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Color lighting affect sleep

Updated on July 16, 2016

Taking Set designers in mind, some of the factors that make the house and bedrooms specifically place calms the nerves and helps you relax, and those lighting factors and stain it, which is - based on recent studies - actually affects the psychological mood of the home to that house.

A recent study from the University of Oxford, that colored lighting affect the estimated a good sleep, and to study this effect, the researchers expose the mice for three different colors of light, a violet, blue, green, and based on previous information they have on the role of «Mellanospin» dye into sleep has predicted the blue color helps those mice to sleep quickly, as the wavelength of blue light close to the high rates that the dye and the peak, but what happened to the green light, which led to the speed of sleep mice, where I took mice of 1-3 minutes just to sleep while the led is blue and Purple Alllonan to delay sleep, where she slept mice after 16-19 minutes after exposure to the color blue, and 5-10 minutes after exposure to the color violet, and it turned out that the blue color was the least effective in accelerating the process of sleep.

On the other hand, researchers have tried to uncover more about the fact Mellanospin dye, so they apply the same experiment on mice exhibited a lack of the pigment and the results were the opposite, where the blue color is the biggest impact in accelerating sleep process, while the slower ones Alllonan purple, green markedly, showing importantly dye Mellanospin in the independent effect of light in the process of sleep, the researchers found that exposed the mice to the colors of light 3 led to a rise in hormone levels tension «cortisone» the natural mice, the researchers concluded that there are different pathways from the eye to the brain regulates one of which process sleep, and help others in urging them, also found that the dye Mellanospin multiple roles, and they affect both tracks the first time that a clear role in the adrenaline gland in response with respect to the tension.


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