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Human Feelings And Emotions That Are Experienced Everyday

Updated on September 9, 2016

Feeling Emotional Everyday

Feelings For Today

Vast Range Of Emotions And Feelings

Generally today people are experiancing many different types of feelings and emotions that feel so incredibly real to many. Some might feel blown away after learning how there feelings and emotions can control there very lives. Many human feelings can be positive, others are typically negative, and some are simply neutral feelings. On average, our own personal feelings and emotions can sometimes sway us into making the wrong decisions. Other times our basic feelings will completely alter our general belief systems. Sometimes individuals will feel a particular way, but generally there never capable of explaining how they presently feel. Many American teenagers feel like they often experiance Liberosis. Liberosis is defined as strong desires to feel careless about things in life. This is a widespread feeling in modern society today and we already have many things In this life to currently worry about. Typical aspects in society to worry about include your job, an education degree, your children, relationships, and rocky marriages. Those diagnosed with Liberosis generally have a carefree attitude and behavior that can certainly cause dangerous consequences at times. Other times individuals will completely stop caring about anything in life because they feel overwhelmed and depressed. Commonly individuals diagnosed with Liberosis will become totally uncapable of caring anymore about the truthful things in life. Other individuals will suffer with what is called the Jouska. Jouska is described as the imitation of a daily dialog that a person creates in there own mind themselves. Typically a human being does this whenever having a day dream about a hot date or somebody they have a deep crush for. This can also be a very dangerous feeling that we emote with our hearts rather than with our brains. A person using there imagination, speaking to oneself in a certain form of dialog, and absolutely believing your every emotion. This continuous type of behavior could certainly have many disastrous consequences for any individual. The heart is desperately wicked, never live based on what one feels In the heart, rather live by what one knows to be actual, factual, and true. There are also multitudes of people who are currently afraid to go to bed at midnight, reach the end of a favorite book, or even scared to reach the end of a favorite television show. We human beings must always remember that every ending always leads to a brand new beginning. As people we must always consider how the perdicament affects our personal well-being and always decide new ways to cope with the present situation.

Craving What Others Have

Motivated By Self-Shame

The emotions of jealously and envy will often be witnessed traveling together in a close joined pair. Many Americans today will survive and even thrive on there own jealous illusions. Jealousy is known as the "Illusion queen of the human heart." Typically jealousy involves an individual repetively comparing themselves to another person and contrasting themselves based on there differences from others. Jealousy is always the emotional transformation of self-shame. If an individual is constantly measuring there own sense of self, up against there own image of another person, and arriving at there own conclusions based upon there own self-shame. This is commonly known to be a severe jealousy problem. Any person who is constantly contrasting themselves with an idealized image of another person, and magnifies there personal shame that threatens there self-stability. Jealous people will often diminish the importance of others who they envy by consistently devaluing other people. The constant belittling of the thoughts of others and petty criticisms are highly dangerous for any type of relationship. Typically jealousy that is pronounced in a relationship will trigger an angry response to shame that could result in aggressive and offensive behaviors. A person would be wise to keep a good distance away from other individuals who always seem to display behaviors of strong lacking in there qualities. If a individual does not value themselves, have lived through past abandonment due to jealousy, or many envy issues. A person who backs away from the jealous individual gives efficient time for the jealousy sufferer to look into the mirror and realize that there disastrous feelings have more to do with themselves.

Happiness And Joy

A Temporary Emotion

Happiness is only an external emotion that is often based upon short temporary situations, events, people, places, things, and thoughts. A state of happiness very seldom last for to long and normally will only occur with particular "happenings." Happiness often can be fleeting because it only depends upon things outside of the human soul. People are never promised an abundance of happiness living in a wicked world. However, a humbled individual can always receive great joy. True joy is an eternal feeling that is the very fiber of a persons soul. Joy is the love that last no matter the present circumstances and a persons access to joy never vanishes. Joy is clearly a spiritual quality that is internal. A humble person can be homeless, living in the back of a mini-van, and still be capable of finding joy. Rather than constantly chasing after short-term happiness in this life with worldly materials, money, and man-made objects. A person can receive true joy if there willing to humble themselves and look deep down inside of the soul to seek never-ending joy from within.


