certification of a cure that cost very little and came from the oil of a popular plant?

      It is a fact that antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria yet hardly any Doctors will tell you to try Probiotic supplements to increase your friendly bacteria, why is this? In the very least, they could inform a patient about the risks of both antibiotics and Probiotics.

      Take this as an example, a woman was prescribed antibiotics, each time the infection returned she was prescribed more. On the sixth occasion, the Doctor suggested she tried Probiotics, why didn't he tell her anything about this in the first place?

      Why didn't he explain that antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria?. In other words, why didn't the Doctor empower the patient?

      If she took Probiotics in the first place, she could have avoided that. I think the important factor is lack of empowerment and options.

      I used to think the whole supplement and Probiotics industry was a total scam until I tried some and after a few days, my issue almost vanished completely. You talk about how clever the human body is but unless you live naturally in the long-term, your natural defenses may need extra help. A lot of the ingredients and friendly bacteria in supplements would never be needed if we had an ongoing healthy lifestyle but due to work, convenience food, stress, processed salty dishes and lack of time, we eat processed food, crops are stripped of prebiotics and and friendly bacteria. Add to this consumption of excess sugar and sometimes the body's very clever system is simply not enough. Once the balance is too severely out, eating a few yogurts a day will not suffice and leaving the body to its own devices is like fighting a losing battle.

    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      Kim, it would seem to me that you should change your diet, then. Eat more fresh fruit & veg and whole grains.

    • profile image

      kim 6 years ago

      I sometimes am unable to poop for 3days so your comment on the human body taking care of it's job is not a true statement. Our diets today are very hard on the bowls and are in need of some help.

    • profile image

      hammadfpe 6 years ago

      I thank you so much for your site. If you get enough fiber in your diet your colon will "cleanse" it self every six days. By fiber I believe it should be coming from whole foods and not a fiber supplement. With the whole foods you get all of the nutrients your body needs. I have IBS and went on a regimen low dose magnesium citrate to get things moving and phased in a diet high in fiber. I have been feeling great since. I think I need to create a formula that mostly has psyllium fiber and charge a whole lot of money off of gullible people.

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      Finally I found a rationally and critically thinking woman! Wow. After this statement some explanation is needed: I seldom find a female who prefers logic over magical thinking, rationality over woo woo. I must add I am currently a student in the health field. I am not saying that all men are rational and logical. Far from it. But with women the percentage must be around 98%! Thank you for being one of the 2%! Cheers!

    • profile image

      Kali 6 years ago

      There are many products available and some of them do provide great benefits. However its necessary to take into consideration that some people have bowel irregularity and even with daily consumption of fruits and vegetables theire digestive system is compromised, maybe because of a history of abuse or hereditary. I'm a health practitioner and I specialize in helping people restoring their digestive health. I work with people that eliminate daily and those that may elimate once a week. The goal is to help my clients consume more live fruits, vegetables and drink water daily and many people struggle with this so a fiber supplement and colonic may benefit them. I see so many people release tons of hard fecal matter even after trying the best supplements. It's always our responsibility to research products that make claims and research our doctors, clinices, wellness centers, etc... Unfortunately there are scams out there but I do know their are pros and cons to some supplements and psyllium alone isn't always the best for everyone so people need options. It is cheap, especially in bulk at the health food store but fruit and vegetables are even healthier but tell that to someone that only has a bowel movement once every 10 days! It happens more oftent than you know and that's when I come in to help those who need it most.

    • profile image

      Cristy Powell 6 years ago

      Maxine, I suggest for your intestinal woes to drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice every morning (at least). I ended up on this site because I had banana, blueberry & apple juice for dinner last night and passed 4 pounds of rope-like stool this morning. (Weird to be sharing that with strangers!) I learned long ago that eating grains or fruit in combination with meats causes digestion to slow and, consequently, fermentation, compaction and/or putrefaction to occur in the bowels. This has made all the difference.

      As to the rest of this, yes, I believe that some of the ingredients in these colon-cleansing products are superfluous, perhaps even dangerous. But I also know that cleaning the digestive tract helped me to lose over 50 pounds, allowed discovery of gluten allergy, and has just generally made me feel better--from clear skin to less aches and pains and more energy. I only add ginger, garlic, and flaxseed to the fruit and veggie juice and, occasionally, a detox tea with burdock and dandelion root. In my humble opinion, one might need no more than these to achieve fantastically effective digestion and improved health overall.

      Enough said. Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      actually qualified 6 years ago

      i know the hps-online guy. it's a scam. he drinks, smokes and has bad teeth. he has psychological problems and just cares about the money.

    • profile image

      Maxine 6 years ago

      This is in answer to skeptic.

      Have you ever had severe compaction? Have you everexperienced the feeling of not eliminating your colon for over a week?

      If you have, then I apologise for doubting your integrity.

      I however, know how this feels. I would whole-heartedly wish to be able to defecate regularly. When doctors have told me it is normal not to defecate at least three times a week, I have said in return, 'what happens to the rest of the food waste?' They say it is dealt with.

      When I have not had a bowel movement for over a week. I can tell you. It is not 'dealt with'. I so wish with all my heart it was.

      My life is dictated by my bowel and colon. I am afraid to take constipation tablets when I know I have to go to work the next morning for obvious reasons.

      I want to live a normal life. Anyone with knowledge of how to achieve this would be truly appreciated!


    • profile image

      Burt Backapack 6 years ago

      I took the products you recommended,and as a result I lost my ass.

      My lawyers have advised me to sue.

    • profile image

      ParisParis 6 years ago

      No two people are the same, but I've always had a sensitive stomach and have never had any problems taking The Lady Soma Fiber Cleanse over the last few months. I initially purchased a bottle as part of a new fitness regimen, and my results were regular and ... voluminous. (The first few days were particularly ... productive.) Never any diarrhea, never any bloating. Just the best digestive health and regularity of my life, though keep in mind I'm pairing its use with better diet and regular exercise. Can't recommend this stuff highly enough.

    • profile image

      Skeptic 6 years ago

      People are morons. Unless a doctor prescribes a medicine for a medical condition, just eat healthy.

      The entire nutraceutical/supplement/probiotic industry is a scam. Not a conspiracy theorist, just a realist and skeptic. If ANY of these products actually had a beneficial effect, they would be classified as drugs. That's the law in the USA. By definition, a "supplement" is something that cures no disease, has no medically verifiable effects, has not been tested, and is banned from making any health claims. SO....."cleansing" your colon has became a marketing tool because it skirts the law -- cleansing isn't a health claim, it isn't a treatment, it isn't anything.

      Colon cleanse, are you kidding? Sit on a bar of soap if you're concerned about the cleansing of your colon.

      What's really puzzling is that people who are concerned about what's going inside their bodies are NOT concerned about buying something off an infomercial and consuming it.

