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Combining Crossfit and Krav Maga for Total Fitness

Updated on June 17, 2012

To many fitness enthusiasts, the programs of Krav Maga and Crossfit are still unknown entities. Even though the exploits of MMA fighters are gaining in popularity, you might not be aware that they are practicing Krav Maga, Crossfit or maybe both in their free time.

Krav Maga is a self-defense technique that has its origins in the Jewish ghettos of Czechoslovakia prior to WWII. With fascist thugs on the loose, a Hungarian-born Czech Jew found ways to combat their attacks and live another day. It brings the do-or-die approach to modern fitness training. Krav Maga is an amalgam of many different fighting and training programs, incorporating martial arts, survival methods, street fighting and more.

It is no wonder why Special Forces, police academies and MMA champions all over the world are using Krav Maga and Crossfit in their training. Here is how to combine the two for total fitness workouts.

Krava Maga Training

Krav Maga for Endurance and Conditioning

Brawling your way to safety in a pre-WWII Czech ghetto was a test of strength, cunning and endurance. Krav Maga practitioners bring all of these elements to the fore in every workout. Conditioning is a key element in this self-defense technique, so going to Krav Maga strictly for an intense workout is highly recommended. Who wins the boxing matches and MMA bouts when it comes down to a decision after many rounds? The fighter in superior conditioning wins. You will get a similar edge with Krav Maga endurance training.

Krav Maga Training

Krav Maga Training for Military Forces
Krav Maga Training for Military Forces | Source

Cross Fit and Krav Maga for Sculpting

The difference between Krav Maga and other martial arts is the need to fight back with double the intensity of your opponent. Crossfit has a similar focus on the intensity of each blow and the emphasis on saved movement. Fighting off multiple attackers is one of the elemental principles of both styles, so training sessions will involve both blocking and returning blows to an aggressor.

In the repeated punches and kicks, you will quickly gain definition in arms, legs, chest and back muscles. While wrestling with opponents both standing and on the ground, you will see the increase of muscle mass in the neck. Compare these workouts to a typical boring gym session and you will see the appeal of Krav Maga and Crossfit.

Crossfit Training

Effects on Balance and Flexibility

In both Crossfit and Krav Maga, you will have to react to blows while standing, kneeling or lying on the ground. In all cases, the way you absorb these punches and work to fight your back is improving your balance and overall flexibility. Exercises with weighted balls and ropes are also going to improve your fitness in a variety of ways, prompting you to wonder why you hadn’t included Krav Maga or Crossfit in your fitness routine before. These techniques take you to places you have never gone in a gym.

If you want the total fitness package, try a month of Crossfit and Krav Maga. You will never return to the old, stale training sessions of before. Find the power of your true self today.


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