Feeling Fearful Of Something

Healthy Fear Or Unhealthy Fear

Fear is one of the basic set of emotions felt by all human beings at sometime, but afraid is a word that sprouts from the word fear. There is a healthy fear and a unhealthy fear in this life. Sometimes fear means to behave cowardly, to be terrified, other times it means to have a reverent respect, or to stand in awe. Many times human beings need some fear to remain humble. Fear is the emotion that warns people when a significant threat is posed to their life and individuals are capable of reacting appropriately to the situation. Practical fear is understanding the grave consequences of certain actions and choosing to avoid them all together. Having practical fear is a healthy form of fear and a lack of it normally causes humans to behave recklessly. This particular type of fear comes hand in hand with having basic knowledge and understanding. A person lacking practical fear will commonly flirt with disaster and without repentance the disaster will typically become permanent. In a sick society a rightous fear is never popular, but the individuals who have righteous fear are very wise. Even if you should have to harshly suffer for what is truthfully rightous you are blessed. A person must never carry fear of those that can kill the body, but cannot kill the human soul. As people we should rather fear the one who has the power to make both the human soul and the human body totally perish.

Disgust And Annoyance

Nasty Nit-Picking And Criticizing

Many people are presently experiancing strong feelings of disgust and grave annoyance in there current relationships. Strong feelings of disgust will often kill off the love in friendships, relationships, and many marriages. Numerous others often feel high levels of disgust, rude annoyances, unpleasant smells, or strong feelings of dislike for something. An excellent example of annoyance is a person who displays persistent pestering, nit-picking, mean-spirited, and nasty critisizing behaviors. On average, others can provoke an individual into taking a wrongful action through profuse criticism. Typically strong feelings of disgust over time will slowly convert into feelings of bitterness and hatred. Normally people who are significantly annoyed will harbor strong exspressions of repungance, distasteful attitudes, contempt feelings, disdain, scorn, abhorrence, and profound instinctive disatisfactions. The Cumulative annoyance is defined as a steady build-up of annoyances that constantly multiplies as the mental list of grievances we have against another person grows. Sometimes people will become so disgusted that they will tend to become deeply offended, feel nausea, severe irritations, strong feelings of moral repel, unpleasantness to the senses, or even revulsions. The anger emotions and feelings that come along with frustration tend to eventually sprout out of every disgusted person. Commonly the feelings of annoyance and disgust are considered to be mild forms of anger.

Confusion And Unbelief

Confusion Is A Condition

The feeling of confusion is generally considered a intellectual, emotional, mental, spiritual, or moral condition where a person is torn between truthful facts. Feelings of confusion and unbelief are commonly the inner conflicts inside of the confused individual. Most who are presently living through life confused are rarely capable of understanding the current environment around themselves. Many people will often become so completely confused and have no general direction to the most important issues in life. On average, it is true that terriable confusion is the result of unbelief and disobedience. This is normally caused by a persons bad moral decisions and by people who profusley are holding truth in unrighteousness. It is the result of being able to know the truth, but refusing to perform the truth out of human stubbornness. Many confused people will tend to always want things to go along with there own selfish hearts and there many wicked desires. These individuals commonly will posess a horrible case of "bad confusion" that is caused by calling evil "good" and calling good "evil." Slight uncertainties are often part of the growth process, but a state of complete confusion is a walk in the darkness.

Mind Goes Blank

Afflicted And Hurt

Traumatic Wounds

The definition of the word afflicted is a person who is currently going through terrible pain, extreme unhappiness, severe trauma, being abandoned, strongly cursed, and endless suffering. In the United States today, an increasingly number of people are commonly facing trauma and total abandonment. Feelings of affliction actively hurt and causes multitudes of severe problems in peoples lives. The enormous weight of affliction leads many torwards despair, self-hate, or sometimes even suicide. Generally the word afflicted describes an individual who has suffered through numerous traumatic wounds. We must always remember to confront, comfort, and listen very intently to the afflicted person. Simply by listening carefully and intently to the afflicted person is always the proper way to aid in healing to the afflicted and hurt. Never feel compelled to jump to conclusions, try to simplify, directly fix all of there problems right away with your next foolish comment. Simply sit down to listen carefully, shut your mouth, truthfully absorb exactly what is being said, let the afflicted person do the talking, and always pay particularly close attention to what there emotional state currently is. The afflicted may weep for the entire night, but joy comes with morning.