    • profile image

      Leah 6 years ago

      First Of All... Whenever I read any article on line .. I always looks for the credentials of the person whom is writing the article. In this case Maddie.. tells me nothing! Secondly.. there are many colon cleansing nay sayers/skeptics out there. I read an article just before this one from a surgeon. The medical doctors and those affiliated with the profession, as well as those who do not believe in anything more then the drugs the doctors give to you. If you search You Tube..and on line carefully.. you will see pictures from colon cleanses and they are graphic. The gunk.. that is like tar and liver in slabs as well as stones of all shapes and colors that come out of your body from a colon cleanse.. don't lie! IF you are the type whom chooses to leave it there and listen to the AMA docs.. who in theory want the money.. aka .. you to become sick and go to them for pills and surgeries and above all else chemo and radiation.. then by all means do nothing. But.. I rather rid myself of toxin build up that can cause cancer in the body. No matter what is being lied to us about.. the colon is not a self cleaning system. Neither is the liver and kidney's. We must take care of our bodies naturally.. then and only then will we prevent diseases and not need to see the doctors or become dependent upon them. They are drug and chemo pushers for the money! Also.. the toxic build up in your colon that gets cakes onto the walls.. does over the years smells as it decays more and more. Like tar on a wall. Only.. its your colon wall. If you are having intimate sex and your partner is in that area with his or her mouth.. man or woman.. that is distasteful, disrespectful, and above all gross. It should matter and is embarrassing. As is the smell when you poop if your not cleansing your colon ever so many months. Also.. there are parasites and worms that won't leave if you don't as well..because they enjoy feeding off this gunk. Yeast as well. There will be mucus coming out with a foul odor also. Again.. not sanitary or healthy. I do agree.. not all colon cleaners are alike. You have to do your research. I looked up the consumer reports to see which are top rated. I also found a gently herbal one somewhere that is not as abrasive. Others on here also suggested some. Its all about trial and error. Everyone should do colon cleanses for many reasons its beneficial. Also.. everyone should have a high colonic/colon irrigation as well.. which will help with constipation. Also.. a fast.. like the Master Burroughs. Get his book. This cleanse can be done up to 30-40 days for more severe health problems. It helped Robin Quivers of her health problems. Your body needs a break now and then from eating/food. Fast and pray. Its good for the soul. Also..I seen on You Tube .. Baking soda can shrink colon tumors. This doctor in Italy found this to be true. OF course the USA and AMA would not want to hear this.. because there is too much profit to be made. Take high enemas... buy an enema kit OR spill out a fleet enema and make an enema of baking soda and distilled water.. do this twice a day. This doctor in Italy said colon tumors/growths are a fungus and baking soda kills them. Try Tong Tom Tam on You Tube.. He cures cancer. The AMA wanted to shut him up. Because do you know how many doctors would go out of business and the drugs for chemo and expenses of radiation and surgeries.. if everyone knew and spread the (Truth).. So.. many that wall streets stocks would crash the market.. and doctors would be let go or close up practices. Big pharma is ties into lobbyist and corporations. They help fund this. Also.. a report by a University stated that more doctors would never take chemo or give it to their family members, that speaks volumns. My mothers doctor had her on Lipator.. which has at least 15 bad side effects.. including liver damage and kidney damage. She had 11 of 15 side effects. I took her off it.. she is now on Co enzyme Q 10 400 mgs.. once a day and is doing fine. The doctors she went to were killing her slowly. I had more sense. I stepped up and was an active part in her care. They wanted to give her chemo. I helped cure her cancer with tea that shrink cancer. Two of three tumors are now gone. One last one shrank and remains. Get the book on Amazon.. Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss. He had proof he cured cancer with his methods. The AMA said they were not interested in knowing or hearing of it. Because the drugs are what they believe in. All medicines start out as plants. Plants and herbs heal naturally. The AMA and FDA put chemicals into these plants which create toxins and poisons and make worse things happen in your body. The recalls for drugs are on TV all the time. Don't believe the doctors! Listen to your own body. My mother would have been dead by now.. had I not been interested in natural cures and herbs. Also.. study herbs. Tumeric kills all kinds of cancers and tumors. The FDA/AMA now is onto this.. BUT they will take their chemicals that are toxic and add it to turmeric and call it a cure. When turmeric can do the trick alone in its natural state. They will make a mint off this and profit and so will wall street and the docs. Whom.. by the way get kick backs from the companies that sell them the drugs to give them to us. Don't be so gullible and fast to take pills the doc give you. Go to Dr. Lorraine's web page. She had a Severe... breast cancer. She learned to cure herself naturally. She shows pictures. If you see the pictures.. this is from chemo and radiation. She is alive and well today and did it naturally. Foods can reverse cancer. Cancer can be reversed. The doctors try to scare you into treatment and medications. That is how they make their money. They hate people like me who believe in natural cures. I believe doctors are for emergencies and necessary surgeries is all I go for. My mother and grandmother never had a GYN appointment in their lives. Both lived long. Mother still living. Cancer is the biggest scam in the US..and its over diagnosed which leads me to wonder. I seen the herbs cure cancer.. I heard of many types of healers and healing naturally. Including Theta Healing. It all works. You just have to find the right combination for you. It is a known fact.. people who get cancer.. live less longer..with chemo and radiation.. then those who never had chemo and radiation and handled it naturally. You Tube has testimonies. Purify your blood with enemas in Back to Eden Revised it tells you how. Cancer can't live with purified blood. Also... take wheat grass shots. Juice them.. they help fight cancer. Baking soda has cured some cancers. You Tube. Also.. cancer patients run up medical bills and file bankruptcy like crazy. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. But.. herbs can run up many hundreds.. even one grand .. but not all at once. It's a lot cheaper. Chemo wakes up doormat tumors. It kills the good cells that don't grow back. The doctors don't even care how old you are.. they will take a chemo patient at 80-90 and above for profit. They don't care how weak their immune systems are as they age. They don't care how bad their kidneys and heart are. I see it all the time. Its merciless! Its a big time money making business. You can have an elective bi lateral masectomy which increases your life span over 90% ahead of time. So does a hysterectomy.. saving the ovaries. Your best off to do this ahead of time.. and save the worries. Eat healthy.. many veggies and fruits. God Bless.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      What do you think of Dr. Oz's 48 Hour Cleanse?

      This is purported to be a much more natural way to release toxins. If you have done it please let me know how the 48 hr cleanse turns out. how did you fare? do you feel better? did you lose any weight? feel less bloated? experience any gas(sauerkraut, prunes). please keep us posted.

    • profile image

      Joanne 6 years ago

      I'm 60 years old. Just got a sigmoidoscopy and a colonoscopy to remove 2 polyps, and guess what??? My colon is pretty pink, with absolutely NO ugly stuff in there. I could watch the procedure on the screen as the dr worked. I do not do cleanses or colonics of any kind. Even during the laxative combined with fasting preparation for the procedure, there was nothing ugly coming out of my colon. Just the poo you expect to see. Lol.... So I do firmly believe all that gunk they tell you is in there is a scam. I'll never ever do a cleanse. Now... I do believe in probiotics though.

    • profile image

      happypooper 6 years ago

      Wow! And I thought Colon Blow was a rip-off. I'm glad I don't pay any attention to late-night infomercials.

      But yeah, just use plain psyllium husk from the drugstore, with LOTS of water. It's a helluva lot cheaper, and does the same thing, because it is the same thing. You can supplement that with a capsule of cascara sagrada if you like... also cheap at the drugstore.

      It is essential that you drink plenty of water with the psyllium, as it is hydrophilic. If you don't mix it with enough water, you can choke on it. It also attracts water as it passes through your digestive tract (which can make it useful for a bout of disentery, turning the water into sort of a slurry). Once, I swallowed capsules filled with psyllium, and neglected to drink enough water. The psyllium passed through, but it was hard and pellet-like, and I had great difficulty shitting. Let my mistake be a lesson to you.

      Using psyllium has never eliminated huge quantities of fecal matter built up over months or years, because I don't have backed up fecal matter. All this stuff does is keep things moving a little faster and easier, which is a good thing.

    • profile image

      poopy 6 years ago

      upon autopsy , we do not find 5 -15 lbs of un-passed fecal matter. It would have been noted years ago -

    • profile image

      Live&letlive 6 years ago

      If you get the same results from colonic irrigation, then how can it be the products? I don't see why people are so upset by others taking colon cleansers? If it makes you feel better for whatever reason, then what is the problem.

    • profile image

      Vanessa Rojas 6 years ago

      I have told every doctor to f**k off cause unfortunately they really dk what they are saying.. Colonix is NONGMO and is what pretty much saved my have to take it as you feel it.. I guess the only way to know is to experience it. I'm sorry but I am very very sick and have tried every product out there. Im in the process of naturally healing. Anyone here needs to watch FOOD MATTERS!! piratebay youtube anything! I bet the first 5 MINUTES will have you re-thinking these stupid doctors.. NOT ALL of them are and its the education system not their intentions.. the body heals itself..we are what we eat.. Im all organic and with the cleansing i have reduced my candida which is the MAIN cause of cancer.. but they wont tell you that here in Americunt... SPREAD LOVE!

    • profile image

      Idiots... 6 years ago

      Anyone saying they are legitimate is nothing short of retarded. Ive heard several reputable doctors on raidio/television explaining exactly what was said in this article, its a scam

    • profile image

      Jeremy 6 years ago

      I gave a quick post earlier. I'm still basically a jock at 47 and take care of myself, not perfect, but pretty good. However, I now have Acid Reflux which I was diagnosed in 2004. I think it was brought on because I was eating lots of meat (which I luv) in a 2-3 month period at a particular restaurant. I had given myself an enema which I think saved me in 2004 because I was in so much pain and discomfort. The Doctor just gave me asyphx (spelling) for the heartburn. Other than that, he didn't help me at all. The enema made lots of ugly smelling gunk come out of me and I felt so much better. Why didn't the doctor tell me this? I had done a research paper on the Mayan's and they were firm believers in enemas.

      But, i hate doing the enema's because you need time and privacy which is very hard if you have a family. Also, I am worried I might doing something "Wrong" and injure myself.

      In 2007, I was working out and eating well and still had this BLOATED stomach and wanted to do something about it. I found Dr. Natura on the internet and gave it a try. For me, it worked immediately making me take healthy big healthy dumps, like when I was a teenager. I became less gassous and didn't have to use tons of TP every time I have a BP. My waistline went down, energy went up, and, of all things, my toe fungus started to clear. I finished the 30 day (plus 10 days I think) and it got me in good shape. I took again this year (2011) because my BP's were bad and I became bloated again. Again, my waist got smaller and bloatness has gone. I didn't see anything crazy come out of me, some weird BP's and foul smell. Yes, my diet was not good that brought this one. I just need a tune up.

      One thing the instructions do not say is careful of doing cardio in morning after taking the drink. I think because I low on water and it I had a bad day with my stomach. You probably should wait about 2 hours after taking the Colonix mix before doing the work out. I will plan on using this program again when the time comes. I used it as oil change. No, this not a fake testimonial. I read all these post and, yes, probably does not work for everyone. For me, it did. And, yes, I should probably eat healthier on a consistent basis, but I become sinful and I bloat and have bad erratic BP's, get a tune up. I still may get a good colon hydro cleaning next month. It makes feel great even though I hate doing them.

      Good luck everyone out there!

