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Healthy Foods At The Grocery Store That Help Me Lose Weight

Updated on October 3, 2011

Some Processed Foods Are Better Than Others

Everybody knows that eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and homemade food is the best way to lose weight and live a healthy life. Yet lots of people will have better success with their diets if they can indulge their taste for junk food and treats. That means that to lose weight, you have to find "junk foods" without the high-fat, high-sugar, high-calorie counts that will derail any good diet plan.

Studies show that if people feel deprived of the foods they crave, they often end up overeating and overindulging, undoing any benefit they have gained by gnawing on celery sticks and sipping chicken broth.

Long-term success with any weight loss plan depends on feeling satisfied, not deprived. Happily, your local grocery store carries a fair number of processed, packaged snack foods that taste like junk food but are actually good for you. Dieticians say that junk foods are no-nos, but these are healthier alternatives to junk foods. They may not be the healthiest foods you can eat, but when you are craving something naught, these are not-so-bad foods you can enjoy.

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There Are Healthy "Junk Foods" At The Grocery Store

Not all junk foods are created equal, and some processed snack foods can actually help you lose weight.

When you buy a packaged snack food, it is a good rule of thumb to try to stay below 10 grams of sugar. You also don't want a snack with high fat content. Saturated fat in particular is something to avoid if you are on a diet, since this is the more unhealthy kind of fat than unsaturated fat. I also like to look for a snack with over 3 grams of fiber. Getting lots of fiber is essential to a healthy weight loss regimen.

Here are some of savory my favorites:

  • Kashi TLC crackers. I like the 7 grain variety, as they are savory and sweet. Eat some with string cheese.
  • Pirates Booty tastes like Smart Food or white cheddar popcorn, but with a fraction of the calories and fat.
  • Popchips are popping up everywhere. These snacks aren't fried, and some varieties have more flavor than baked potato or corn chips. I don't think the potato popchips taste very good, but the rice ones do. I like salt and vinegar or pepper flavors.
  • Diamond Foods sells individual 100 packs of almonds.
  • Beef jerky is salty, but it is a really good snack food, and a great one for losing weight.

Sweet weight loss treats

Just because you are on a diet doesn't mean you have lost your sweet tooth. Chances are, it's your sweet tooth that got you into scale-trouble in the first place.

Don't despair! You don't have to spend the rest of your desserts making do with a piece of fruit or a sugar-free Jello cup. These are some of the diet-friendly indulgences that get me through the tough times. Most are available at your local Safeway or Walgreen's. Others are easily ordered online.

  • Skinny Cow. These diet ice cream sandwiches are now available as individual novelties, so you don't need to worry about buying a pack of six, and then having five leftover ce cream treats to taunt you.
  • No Pudge brownies. These saved my sister when she lost 75 pounds.
  • Vitalicious muffins. I learned about hese form my sister, too.
  • Sugar-free, fat-free Jello pudding. You can buy the pre-made cups or whip up some instant pudding at home. This is also a great way to get your daily milk requirements!
  • Luna bars work well if you are in a pinch or on the go. The minis are lower calorie.

Please add your own suggestions of diet-friendly packaged foods. I am always looking for new things to try!


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    • s.carver profile image

      s.carver 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Yes, I think rising food costs are forcing food companies to put less food in each box. I guess it's good for those of us looking to lose some weight!

    • myawn profile image

      myawn 6 years ago from Florida

      nice hub I eat rice cakes and 100 colories cookies. I have noticed food getting smaller but the same price everywhere.

    • lyjo profile image

      lyjo 7 years ago

      Awesome choices...this past summer I did the ice-cream sandwich thing, as I cut out all kinds of things from my diet....but you are absolutely still need to indulge once in a while....another thing I found, was french vanilla yogurt with sliced apples, dip the apple into the is so delicious...and actually curbed any cravings....great hub, thanks. Take care!

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Great suggestions. I just read that a lot of food producers are raising prices by keeping prices stable but reducing sizes...might not be a bad thing if you're trying to keep calorie counts down. In a decade, we can look forward to thimble-sized cookies and grape-sized ice cream scoops.