Indifference And Reserved

Signals Of Indifference

A person who possesses high reserved emotions and strong feelings of indifference commonly are known to carry positive human qualities. If any individual receives negative signals, then perhaps this is not the proper thing to be engaging in, and most likely it is truthfully the wrong thing to get involved with. Many people are typically indifferent to the suffering of other individuals because the current issue at hand does not affect there own lives directly. Choosing to remain set apart and indifferent is practically the only option available in order for people to mature spiritually. To be indifferent an individual must choose to position themselves in the right relations and all of the material items are nothing more than simple earthly things. A person must have a idololence of mind, never care about what is calculated to move the feelings, or to excite interest. Normally the acts of human beings extends from hidden choices of the will to manifest physical aperations. Since human beings are responsible for there own actions many are performed with conscious choices. Those who are steeped with much knowledge, have a basic understanding, and are capable of deciding from there own willpower. These particular individuals will often deliberately choose to take a stance of moral indifference.

Sadness And Depression

Desperately Sad

Difficulties Overcoming Depression

The feelings of sadness are normal human emotions that are commonly triggered by dissapointing events, hurtful experiances, challenging situations, or in difficult times of trouble. An individuals emotional hurt is eventually supposed to fade away after adjusting to a particular loss or dissapointment. Everyday people who experience strong feelings of depression often will have many health risk factors and huge implications associated with there long-term mental health. It is generally classified as an abnormal state of emotions and is commonly considered a mental illness that drastically affects ones thinking. A depressed individual will display behaviors that are heavily pervasive and many irractically chronic attitudes. The person suffering with depression will have a great lack of motivation, no anticipation, feelings of worthlessness, severe lack of energy, experiencing issues with thinking, uncapable of making wise decisions most of the time, feelings of a meaningless lost life, wrist-cutting, and strong debates within there inner selves about possiably committing suicide. When a person feels sad or depressed they should always stop to review that section in the mind. Commonly reciting aloud the feelings orally will often help to dispel the unwelcome feelings of sadness and depression. Overcoming depression naturally could be a tough challenge for many, but it is highly possible if one is capable of seriously putting there mind to the task. Commonly the doctors depression medications fail to address the true causes and normally will only prolong the problems rather than alleviating the cause in the first place. There are currently many alternatives to consider for coping with depression. Some common examples include getting more exercise, adding more light to the room, listening to upbeat music, simply distracting yourself, writing in a journal, take a walk around the block, implement more Omega three fatty acids into the diet, indulge yourself with a relaxing massage, connect with friends, get adequate amounts of sleep, and never give up.

Helpless And Frustrated

A Never Ending Struggle

A helpless feeling can keep people bound to uncomfortable places and often feel a never ending struggle to remove themselves from there current predicament. Commonly it is the great fears of failure, a significant loss, utter disaster, swift rejection, and awful pain that will totally confine people to an uncomfortable place they had rather not be. Many helpless people can successfully see hope only a short distance away, but a psychological hold of fear has been spun all around them like a giant spider web. The human mind becomes torn between what it wants and what it is afraid to process. Generally humans will consciously accept there own helplessness and often accepting this feeling will only feed on the numerous underlying frustrations. A person can run on the treadmill of life for many years and clearly get absolutely nowhere. The poison that comes from the helpless feelings will always cause toxic consequences to the spirit and even to an individuals overall well-being. A helpless individual can experience a great abundance of vivid nightmares and often will display many self-destructive behaviors. We must always remember that no temptation has ever overtaken us that is not already common to all of mankind. Often times a simple temptation will also provide many people with a solution to escape there own helplessness or possibly the adequate amount of strength to effectively endure it.

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    • BryanChaseGentry profile imageAUTHOR

      Chase Gentry 

      2 years ago from Nashville, Tennessee

      Your absolutely correct Junko. I mean out in the wilderness with pure stillness, peace, tranquility,and quietness for weeks at a time all a man does is constantly think. When a man comes down the mountain gap to the highway and walks into town to resupply. It's very similar to a culture shock coming back into society. Even the loud music, loud motorcycles, airplanes, trains, semi trucks, and loud babies crying stimulates a mans senses after living free as a bird out in the wilderness for weeks. The many desperate parents running up to a complete stranger happened often the further up north a man travels and they tend to ask if I done seen there lost dog or children was an eye opener for me. I witnessed and learned much knowledge from my travels by foot. A definite life changing experience that I never will soon forget. I found that I was a blessed man, but there's many who are not as fortunate as myself.

    • junko profile image


      2 years ago

      Chase You covered many types of human emotion. Anybody who reads this can identify with a few you expressed here but never had the time and peace of mind you had walking The whole Appalachian Trail, thinking about yourself. Most people in cities and towns don't have the time to reflect.


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