    • profile image

      Jeremy 6 years ago

      Used Dr. Natura twice. Work well for me.

    • profile image

      Blaine 6 years ago


      Sorry for the late post. I've been on vacation.

      I only had one day of headaches and perhaps that was (as stated in the Colonix info) that if you don't drink enough water you may get headaches. The program was really quite easy. It took about 14 days before I saw real results.

      Thanks for the post Jake. I will definitely try Toxinout now that I am done with the initial cleanse. And yes, I forgot to mention the lack of a true need for toilet paper. I felt lighter too...just didn't know of a better way to describe t other than "lighter."

      Great post. I definitely stand behind your thoughts on this after completing a 30 day program by the book.



    • profile image

      Jake 6 years ago

      Wow, longest thread ever. After reading the first year or two of posts I've decided to chime in for the potential benefit of any individuals on the fence about ordering the Dr. Natura products.

      I've ordered the Colonix and Toxinout programs about 4 times over the years. Sometimes I have ordered a three month supply, sometimes only 1 month. Additionally I have ordered single products like the Flora Protect probiotics, fiber, and toxinout outside of the full program once I have learned their effects. I have also experimented widely with cheaper similar products from my health food store - psyllium, parasite cleanses, liver cleanses etc. etc.

      The Colonix and Toxinout products work. It is not a scam.

      It is worth the money to get a 2 or 3 month supply every year or so depending on how bad you eat - even though they are almost prohibitively expensive. I've tried to simulate the Dr. Natura programs by putting together cheaper ingredients to save money, but it does not match the benefits of doing the programs every now and then.

      A little background: I've been eating mostly organic since 2003. I'm very knowledgeable about all that stuff and the whole alternative health thing that goes with it. But every couple of months, I might slip up and kind of binge on fast food and other bad food, smoking cigarettes and otherwise living hard for a couple weeks or months. It only takes a couple of weeks to feel a massive effect on my overall health, energy level, and digestive function.

      I have learned at this point that whenever I decide to get back on track, it's best to start off with some kind off cleanse (primarily digestive related at least), and if I have the money I know the the Dr. Natura stuff is the best bang for the buck. I'm not the type of person that would repeatedly spend hundreds of dollars on this stuff if it did not do what I wanted it to.

      In the posts I read previously, the "psyllium gelling action" and the "pink colon walls of the colonoscopy" seem to be the two most cited proofs that this is a scam and I've seen I lot of posters turned away from trying the products because of posts citing these things.

      So to address this (and excuse me if this gets a little graphic or personal): Yes psyllium does gel. If I take a double dose of the fiber and don't really eat anything except some fruit, I will have a weird shaped bowel movement that can probably be directly attributed to the psyllium. However, it is completely remote from the pictures in the testimonials on that site. I personally haven't ever had ones like that on the program and I've also never passed any visble parasites that I know of - but that's not why I do it.

      Regarding colonoscopy: my mom also cited this as a reason for not believing in this type of colon cleanse. She has had digestive trouble for years and still does to the point of not being able to eat much, and yet she had a colonoscopy done and it was as others in this thread have and clean.

      My reasoning is this, there must be a limit to how far that camera can go up in your guts and what we a really talking about here is the upper colon or wherever you liver enters the equation. The liver is one of the most important organs to keep clean and flowing and also the organ that will secret all the protective mucus and bile to protect the colon capillaries from bad toxic food and waste. It is important to clean the the entire digestive system from end to end. I have done high water or coffee enemas and it doesn't come close to the colonix program.

      All I can tell someone on the fence who is considering the Dr. Natura colonix program is this: Although I have never had incredibly dramatic BM's like in the pictures or passed parasites that I know of, I could definitely tell it was working on multiple levels. Feeling cleaner, lighter, emptier, etc. are subjective and could be put off a placebo. More concrete is the fact that after 2 or three weeks, you can wipe your butt, but nothing comes off on the toliet paper - the paper remains completely white. After you cleansed long enough and as long as you eat pretty well after you cleanse, this effect with last for some time. It eliminates the need to wipe your butt after eliminating! (Although I still recommend wiping :-)

      The thing that sold me completely was this: I was towards the end of a three month cleanse on the colonix and toxinout. I was feeling really good, more energy, better skin, extremely regular and easy bowel movements, etc. etc. I sat down and binged on almost a whole box of organic white Ritz type crackers (the crackers were completely white). A couple of hours later, I had a bm that looked exactly like the crackers except chewed up - there was no change of color AT ALL! completely white. I know this is a little graphic and maybe silly but what it illustrates is achieveing a direct digestive flow, a bowel movement for every meal you eat and it should look pretty much like that meal. Instead of having a delay of hours, days, weeks between what you eat and always having it look the same or the same color. Very important. And this is just the basic foundation element - the first step to cleansing. Just getting the sewer cleaned out so you can start on everything else.

      I didn't notice anyone mentioning the "Toxinout" program which I very highly recommend. I've had amazing results doing 2-3 months every year or so with this. I was a chain smoker for 10 years and after my first 3 months it restored my circulation and my feet were warm again.

      This post is already too long to explain what it does but I encourage anyone interested to research "chelation" especially "oral chelation" and to may try a product like the Toxinout or Life Glow Plus for at 2 or three months.

      This stuff isn't quackery. It works and not just in a subtle way. I've have experienced it myself.

    • profile image

      nadia 6 years ago

      Blain, first of all congrats on pulling through. It must have been very hard. Secondly sorry i didn't reply been bit busy. But overall it took a while for your body to really kick in right? Or was it ok overall? And the headaches do not seem very safe lol that must have got annoying?

    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Back...and finished with my 30 day program.

      Jamie. There is probably truth the fact that a lot of what you poop is the fiber and whatnot of what you are taking in. However, not all of what comes out is. The "stringy" stuff that I had was probably a result of what I was taking in, but it also looked as though it was pulling other stuff with it -- which is how I think it works. There were multiple colors and textures, so I don't think that it was just what I took in.

      Here is my take after completing the program.

      I feel like I have more energy. I have lost 7 pounds and my clothes fit a little looser than before. I feel lighter - not sure how to explain that. I do feel healthier. Perhaps, as some people say, this entire thing is a scam and you poop out what you take in and the feeling better part is just your brain expecting to feel better and so you do...but I don't buy that. As I stated before, the intake would not be all of what came out. There was some really weird stuff there. Nothing like the "Christmas lights" as seen on the ads, but nonetheless I had different stuff than normal and attached to what was most likely what I took in was some weird looking, multi-colored stuff.

      The big question is, would I do this again. My answer is yes...and I probably will. I have been eating much better and exercising regularly for the past 5 years, drinking lots of water daily and have cut out a lot of the crap (soda, processed food, etc) perhaps my results were not as drastic as those on the ads. However, I did have some results and I do feel better. Would I do this system every 3 or 6 months? Probably not. But I think I will do it once a year just to clean out.

      So, yeah, I would recommend this to a friend. I'm pretty satisfied with my results given my current and recent eating habits. If you have bad constipation issues or you feel as though you eat a lot of processed foods and drinks, I would say try it. I felt better and I don't usually take that stuff in. It's $80 and I would do it again. I will do it again this time next year.

      Let me know if you have any questions. I'm more than happy to answer them!

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      Blaine, thanks for your very informative reports. =) I am curious if what you are...pooping, for lack of better words is what you think you may be taking in on a daily basis or if you are thinking it's refuse that has stayed within your system...if that's possible? I've read it's not really a thing that happens, but who knows, you know?

      Good luck on your journey!

    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Day 21, 22, and 23.

      Sorry for the late responses. Work has been busy and I was out of town over the weekend.

      Nothing major to report on Day 21 or 22. One large BM on each day (late morning) with "goodies" in them (i.e. pieces of hardened/tire-like material). Monday, Day 23 saw 2 VERY large BMs that ran the color spectrum again. I haven't weighed myself at all during this process but I can tell you that my pants are fitting a bit looser. I wouldn't say I am down a size or anything, but I definitely notice a difference in comfort.

      Day 24 now and thus far nothing as far as BMs go. I am giving myself a bit more than a scoop of the fiber now. I'd say about 1 and a third or a hair more. Still sticking to the 4 caps in the AM and Kleritea every other night.

      More to come!


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago


      Thanks for the feedback. I am eating and I haven't wavered from my daily intake at all. That was the main reason I went with this program because the "fasting" programs, I have read anyway, make you very weak since you are not really taking in essential vitamins and minerals. I have a 22 month old toddler so I can't be weak/tired on account of cleaning out my insides :) I would definitely say I feel cleaned out and "lighter" though I haven't weighed myself or anything but I do feel a bit lighter if that makes sense. I feel cleaner and I do feel like I have more energy. I only had one very strange BM a few days ago. The others have been pretty much normal, though the amount of substance in my BMs is a bit more than normal. But the Kleritea helps with that. The Kleritea does contain Senna and even though I didn't really have "going" problems before I started this program, I would say that the Kleritea has helped get the hardy/stringy stuff out. BM Color and texture is a bit different than normal, but there really hasn't been anything like the crazy christmas lights you see in the pictures. Stacey, I've been sleeping fine minus the occasional toddler crying in the night. The Kleritea doesn't make me get up in the middle of the night to go, but I do feel the need pretty much 10-15 minutes after I wake up.

