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Color Therapy - Color light therapy

Updated on October 20, 2009

Color therapy - color light therapy

Color therapy - color light therapy

AN idea on color therapy - color light therapy and healing with color therapy

Color therapy or Chromo therapy - Treatment of diseases by using colors and light to balance and enhance our body's energy centers.

Color therapy or chromo therapy is a supportive therapy which is used with other natural health preserving methods like yoga, exercise, correct diet relaxation techniques , fasting ( juice or water ) etc .

According to chromo therapy, the cause of disease is the lack of a particular color in the body . Color therapy is a technique of restoring imbalance by means of applying colored light to the body.

There are seven chakras ( Body energy centers or spiritual centers ) are present in our body and each is associated with a particular organ or system in the body. Each chakra has a dominant color, the lack of particular color or color imbalance is responsible for causing disease . By introducing the appropriate color, the disorder is considered to be improved (healed).


Violet Crown

Indigo Brow

Blue Throat

Green Heart

Yellow Solar Plexus

Orange Sacral

Red Base

A patient is first subjected to an examination to ascertain which colour he lacks. The deficiency is determined by observing the color of the eyeballs, nails, urine and excrement.

Lack of Color Color of eyes and nails Color of Urine and Excrement



Light from sun is a combination of 7 different colors i.e. VIBGYOR = Voilet , Indigo , Blue , Green , Yellow , Orange , Red

Sunlight plays an important role in the recovery from chronic diseases.

The rays of the sun :

- Improve digestion and nutrition.

- Quicken blood and lymph circulation

- Increase the elimination of impurities through the skin .

Actions , Effects and Heling Properties of Colors :-

RED :-

- Red color is a stimulating and energising color .

- It stimulates artrial blood , sensoric nervous syestem and formation of haemoglobin .

- It is beneficial in treatment of diseases like Low Blood Pressure, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Anaemia and advanced

cases of tuber- culosis .

- It activates the labour of the liver.


- Orange color is also stimulating and energising color .

- It stimulates thyroid gland , breast glands , stomach , blood supply , tissues and bones formation .

- It is very useful in the treatment of kidney stones , gall stones , hernia and appendicitis .

- it energises the nerves .


- Yellow is a diuratic and laxative color .

- It stimulates brain , liver , spleen and lymphatic system .

- It helps in digestion .

- It has an effect on motoric and sensoric nervous system .

- Eliminates worms and parasites from body .

- Yellow color is very beneficial in treatment of diabetes , Kidney ,liver disorders , Indigestion , Syphillis , Impotence, Constipation , Eye and Throat infections .


- Green color is a combination of blue and yellow .

- Green color is a mild sedative and helps to regulate cerebral functions .

- Great effects on eyesight .

- It has antiseptic and disinfectant effect .

- It is beneficial in hay fever, ulcers, influenza, malaria , colds, sexual disorders and cancer .


- Blue is a soothing and sedative color .

- Blue color descends high temperature and stops infections .

- It is benefecial in the treatment of dysentery, colic, asthma, respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and skin aberrations .

- It Lowers high blood pressure .


- Indigo is a combination of red and blue .

- It reduces the milk flow from breast glands .

- It has great calm down effects on breathing .

- Indigo color is very valuable in the treatment of constipation, hydrocle , leucorrhoea, many disorders of the stomach and womb , cataract , migraine and skin disorders .


- Violet is beneficial in the treatment of nervous and emotional disturbances, arthritis and insomnia .

- Stimulates the spleen, has a tranquillizing effect on the muscle activity including the heart, tranquillizes the nervous system (tranquillizer).

Color therapy - Methods of Treatment :-

There are 2 methods to treat someone with chromotherapy :

1. By Glass Method :

In this method glasses of required colors are needed . glass should be placed in a convenient place in such a way that the rays of sun or light can pass through

them and fall directly on the patient’s Body .

Duration for this therapy - approx. 30 min.

2.By color-Charged Water :

In this method colored bottles filled 1/4 with distilled water are needed .

- Bottles are placed in front of sunlight for 3 - 4 hours .

- Wounds and ulcers can be washed with this water and it can also be used to massage the affected parts or applied as compress on them. For internal use, an adult can take 30 ml. of colour-charged water as a single dose.

Diet For Color Therapy :-

Color containing diet is more beneficial in color therapy , like ;

Red - Beets, radish, red cabbage,most red-skinned fruits,red berries , tomatoes, watercress, and

water melon.

Orange: carrot, orange, apricot, mango, peach , pappaya etc .

Violet : Egg plant, berries, black carrot and purple grapes.

Yellow : Lime and lemon, sweet lime, grapes, pumpkin, melon, banana, mango, yellow apple

and guava.

Purple : Foods having both blue and violet colouring.

Green : Most of the green vegetables and fruits such as gourds, spinach, plantain, lettuce, pea,

green mango, gooseberry, pears, beans , etc.

Blue : Blue plum, blue beans, blue grapes, etc.


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