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Combating Loneliness

Updated on April 30, 2015

Combating Loneliness

Examining how to naturally fight the interrelation between depression and feeling isolated with a strong emphasis on trying to put yourself out there In London by doing things you enjoy whilst meeting new faces by going to meetup groups on Keeping busy and active as an active body helps you psychologically. I will let you in on how long distance walking helped me be mindful and enjoy the beauty of the moment by photographing it psychologically and in actuality. Walking made me feel happier and ensuring I got out of the house more often lifted my mood.

The link between depression and loneliness and combatting it

There is a strong link between loneliness and depression and if you aim to be happier and keep busy doing things you love than you are less likely to be depressed or lonely. You can become addicted to being on your own which is counter productive and causes you to feel like you can only trust yourself. Forging new friendships helps you to get yourself out of the destructive pattern of keeping to ones' own merely because its safe. Losing close friends and going through the grief of losing someone close hinders your depression and can make you feel more isolated. Sometimes the best cure for loneliness is the incremental step of getting out of your front door and realising there is a whole world of discoveries and new faces. Dwelling upon the past and being fixated on past friendships and the death of a loved one only serves to make you feel more isolated and therefore more depressed. Finding groups on meetup and looking to your local authority and doctor will make you feel less alone. In a world that constantly evolves it is hard not to miss people who have closed the door on you. I think being self reflective helps you a great deal and thereafter looking for people and groups where individuals have combatted loneliness or shared stories can alleviate the melancholy. Going online scrolling through google and hearing about people who have combatted loneliness on mental health forums can make you feel less alone. Knowing you can share, laugh and learn is reassuring . To know there are people out there who have similar obstacles to you can make you feel less alone. Lonely people must not become trapped in their own minds. Loneliness brings about depression and depression is a factor of laziness. Self acceptance is a vital tool in realising you are lonely and therefore by knowing you have a difficulty you can seek help and do things you enjoy with people who share your passions. Going outside of your comfort zone and going to events like the one on organised by Thinking Bob who organise events like talking to strangers, is a clever initative to interconnect lives in a lively and dynamic way.


The causes of Loneliness

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