      Day 19 and 20.

      A lot of the same. yesterday (day 19) I had two large was multi-colored which I thought to be a bit strange though I am getting used to it. They both looked a bit "stringy" though that is a bad description. I would say something between normal and string cheese? Sorry for being so graphic.

      Day 20 (today) started with a large BM that was about the same texture as yesterday. There is definitely some "old" material that came out. I think my body, which I have a stomach of steel, is slowly peeling the crud out. It hasn't been all at once, but each BM seems to have small bits and pieces of crud mixed in...hence the multi-color.

      Anyway, I am happy to know that you all are following and my experience is helping to make a decision on whether you should try this out or not. I'll keep updating daily and I'll post up something again today if anything crazy happens.


    • profile image

      Stacey 6 years ago

      I'm reading it.... keep going. I have trouble getting a full nights rest and feel tired all the time. How have you been sleeping?

    • profile image

      Jamie 6 years ago

      Blaine, was reading your results. Interesting! I didn't see whether you were eating during all this or not? Surely you are, since you are on day 17 now! So do you feel cleaned out? Is the tea you are drinking made of senna? I have been using Smooth Move the past month, because I am tired of chronic constipation. =\

    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Day 15 and 16.

      Both days were normal. One BM per day which was fairly decent in size, but no stringy, tire-like material.

      I am continuing with my normal intake (4 caplets and a heaping scoop of fiber) as directed and drinking tons of water every day. No cramping, no bloating. Nothing. I think I have a bit more energy than usual but I'm not sure if I can measure that accurately or not.

      So far on day 17 there was one pretty large BM, but again, no major weirdness associated with it.

      More to come.

      Is anyone out there in web land reading this and seeing how Colonix is(n't) working for me? If not I can stop posting my every day Colonix journal and just post if something weird, crazy or abnormal happens...


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Day 13 and the start of Day 14.

      Yesterday was quite interesting. I should call Goodyear tires because they might be interested in the radial-like material leaving my system. Two movements yesterday were both rather small, but the density and texture was a bit scary. Chocolate toffee is the best way to describe it. It almost had to be pulled with the TP in order to "drop" as it should. Maybe I should steep my keritea even longer for better ease. Even if the nay-sayers say that this is just the husk and fiber that is coming out in this format... I would say that this is how it is working. It attaches to the walls and then as it is pushed out it is grabbing the old goodies with it...because the color and texture does not look like the gelatinous concoction that appears when doing the glass and water test.

      Anyway, the two BMs were relatively small yesterday and I am wondering if today will be more of that or if there will be more. I'll let you know. The two movements were about 12 inches long and very thin. No worms or anything of that nature, but again, very toffee-like.

      Hopefully a lot more of that will make its way out.


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      End of Day 11 yesterday. Normal BM in the late morning but then I had some pretty hard cramps around 2:00PM. They gave way to a bit of gas, but nothing solid came from them. Keritea in the evening.

      Early morning on Day 12 (today) and I feel some growling and churning going on in there. I didn't have my normal morning movement yet. Maybe this is "the one" that changes everything? We'll see...


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      End of Day 10.

      Took my 4 pills and a full scoop of the fiber yesterday. One large BM in the AM (normal) and then another in the afternoon (average/normal). Skipped the tea in the evening since I am on an every other day schedule. I'll have more tea tonight. Thus far, no ropes, and only one "stringy" BM. According to other testimonials I should start seeing dramatic results today or tomorrow.

      More reporting tonight or if something happens before then.



    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Day 8 and 9.

      Day 8 was fine. One normal BM in the AM. Nothing to report.

      Day 9 was OK, though there was no BM at all today. I feel rumblings going on, nut nothing "pressing." I am steeping my tea right now and will be drinking that and going to bed soon. The last time I had no BM, it was followed the next day with several BMs that were all different in consistency. We'll see what happens.


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Middle of Day 7.

      OK, so things are changing. 3 BMs thus far today (and that doesn't mean I've been sitting on the pot all day - they have been quick and easy). One fairly large one early this morning - that of normal texture/density. About 2 hours later, basically water came out, but only a small amount. Very green in color. My stomach was growling a bit like it was either hungry or processing). It is just after lunch now and, well, BM #3 was very dark and stringy is all I can say. I refuse to take pictures of poo, but I definitely see something resembling a bit more like the early results others have had. So far, I have to say I feel fine, no headaches or stomach cramps or anything and the timetable for "changes" seems to be echoing that of others who have tried this. If this continues, I believe I will start to see longer strands in the next couple of days.

      Anyway, if there is more to report today then I will log back on. I am off of the tea tonight and will be back on the tea tomorrow as I am now on an every-other-day schedule.

      Ta for now.


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      Day 6.

      I started my 4 capsules and1 full scoop of fiber today. Surprisingly, I had no BMs today, not even with the 25 minute steeped tea last night. Not sure what the deal is with that or if that is normal before the rubbery ropes start or not :) We'll see. Finished my tea and I am going to bed.


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      End of Day 5.

      Today was interesting. My stomach was definitely working on something in there. Lots of growling and moaning. I also noticed yesterday and again today that my hands are really dry. This wasn't the case a few days ago, especially since we have had very humid and hot weather here. I'm not sure if the dry skin thing is a side effect of de-toxifying or not. Throwing it out there though. Two BMs today both fairly loose. I just finished my tea, which I had boiled the water and tossed the tea bag in and then started surfing the web and forgot about it. So it steeped for about 25 minutes. I drank it I may have to go in the middle of the night.

      Anyway, tomorrow I double up my cap and fiber intake. More tomorrow!


    • profile image

      blaine 6 years ago

      End of Day 4.

      One standard BM mid morning and then another in the afternoon which was a bit watery. Not sure what that was about or if it is related to the program. Other than that, no issues. Sippin' my tea and heading to bed. Tomorrow is my last day on the 2 pills and 1/2 scoop of fiber. Watch this space for any new events...

    • profile image

      Blaine 6 years ago

      End of Day 3.

      One standard BM this morning thanks to the Keritea. Other than a slight feeling of light-headedness, all is fine and normal. Nothing out of the ordinary thus far. Two more days and I up my dosage on both the morning capsuls as well as the fiber intake. Until then, we'll see if anything happens.


    • profile image

      Blaine 6 years ago

      Day two.

      Very slight headache today even though I am drinking lots of water. Had to go soon after getting up, but all was normal. Finishing my tea and going to bed. So far, the subtle changes for the first couple of days mentioned by others is about the same (i.e. slight headache and the Keritea had me going sooner in the AM than normally. Maybe day three will follow suit. I'll post again tomorrow evening.


    • profile image

      Liberated 6 years ago

      It is fine to question the validity and effectiveness of the wide array of products being offered to us to free us of all ills but I can honestly say I cured myself of chronic IBS, and food intolerances which were making my life unbearable. My colon was full of parasites and impacted fecal matter from years of contipation. My body literally was toxic. This had side effects of dibilitating depression, fatigue, pain, and a whole host of other ailments. I was told by health care professionals "Maybe you just need to accept that you will never be well". Well I proved them wrong and I am now 40lbs lighter in the best shape of my life, free of all previous symptoms and I can now eat anything I want without negative consequences. It look a few years of perseverance and utilising numerous techniques and strategies but I absolutely can say that the Blessed Herb Colon Cleansing Kit and Internal Cleansing Kit contributed to me becoming well. It is important to also mention that NOTHING will cure you if you don't also take 100% responsibility for your health and well being. The cleanse was only one thing that I used to start my road to ultimate health but it was a HUGE kick start that helped me change everythign. I also want to point out the following: the whole metamucil / psylium husk argument makes no sense - I challenge you to take metamucil and/or psylium husk and see what comes out of your body compared to what comes out when you use a well prepared herbal cleanse programme - there is no comparason and the results to your physical and mental health, energy and long lasting sense of well being are proof enough for me. I am free after 20 years of ill health and a sense of hopelessness. I am living again and loving it!

    • profile image

      Blaine 6 years ago

      OK, Day one is done. Took my two capsuls in the AM and the half scoop of fiber. No news to report. Just finished my tea and I am going to bed. I'll post back if anything happens...

    • profile image

      Nadia 6 years ago

      wow! you all have alot to say lol. Blaine, yes please! if anything im very interested to see how it goes for you :) me personally, from what you have all said, it doesn't sound any different from the types of cleanses ive tried, hydrotherapy and the sea salt water flush. both worked the same way and from the lovely, lovely descriptions you all have given lol it really doesn't seem any different? maybe its just me? i am planning on buying a product soon myself a little scared as ive never really wanted to do it through a product but i cant seem to keep up drinking that horrible sea salt! so a pill will just be easier. that honestly is the only reason why i want to go to a product instead of the "natural" way. but for those who either fear it maybe a scam or would rather not spend your money on a product, reasearch the Sea Salt Water flush. if you can manage to drink it for 3-14days then try it lol i wish you all luck! and myself :) x

    • profile image

      Blaine 6 years ago

      Hi. I just bought Colonix and it is scheduled to arrive today (Friday, May 20). I bought this product for the internal cleansing as I am active, healthy, eating well (now anyway) and have regular bowel movements (usually once daily). I will post back here once I start with any differences, bad or good, from taking this 30 day program. I am a male, aged 39. I eat well, weighing 180 pounds and am 5'11" tall. I exercise regularly, watch what I eat, and currently drink 1-2 liters of water a day. For me, the real reason I am trying this is to feel better internally, have more energy and have a better feeling that the junk and processed crap I used to eat the first 25-30 years of my life isn't still lingering around in there. Other than overall daily fatigue, I really don't have any major health issues.

