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Allergies, Headache, Fevers and other Common Illnesses

Updated on August 3, 2015
Image courtesy of marin at
Image courtesy of marin at | Source

Ilnesses we all get

First of all we are not immortal; second of all our immune system will not hold its guard against threats all the time. So when the immune system lags behind and the body topples onto a threat the body is presented with something everyone knows as a common illness.

These common illnesses are humanity’s great pests when it comes to trying to deal with them and trying to get on with your daily routines. Throughout this article I will be informing and educating you on the affair of the most common illnesses there are out there.

I emphasized the common because there are more than a few common illnesses to go about for everyone. However, without a doubt most of the world's population has had to experiment lying in bed for days from the flu or hours in the bathroom from diarrhea. I will be covering things from headaches to soar throats to diarrheas. We will not however cover how to heal them yet. If you want to learn how to do so keep browsing through our web page.

10 Home Remedies for Stomach Pain Relief


Allergies are the most common of illnesses (after headaches that is) and allergies are reactions the body has towards certain elements in a person’s surroundings. Allergies are found on all sorts of organs including the eyes, the ears, the skin, the respiratory apparatus and the digestive tract. The allergic reaction is given when the body cannot withstand coming into contact with a substance and the immune system tries to kick it out. Sometimes your body does it because it senses a real threat and sometimes your body simply overreacts and causes you unnecessary pain.

As a result of trying to kick it out your body liberates into your bloodstream, wherever it was you came into contact with the agent, a chemical denominated as histamine. This chemical entity then surrounds the area and floods it resulting in the engorgement of such said area. This is where antihistamines, another set of chemical agents, (they can be pills, injection, eye drops…) act in preventing your body from making you uncomfortable or killing you.

Be careful before using antihistamines because despite the fact your body may overreact sometimes it does at a natural self defense mechanism. It is not recommended playing doctor. If you have more intrinsic questions you need answered about your allergies consult your doctor.

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at
Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at | Source

Following allergies we have the famous headache, which can be caused by a series of unfortunate events. A bump against a blunt object, an acute change in temperature, an exposure to loud noises for a long period of time, the absence of caffeine after having accustomed the body to consume it and another hundred things can cause a headache. Want to learn how to rid of yourself of a headache? Keep reading through our web page.

Migraines are headaches the only difference between a headache and a migraine is the intensity of the pain between the two. A headache in compared to a migraine is like taking walk in the park with a soft polished pebble between the soles of your feet and your shoe; it is annoying but does not hurt as much as a migraine. A migraine would resemble something half way between a walk in hell and a walk on burning coals. The treatment for a migraine is different to the one a headache receives.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at
Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at | Source

Tonsillitis is a disease caused by the accumulation of bacteria on the tonsils. The accumulation of bacteria leads the person to suffer of inflamed tonsils. This inflammation is the product of an overflow of infection in the tonsils. Tonsils are in comparison to something we are all acquainted to like your body’s trashcans. You have to wipe these out every once in a while.

Tonsillitis is awfully uncomfortable because it makes it nearly impossible for the sick person to swallow and or breathe and if the inflammation increases the person may have to extract the tonsils from their throat. The extraction is made so that the person does not have to face suffocation from inflamed tonsils.

Abdominal pain, also known as the stomachache or tummy ache, is attained by consuming foods or beverages that irritate the stomach/intestines and or by excessively exercising the abdominal region. Other things that may instigate a stomachache include being hit in the region in any forcible manner and or sitting in uncomfortable positions for a prolonged amount of time.

This is waving out psychosomatic instigators. If the abdominal pain is followed by severe chest pains and or bloody diarrhea consult your doctor right away. No need to keep searching this web page if it is that severe. If your problem is less severe continue browsing through our page we will post a couple of remedies for abdominal pain.

Fevers are the body’s natural response to attacks towards the immune system. The body heats up in order to keep the body from falling into the hands of the infector. This is because certain if not most infectious bacteria/viruses tend to develop better at a certain temperature so the best way for your body to cope with the alien threat is by increasing the heat. However, like all common illnesses fevers are extremely annoying.

If you want to learn more on how to eradicate these pains keep browsing our site for some amazing natural home remedies. The average human temperature is about 37 Celsius or 98 Fahrenheit anything a few degrees above this might keep in bed for a few days and if you are not prudent in dealing with it, it might lead to an unnecessary hospital trip.

Herbal Plant Remedies

Vomiting: your body is an incredibly complex mechanism that is ready to deal with all the complex problems life has to hand it. From pumping blood to keeping you from choking on your saliva at night your body is all about functioning at a peak level. So, whenever your body has to face an obstacle it is ready for it. In this case believe it or not vomiting is your body’s best way to deal with the unwanted foods, beverages and allergens. The next time you’re feeling lousy about having thrown up feel happy (as ironic as that may sound) because your body is reacting the right way.

Diarrhea: like vomiting diarrhea is your body’s method of expelling unwanted materials out of your body. Yes going number two is already the body’s way of expelling the unwanted but diarrhea allows the body to completely cleanse the bowels and leave the sick person free of bacteria (amoebae in this case) and ready to confront their daily affairs with complete normalcy. Nevertheless diarrheas are an utter headache and we want to help you rid yourself of this one, so keep browsing our page to learn how to eradicate them.

Well this article was made with the fine intention of informing you about the most common illnesses out there. Sadly this article did not capture all of the illnesses. If you want to learn how to free yourself of the regular sickness feel free to check through our other articles. If you want to contribute with your own remedies be sure to post those in the comment section. We hope this article was of your aid and we encourage you to share this web page with your friends and family.

Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses

The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses
The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses

This useful guide is a single, indispensable resource for anyone interested in using homeopathic medicines.



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