      So, if you want a non-biased opinion from someone on whether this product works (at least for me) I am more than happy to post here just how it is helping (or not) with anything, whether I pass ropes or not, and if I feel better and more energetic (or not) after taking this product as stated on the directions. I won't change my current diet, nor will I change my work outs or anything else. Watch this space for results...


    • profile image

      polyanthus 6 years ago

      Since my gallbladder was removed in 1985, I cannot eat enough soluble and insoluble fibers or enzymes or colon cleanser or exercise or whatever that works to achieve intestinal health. I'm not giving up hope, but I'm sure fed up with trying....

      Is there anyone in this forum who has had gallbladder removal that can offer me advice on this subject? Thank you!

    • profile image

      Hay-penny 7 years ago

      Meanwhile, I have read every comment posted from 3 years ago all the way to the last one. Clearly, most of the products work for some people and not for others. Colon cleansing works more dramatically for some and not for others. We'll all admit that a good natural diet and plenty of water and fresh air are a good idea. It's a shame that people have a job working for a particular company, to find these threads and comment on them in order to sell their own product! But it's nice that the rest of us can share info.

      If anyone's listening anymore.... what happened to the original questions which I read all these comments for: what do people think about the product Oxy-Powder?????? Has anyone out there used it?

      I have done a cleanse a number of times that involves taking some herbs, etc, and then taking some Castor Oil on the last day, and I'm trying to find a good substitute for that because I've read there are dangers in taking Castor Oil internally, same as Magnesium Citrate, and even Epsom Salts. You can OD on these items. So what's the safest thing to take? Is Oxy-Powder any good?

      I wish Marcy had written back. I wanted to hear what happened to her after she used the Colonix. :)

    • profile image

      vibratör 7 years ago

      The psyllium does gelaninate in the intestines ;)

    • profile image

      Kimberly 7 years ago

      I wonder if anyone else has noticed that all of the pro-Colonix posts came in "bursts" or "waves" of, say, 3 or 4 in a row... and then none for a few months? A little fishy, I think.

      I tend to also agree that Maddie wasn't claiming colon cleansing products don't work. On the contrary, she inadvertently claims they DO work by stating their results can be achieved by homeopathic, generic means. In other words, you don't need to pay tons of money for advertising when the same result can be achieved at a fraction of the cost. Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) mixed with juice will, beyond all reasonable doubt, work. Your colon will be clean. I understand the Colonix-pushing school of thought that tries to persuade the masses with scare tactics (you've got parasites!) and hot insistence that your kidneys and liver need a good cleaning. However, let's employ some common sense, folks. Cranberry juice is a miracle. A diet of natural, whole foods will keep you going quite nicely, pun completely intended. Water is a godsend. Go to your local supermarket and purchase these items (cranberry juice, Epsom salt, orange juice with which to mix it, whole grain bread, and steer clear of anything boxed or canned). Go for a two-mile walk everyday, and drink a glass of water every hour or two (or finish a 20 oz bottle 3 times throughout the day). Give it a week, and guess what? You've only spent $10 and your body feels great.

      Final thought (and just to drive the point home): Yes, I'm sure most of these overpriced cleansing products work. But are they ultimately necessary? I doubt it.

    • profile image

      Ang Henderson 7 years ago

      I did the blessed herbs cleanse and my stomach got flatter and i released a lot of foul looking and smelling shi$. Skin was glowing in a matter of days, and talk about energy. I don't know if I pee'd or crapped more. You have to drink TONS of water and the apple juice mixed with the packet is not that bad. Just have to drink it fast as it will thicken on you. I did the colonic about three months ago and I will be doing blessed herbs again this year. I see nothing negative with their product. Also, i was NEVER cramped up in pain. It's the water...i druck more then was required, so i lived in the bathroom; but i was never in pain and what came out of me kinda....this is gross...but it seem to "sliver" out. I thinking "that was fast...must not be much that came out"...shiiiii...toilet was full of form shaped BLACK stuff. Never any pain though!

    • profile image

      Sarah Chambers 7 years ago

      Thank goodness someone is enlightening people about colon cleanses. We are detox specialists that make up our own colon cleanse for clients from organic herbs, that does not use P.H.!! Thank you so much for putting up all this amazing information for people. I don't know how many tines I have had to calm clients down after they have found alarming photographs on the Internet of what they believe is inside of them, and more to the point what they believe will come out of them! You are so right in what you say about diet. Your body is a temple, your colon is the most important organ in your body. It a shame that people have to be scared into buying, in a lot of these colon cleanses, is no more than laxatives. If someones colon is capable of expelling what is shown in some of these scary photos, they have more than likely spent a month in a detox clinic fasting in order to produce that amount of muccoid plaque, which is the result of years of unhealthy junk food living. Thank goodness that these American companies are banned from importing to Australia.

    • profile image

      Dee 7 years ago

      The psyllium does gelaninate in the intestines, and it is BY DESIGN that it does this, but not as a shock factor to keep you buying more! (At least, a good respectable company won't mislead you this way. There are some that do though!) Once ingested, the psyllium sticks to itself and also to the crud that is indeed old and spackled to your intestinal walls. The psyllium form is a bulk that pushes through your colon, further helping to remove old sticky mess (look at that diagram of the colon again and tell me it's not possible for stuff to get stuck in the accordion-like folds!). Also, a good cleanse uses herbs and other ingredients that help the body to process and eliminate toxins more effectively (such as bentonite clay). Please get ALL the information before you decide cleansing is just a scam! Dishonest companies and suspicious scaremongers both give cleansing a bad rap!

    • profile image

      Leedee 7 years ago

      What a load of crap, but that is what most of this stuff is. People get all excited about the latest weight loss energy drinks, etc., but when it doesn't work, it gradually fades into the woodwork. Now I am hearing about Okra-Pepsin, which is supposed to help in the poop area. Does anyone know about this?

    • profile image

      Lizzy 7 years ago

      Yes, Casey Cross is right, natural things are always good, but do not forget, not many people have time to fuss around mixing ingredients, and using complicated formulas.

      People are working, and time is of the essence unfortunately, so when one finds a formula, which is hassel free, and NATURAL, than that is the one to go for

    • Casey Cross profile image

      Casey Cross 7 years ago


      You make some very interesting, and seemingly valid points here.

      But in the end, these colon cleansing products you are looking at, seem to be all man-made products, even if they are based off of natural herbs etc.

      While I agree that taking herbs as is, can be as dangerous as taking drugs, colon cleansing isn't just restricted to bottles of pills or other man-made chemicals.

      I'm not trying to imply that you are wrong, but there are others that do not make use of pills, and people have used them with good results.

      Again, I'm not saying you're wrong, but personally, I would avoid colon cleansing using manufactured products.

    • profile image

      Lizzy 7 years ago

      Yes, reading all the comments, it is anoying when people badmouth products, its just nasty and uninformative.I myself have also tried many products, some are good, some are not so good, but its not said that those will not work for other people!So I would never say negative things about products, I would just never use them again. These days,I just go for products, where there are money-back guaranties, so i am sure my money is not wasted, if it does not work.Having said that, at this time I am doing the DrNatura colonix cleanser, I am halfway through my second month, and until now, I have very good results. The cleansing goes in curves, its not a quick fix thing, so patience is also necessary. This is a no fuss program, and that is what suits me, I am too bussy to keep a regime.

    • profile image

      JJMFE 7 years ago

      Good article. Yes, these websites that want to sell you their special cleanse products, and show you pictures of long strands of poop, and tell you that's what's been in your bowels for twenty years are a bogus scam.

      Case in point. To get feeling better, and healthier, I started having periodic plain warm water enema flushes last spring when I was starting to get sick to stave off whatever bug was working on me. It does workgreat, and seemed like the occasional flush helped get over not feeling good, settled my stomach, and even improved skin health. I monitored what came out of the bowel, and it was just normal "poop." It was just the stuff I'd eaten the previous day. So later this year I decided to go one better, and take one of those "juice fasts" using very diluted fruit juice with "psyllium husk" added as roughage during the treatment. Soon I too was passing "ropes" of poop. The level of cleansing was really no deeper than a a standard flush. It was the same stuff I'd washed out using a regular enema, but it was in a gel created by the psyllium, and I could have made my own online infomercial.

      I do see great value in this kind of cleansing, but I don't think you should buy all that junk that the health hucksters want to sell you. Enemas, light colonic flushes (water only) and hot and cold compresses, throat wraps, and all those natural remedies are mostly good in moderation.

      But don't let these diet hucksters con you into buying stuff you don't need (I could name names of some of the prominent on-line health hucksters but I won't).

      Keep it simple. Simple food, simple remedies, and stay away from the suppliments and additive hype. They're a rip-off, sign me, "Been there, done that."

    • profile image

      Brandon 7 years ago

      So, I just read every comment. I know, pretty ridiculous. I've been getting all worked up, if not pissed off at much of the ignorant posts above. The reason-- the doubters, the one's that have never tried a particular product seem to get the overwhelming vote (as if they are the authority), that they are the people that should be listened to. I haven't tried any product but one. And it has worked great. My first time was in 2005 (I was 25). I have used it for at least one month out of every year since. Every time I feel better and promise myself that I'm going start eating more veggies, more fruit Ect... I don't hold on to my new diet for long because I love bacon and blue cheese and hot sauce yaddy-yaddy-ya. I don't have the will power, or a strong enough desire, to change my diet. I love meat. I love pasta. So what's my point? One month out of every year I clean out the junk. It works, really. You can't tell me that those pieces off poo with black parts in it are from the fiber! You can't tell me that the smell comes from the fiber! This stuff is not made up. I want to lightly smack some of you nay-sayers for steering people away from something that can really help them! I know some of you are just trying to say that the products can be found cheaper individually in grocery stores, you are probably right. I am a boat captain, so I'm out to sea, and generally on the move in places I'm unfamiliar with, so searching for ingredients isn't possible. I use colonix, it works great. The price isn't an issue for me, but if it is for you then do as the others say and find these same kinds of ingredients at Publix, Safeway, Whole Foods or wherever you shop. To those of you who automatically disregard statements from people that have used colonix because you think they work for the company... too bad for you I guess. I hope you have a good diet with lots of fiber and no bacon. To those of you who are looking to try it and can afford to, then go for it. I'll bet you a hundred bucks you'll be happy you did.

    • profile image

      Rozz 7 years ago

      I did the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse, my first and only cleanse ever. I got huge results, and over the next year, I felt better and better, I figured as a result of my body being able to assimilate nutrients better from getting the crap cleaned out of my colon. Also, I had a friend tell me I looked younger now than when he met me ten years ago!! Wrinkles slowly went away and I looked and felt ten years younger. So do what you want, but listen to people that have actually tried it!!

    • profile image

      Lynz! 7 years ago

      What is the best way to cleanse your colon and help become healthy? Anyone ever tried yeast raiders?

    • profile image

      Nyea 7 years ago

      I have a good friend saying she loves her isagenix and is trying to convince me to try it. I say, leave well enough alone and , yeah drink water, eat normal food and be healthy and happy and don't dwell on all this "CRAP"

      Fat people are not going to lose weight simply by using a cleanse. But instead, by eating what's good for them and staying away from junk food! Cook your own food so you know what's being put into it. Don't eat at fast food take out places. Don't chow down on Pizza and garlic knots and chips and dips and don't drink soda. or Diet Soda, that can be worse then real soda. Use real fresh garlic in your food not powdered stuff. Use real sugar, not those awful sweet & low subs. Cook your own chicken soup with fresh veggies and instead of frying your food, try baking it.Get the idea? Salt is what's taking alot of people out! Too much salt in everything. Buy Low Sodium foods! That's all!!

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Have any of you believers in colon cleansers ever had a colonoscopy? You have to drink about a gallon or so of "go juice" the day before, and not eat, and it cleans you out just fine. If this were a real problem, do you think that infomercials would be the only place you would hear about a solution? Use your heads folks, apply common sense, and if you really believe you have a problem, see a doctor.

    • mathewday profile image

      mathewday 7 years ago from Dirty South

      Thanks for revealing the truth about colon cleansers. I always enjoy stumbling onto an article that teaches me something new. I really thought colon cleansers were the way to go, but now I see there's much cheaper alternatives. Or, fiber and plenty of water is usually sufficient.

    • profile image

      Another consumer 7 years ago

      Hey, thanks for the read and for all the comments (whether they be real or accurate). It's always enlightening when I have a great curiosity to try a product and find out so much useful information on it! :-)

      Peace to ALL,

    • profile image

      paul 7 years ago

      You've obviously never experienced the positive results of colon cleansing. There may be some that exaggerate the results of a particular product, but the principles of colon cleansing are thousands of years in the making, and as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding (but not too much pudding!)

    • profile image

      tiffany 7 years ago

      ok i spent whole morning reading the comments but i have to say everyone's body is different. some people have bm everyday or every other day but some people are just unfortunate that they don't! myself included. i have constipation since as young as i remember. i'm 29 now and i have to rely on laxative to help me go. and when i go, it's not even empty and i can feel it. for people like me, colon cleanse seems to be very attractive since i can feel and know i have so much junk inside me. i mean, if you want to give colon cleanse a try, it woulnd't hurt. if the product works, i don't mind spending more money on them, because it works for me. some people can do well with just fiber and exercise but it doesn't work for everybody. so please don't tell people "all you need is water and fiber, veggie and fruits" because it's not as simple as that, you will not understand how bad the situation is unless you are that person, or how desperate they are, and how constipation bothers them so much. i dont think it will hurt to try if you want to try.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

      Wow! Is that what is going on?

    • profile image

      Matt 7 years ago

      To all the people who are using this thread just to push their products, by critising other brands and promoting their own, SCREW YOU!!

    • profile image

      Hmmmmm 7 years ago

      Just a thought... and I'm sorry if someone already said this, but I think they actually may be on to something. I have forever been a sceptic on these types of things, and also am a very logical person. Part of Colonix's claim is that it gets the excess "crap" out of your colon that has built up over the years. Well, the gelling aspect of their product may very well be the key of "grabbing" hold of any buildup. However, they are totally playing off the product of that process being something it's not. So, yes I agree, that what they are putting in their mouth is what is coming out of them, but it may very well be pulling extra "stuff" out along with it.

    • gr82bme profile image

      gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

      Most peeps that use this stuff are looking to lose a few pounds fast. Those who want a healthy colon, it won't hurt.

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      Ok I bought Colonix myself and received it on 6/22/10. I tried it right away the next morning.

      A little about myself. When I stool I need to uses much toilet paper. I heard that is not good. Also I have problems with gas and wake up very tired and with a headache. I am 30 not the same as when I was younger. I am 5,9 167 pounds. I do have a medium size belly. I bought Colonix after a 8 hour research online for the best product out there. It came out to Colonix and Oxy powder. I went to Colonix because it does not just help the colon but also help the liver and kidneys. I dont have constipation problems but I have never had a Colon cleanse and I heard of the benefits.

      Ok so Day 1 I tried colonix and either it was physiological or the Colonix working, I felt pretty ok.

      Day 2-4. I woke up energized. Also no headache and I started to wake up at 6:30am. I usually wake up at 7:30 and tired. But now At 6:30am I am right awake.

      Day 5. I felt good, but I got sick. I have a cold. I dont know if it has to do with the detoxication of my body, but I have been sick for Day 5 and day 6. Another strange thing is that I did not stool my usual 3 times a day on day 5. I only went once.

      Day 6. In the morning I stooled so much. It was crazy and I was very happy. Still I have a cold and left to work that way. Its Monday morning. Also I notices that I dont get that gas anymore.

      My stool comes out spongy and it seems like it has chuncks of food. I dont really observe it explicitly but I can truly say that I feel very very different. More active and just more alert. I will write again next week for my second week.

    • profile image

      Alan 7 years ago

      Brian, are you talking about

      I assure you that my cleansing friends are not hired to post, but are real people

      nor am I hired to post as you can see here

      I would love to not have to use my monday morning to explain that I have written every single word of that post at the link above, or the more than 2,000 posts I've written since 2005.

      We have no interest in lying, or pushing products. We know firsthand, from years of personal experience, that real colon cleansing helps people.

      But we see online people are being mislead about the effectiveness and proper procedures of real colon cleansing.

      It's not just some product that is going to revitalize the colon's health. Proper colon cleansing means detox with fasting, juicing and home colonics. Home colonics are absolutely vital to deal with the toxic environment that I have seen in my own toilet after many a home colonic.

      THEN with a cleaner colon, THEN the work begins to nourish it, rebuild it, and bring it into proper working order.

      This is not easy to do. Even if someone understands that only a "colon cleansing" supplement will not heal their colon or their health, they still need to find and CORRECTLY use the right methods--which can amount to years of trial and error, done virtually alone.

      That's what makes and the online forums so special and so valuable. It's a tried, tested and proven program. It’s a community of experienced and skilled cleansers who support, care, and guide each other through a 7 Day Wonder Colon Cleanse and on into the crucial stages following where real health and transformation takes place, and where support, care and guidance are of extreme value.

      It's a beautiful community of people helping people.


    • profile image

      JD Mumma, Ami. 7 years ago


      I found it odd that you did not offer proof to back up your statement:

      "Companies have employed people over the years to post positive results on the internet. I have seen exact reviews, word for word with different usernames in Amazon, Verizon Wireless and many other websites."

      I would like to see proof of your statement!

    • profile image

      Brian 7 years ago

      Companies have employed people over the years to post positive results on the internet. I have seen exact reviews, word for word with different usernames in Amazon, Verizon Wireless and many other websites.

    • profile image

      Dorothea 7 years ago

      Hi Maddie, I don't know if you're still around or if this is a forgotten site ...

      Isn't it funny how we will talk about our colon issues online, but not to one another, face to face? ... I have to say that colon cleansing made a big difference for me when nothing else worked.

      Now at 52 years of age, I've had a reasonable amount of experience with colon cleansing, supplements and constipation. I was very ill with a chronic degenerative disease (the on-again off-again type of MS) and none of the supplements or cleansing packages I tried helped me UNTIL I found this hps-online place (which you mentioned above) -- THEN I start getting steadily healthier. (I have not had an MS episode since I started - yay!!!)

      By participating in that online program (over the last 3 years), cleaning my colon was only one of the methods I used to elevate my level of health. It's never just one thing that will make the difference - have you found that out yet?

      Not only have I cleaned my colon, in a careful and wise manner, but I've also embarked on a relatively healthy lifestyle thanks to the continual guidance that can be had by any member.

      I love HPS online cleansing! It stands for "Helping People Survive" and rightfully so - it helped me survive! It is not a bottle, not a supplement but a guided program teaching a healthy lifestyle. I continue to go back to the forum whenever I want, getting advice and sharing my experiences. The lifetime support is worth every penny! No doctor can do that. And on top of all that, I've made lifelong friendships with people all over the world!

      If someone wants to just clean their colon ... they can do what they want, but if they want to get better, feel better and stay better, maybe they should come and read about how people (like me) are improving their lives.

      Please come and visit me and read about how I got better ... this is one of my forum intro posts to my latest cleanse



    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      It's hard to argue with undeniable success -->

      These are real people at live online forums with hundreds of posts per person (some people thousands of posts) all centering around the 7-Day Wonder cleansing, healing and rejuvenation program... if there wasn't real value here, why are so many of their online cleansers still posting for years, right up until today?

      It's hard to argue with success.

      You are right Maddie, some cleanses are scams, fakes, some aren't. It's like in any field, we have to do our due diligence and find out who delivers the results, the truth... when there are online forums we have a chance, everything is out in the open, when there aren't online forums integrated into a cleanse, most probably its just another scam, out to profit the seller, but not us, the user.

    • profile image

      Victoria 7 years ago

      I LOVE DR NATURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... I have tried EVERYTHING out on the market, and nothing came close to Dr Natura!!! This is the best, and well worth the money. Nothing worked, and regular fiber seemed to make things worse. THEY WILL MAKE THINGS WORSE THE LONGER YOU TAKE THEM. Once I read about Metamucil and other cheap fibers that you can buy- IT REALLY SCARED ME. If your going to do anything do Dr Natura, it's natural, it's SOOOO gentle, and regular fiber didn't get the waste out of my body like Dr Natura did. I did it for 3 months which made a bigger difference then 1 or 2 months which is what my parents had done. I was taken off my high blood pressure medication (keeping in mind I'm only 25) my skin looks better I have so much energy, I FEEL LIKE A KID AGAIN!!!!!! I FEEL BETTER THEN WHEN I WAS A KID!!!!!!! I don't normally give in to infomercials, but I am so glad I called on this one!! Best decision I ever made- I disagree with this site, and I honestly feel that it could be misleading many people who could really benefit from this product. If I had listened to people like this I can't imagine how sick i'd be. I'm so thankful that I ordered this product. I really do believe it saved my life. I FEEL GREAT!!!!

    • profile image

      tom 7 years ago

      I am always a little skeptical on the claims of these products. My daughter bought me colonix and I have been on it for 2 months now. My observation is that the first 3 days nothing. It was about 5 days in before I got a stringy bm.

      Nothing like the pics but a little bit. No big crazy ugly things coming out of me. But after the second week my bm's were much more uniform and larger. Now I have never had any problems I go every morning for the last 40 years. This product seems to clean me out and now they are just nice clean bm's with good volume.

      The one thing I can say is that the last 2 years I have had allergies. This spring I have had none. I called my daughter and asked her if hers were bad or better and she is 1000 miles away and suffers a lot. She told me hers are much better this year. I know others are having problems this spring so I don't think it is a mild year.

      Not positive it is the cleanse but maybe it is. That is my two cents.

    • profile image

      Maryam  8 years ago

      I have been using Dr. Natura's colon cleanser for over 3 years. I found the site when I went searching for a way to clean my husbands colon without a docters visit. At first I didn't believe it but since they offered a breakdown of what was in the product; I checked it out and all the herbs inside I have used before at one time or another and they really do what they are supposed to which is clean, detoxify and remove unwanted waste products. I tried it because I had a build up of candida yeast in my stomach, extreme sleepyness, weight gain, lack of energy and a very poor appetite. After taking the product for two months my mid section became flat and I had my energy back.

      the main ingrediant in the product is Phyllium (high fiber)which is helpful when you want more fiber in your diet and it helps get rid of old and current waste in your system.

      Before you believe so ones thoughts on anything do the research. It could save your life.

    • profile image

      Boiling Pot 8 years ago

      If you doubters think that all that weird-looking gunk is "caused" by the gel-producing psyllium powder, then try taking the Robert Gray/Holistic Horizon tabs WITHOUT the powder. This may constipate you, so take a magnesium-based laxative just before bed. Wait and see what comes out.

      It is like he says in his 68-page book - for the first few weeks you discharge unbelievably stinky putrifying waste, and then you will discharge mild- to no-smell old dark waste ("post-putrefactive"). And after a few months, you won't discharge anything but normal waste at all.

      Read Gray's book, buy the tabs, some Magnesium Citrate or magnesium hydroxide-based laxative, and see for yourselves.

    • profile image

      cristina:age 20 8 years ago

      I am only 20 years old. i am on my third week of the colonix cleanse. i thought that since i was not older nothing would really happen. i have a good BMI and a good weight, but i always had a little extra around the stomach. i just started seeing those "things" in the toilet. so much of it too. i feel more wonderful every day and i have little to no craving for food as much as i used to. i am now going vegitarian again and changing my lifestyle to benefit myself in the long run. it goes to show that there is so much build up in your body, even at a fairly young age. and i thought i took care of myself. the proof is in the bowl. everyone should take the colonix cleanse. i know i will for the rest of my life.

    • profile image

      mww 8 years ago

      Get my Colonix today and will start tomorrow.. I will come back and let you know if it worked for me.. Make no mistake if you knew me, you would that if this product doesn't do what they claim.. I will be their worst internet nightmare.. Okay so wish my colon luck.. Peace and happy poo's to all..

    • profile image

      Mikey 8 years ago

      OMG if you can't afford Colonix u should maybe get a new job. I just used my first kit and lost around five pounds in 3.5 weeks. I'd like for someone to explain to me how one small scoop of fiber creates seven large bowel movements in a 24 hour period come out of me with green corn in it. Hmm, I hadn't eaten corn in a month so it must have been the fibre taking shape of corn and foot and a half long black tar strips in order to trick me into believing that Colonix actually works.

      I feel horrible when that stuff comes out of my body and's soo toxic, so how can u suggest to me that I am feeling this way from eating fibre? As a professional kickboxer, I have just come off the cleanse for a few days and can now easily say I am in the best shape of my life. Colonix has changed my life and my fight career. Thank goodness, especially considering I was eating fast food half the time and it STILL WORKED. Colonix is the healthiest thing I have ever done for myself and in the last month I have talked about 20 different friends and family into taking this product as well. I had tried several other cleanses before and they were not even 1/10th the results. Most people don't even realize what they have stuck inside them until it comes out so enlightenment and educating people about this is rewarding knowing now that I am helping to add health and years onto the lives of the people I know who are smart enough to try this product. Don't be afraid of it, try it for yourself. Almost all the people who tried it knows better than the ignorant skeptics who are most likely sitting at their computers reading this rotting in their own feces, bahaha.

    • naturalherbalz profile image

      naturalherbalz 8 years ago from USA

      Awesome Hub!

    • profile image

      Mike 8 years ago

      Funny how so many people miss the point and run to defend products like Colonix by saying "it does work". Your great article did not say anywhere that these products don't work! As you rightly point out, there are other much more cost effective ways of getting the same results. If people want to spend a bunch of money on product marketing by all means they should go drop a load (puns are just so easy on this topic) on a product like Colonix that works....

      ....but for more frugle people doing a clensing diet will give the same results.

      I am amazed at how many people are talking about worms here! I would suggest those people look at the how's of getting parasites and make a few lifestyle changes to avoid them rather than flushing out and saying "all good"!

    • Mama Sez profile image

      Mama Sez 8 years ago from Canada

      Well done Maddie...Natural is better, safer and cheaper.

    • profile image

      notascam 8 years ago

      It worked for me. I heard that taking vitamins is worthless from a Nutrition course in university. During the same course as well as from my colon hydro-therapist, I learned that doing a cleanse of the colon every so often is highly beneficial to my healthy, especially since I do not consistently eat high quality foods that my body is made to eat. If I cut out a few junk food days and some cups of coffee I can buy a good cleanse and I feel great afterward! I do have a favorite cleanse that was mentioned here that works wonders, but I am not mentioning because i am not endorsing.

    • profile image

      fred jones 8 years ago

      If your colon was "dirty" you would very quickly die think about it.

      These products are complete bullshit, usually the stuff you see come out is the product itself , pretty clever scam.

    • profile image

      Curious Cleanser 8 years ago

      Can anyone shed some light on whether The Ultimate Colon Cleanse by Organica Research is any good? I found a helpful website for yeast problems (which I'm having) called and he pushes it but it seems like he's being sponsored by them. I really don't trust any adds that say they've been seen on CNN and Oprah because copying an pasting logos onto your site isn't rocket science. Anyway, has anyone tried it?

    • profile image

      Phil S 8 years ago


      MAIL THEM, EMAIL THEM, FAX THEM, CALL THEM!!! BUG THEM!!! SEND THEM A VIRUS! Please send me there fax number if you have it! Visit them if you live in the UK!!!

      USA/CANADA 1-888-338-9943 or 1-888-325-8623

      fax ?

    • profile image

      tabbycat 8 years ago

      Couldn't agree more - I'm not against colon cleanse at all but if we all ate healthy food like you say not out of a box or can, exercise and drink clean water, we wouldn't get candidia or any of the other bowel problems that arise. Bowel problems in China are on the increase because they are adopting the Western lifestyle and diets. Says it all! Have heard it said that disease always comes in via the backdoor - yep that's the bowel.

      So question for you Karen - how much psyllium husk would you have to consume to get those ropes? It's got to be more than a teaspoon a day!

    • profile image

      Karen 8 years ago

      As a toxicologist I can tell you that most of the comments are erroneous. These folks are talking out of their heads and don't have a clue. Colon cleansing does work. Read Steve's comment above. And yes, Elvis had in excess of 25 pounds of sludge removed from his colon at his autopsy- John Wayne had over 45 pounds removed from his colon. So much for the belief that toxic fecal matter can't be stored in your colon. The ropes excreted will naturally take on the shape of your colon. This is normal and just a result of psyllium to take the shape it's container.

      Eat right, which means proteins less than 3 times a week. And stop eating out of a can or box. Virtually nothing that is processed and placed in a box or can is healthful. If you can't pronounce the name of the ingredients, they usually aren't natural.

      Humans were meant to be vegetarians; that is why our bodies don't naturally produce vitamin B12 and we must get it from our foods.

      Contrary to what is taught in medical schools, excreting 3 X per week is constipation.

      Medical schools also teach that Candidiasis is only found in patients with AIDS, Cancer or terminal diseases, when in fact it is found in over 85% of the population. Candidiasis causes mental fog, vision problems, headaches, constipation, allergies, arthritis, Aspergers syndrome and autism, some types of schizophrenia, heart disease and a host of other ailments and diseases. Men are carriers without having symptoms because they don't have vaginas. Women get the dreaded yeast infections, take antibiotics and get terminal candidiasis. Get the Cure! ThreeLac. And you'll notice there is no link here. I'm not selling anything. Just informing you. Good day.

    • profile image

      tabbycat 8 years ago

      Hi Marcy. Ok. I hear what you're saying, the fact that you are waking up tired in the morning indicates that your body is in dehydrated mode and not getting rid of the rubbish that builds up, even though you are drinking the water. As I said earlier if an emotion isn't resolved, this could be anger, worry, stress from work the water element in chinese medicine joins in. Water = dehydration if the emotion is not resolved. The more anxious, worried or stressed you get the more dehydrated you become. Vicious circle. However, that's not the end of the story, you not only need to look at your health but what you've inherited from your parents, yes someone to blame but genetics do tend to be passed on.

      I'll stick my neck out on the line here, pick up a copy (I usually try the library first) of Bruce Lipton's, The Biology of Belief, a copy of Your Body's Many Cries for Water - Dr Batmangjlei (not sure of spelling) and try to get hold of a copy of Cellular Awakening by Barbara Wren. The last one is the interesting one as Barbara believes that everything is connected, so you may be doing what all the books say is right for you but it's not working. So why not? Because what you're trying is general advice and not specific to you. (Yes, been there, bought the t-shirt, good diet for the majority, poor, poor results for me).

      If you take a look at it explains in more detail.

    • profile image

      Atreidae 8 years ago

      Marcy I agree with most of what you said, however I wholeheartedly disagree with your statement, "So the worst case scenario, I’m just filling my body with things good for me. . ." The worst case scenario is that you're putting chemicals, (albeit from a "natural", herbal source) whose impact is poorly or anecdotally understood with regards to its medical impact, into your body. The list of herbs that are thought to be completely benign, but are later discovered to have very dangerous side effects to their use is a long list indeed. I would argue that you should not default to using a supplement just because its list of ingredients seems safe. The medical understanding of chemical interactions between what we consume and our physiology is in its infancy. It's getting better and better everyday, but don't fool yourself into thinking that the manufacturers of these products know what the complete result of their products is on our bodies.

    • profile image

      Marcy 8 years ago

      I have read through all of the comments on here and I happen to disagree with a lot of the comments. I still plan on trying DrNatura’s program in April…I need to find out for myself. Here’s a little background on me: I’m 32 years old, single, no kids, work in a mildly stressful 8-5 Monday through Friday. I rarely eat red meat, love fresh fruits and veggies, walk 2 miles/4 days a week and gave up soda 10 years ago so I drink well over 8 glasses of water a day. I maintain the recommended healthy lifestyle with at least 7 hours of sleep at night and am rarely sick.

      I do everything right and yet I am always tired, ALWAYS fatigued. I can’t take it anymore…I am sick and tired of always being tired. That is my motivation to try the program. I am probably the most regular person you’ve met when it comes to BM’s so that’s not why I’m doing this. I want to feel crazy good, everyday. I want people to be jealous of my enthusiasm and energy. I want to be that person!

      I appreciate the comments from people who have had colonoscopies claiming that our colons do not have buildup, however the cleanse involves all of your organs, not just the colon. It takes toxins from the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and much more. And maybe the fiber supplements do cause the “ropes” however if I poo’d out just one WORM, any money I’ve spent on the product would be money well spent, in my opinion. If nothing else, research the ingredients in the product. All of the herbs in it have medicinal purposes, proven and true. So the worst case scenario, I’m just filling my body with things good for me. Doesn’t seem quite so irrational…?

      I don’t think every product works for everyone so I understand Colonix may not work for everyone. Others seem to have an opinion about it without even trying it. I am willing to make my body an experiment and it may or may not work. But if it doesn’t, who cares? And if it does, than woohoo! I also find it hard to believe that after spending HOURS reading HUNDREDS of testimonials, would a company really spend that much time and effort making up all of those stories?

      Our bodies are amazing machines that work hard to eliminate all toxins but if it really did do it all on its own, why is there still cancer and other horrible diseases? You can eat everything right, do everything right but you’re still going to be ingesting pesticides, preservatives, parasites and man-made chemicals. You can’t put a price on your health so I’m willing to shell out some bucks to try something that could help clean out my body.

      I’m just a normal person sitting in my living room. I don’t work for DrNatura and I could really care less if you believe me or not. Lol I’m going to try it and hopefully have some positive or negative things to report. I’ll be back in 6 months with an honest and REAL opinion on the product, good or bad, so stay tuned!

    • profile image

      tabbycat 8 years ago

      Back up folks. Ask yourself, why am I constipated or why are my bowels not working every day? If your cells are in a healthy environment your body, and not just your bowel, will function as you want. Take a look at the book by Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief.

      Bowel problems are usually down to dehydration and the chinese known that if an emotion is not resolved within 2 years, e.g grief then the water element (in the chinese five elements) gets involved and your body stays in dehydration mode even if you are drinking water! And the organs represented by this are; yes you guessed, the colon, skin and central nervous system. So, if you are dehydrated your body rations water, with the brain getting the most. And, most of us know if the bowel isn't working well it tends to come out in our skin, the chinese water element again, giving us a visual indication that all is not well inside. Incidently if you are dehydrated then mast cells appear in the colon and allergies follow. (Mast cells make histamine and you don't have allergies without the presence of histamine).

      Holistically, if the body is dehydrated the charge at cellular level will change and pH will follow, the body is more acidic, will body temperature, blood sugar, oils utilisation etc and will have more difficulty in cleansing.

    • profile image

      jonas 8 years ago

      I have to agree with this author. Just eat a healthy diet and the colon will cleanse itself. I have had bad results with colon cleansing. I know there are folks, who say it saved their lives but maybe it was other factors that did it or the belief...? I feel the same way about liver cleansing. I know folks who have cleanse their livers dozens of times by drinking lemon juice and olive oil--lots of it and then they tell me all these stones come out of them--everytime and duh, does the body, the liver have an unlimted number of stones in it? I doubt it. Mixing a cup of olive oil and sour juice is probably just making the liver freak out when it has to process that crap. One woman I know did many liver cleanses and colon cleanses and now she looks like a ghoul. The really bizarre thing is that she thinks she looks healthy and great and YIKES........