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Common Mistakes People Do While Dieting

Updated on April 7, 2011

Various people have been seen complaining that they regularly follow the diet and do regular exercises but still they can not find any change in themselves. What could be the reason? There are some common mistakes that people do while dieting, some of these are as follows:

Skipping a Meal

You may think that if you skip a meal which would help in the weight loss however this concept is totally wrong. Also going on crash diet and starvation is equally not right because when you leave a single meal, the sugar level in your body decreases which increases the craving for the more sugary foods and then you will end up having sugar and your diet plan would disturb. Giving yourself the satisfaction that “okay I have skipped a meal, what is wrong if I eat something sugary now” this attitude will not help at all.

Tea/ Coffee

If you like to drink tea as you are addicted to it then avoid adding sugar in it. If you want to take sugar as well then you must be know that a cup of tea or coffee with full cream and sugar is equivalent to a full chocolate cake. So forget tea or coffee and have a chocolate cake if you really want to spoil your diet plan which obviously you wont don’t want to.


Similarly if you go to a party on a diet or you get depressed about something, do not drink any sort of alcohol. Almost all of these have fattening effects especially beer, a regular beer contains 160 calories. So stay away from alcohols. However if you are addicted to the wines then prefer a dry wine because the other wines have sweet in it which is not good for the health while dry wine is better from weight loss perspective.

Mindless eating

Many people don’t even realize that while watching TV with the family they have consumed a whole packet of potato chips. Or while you had been reading an interesting magazine or newspaper, you are not realizing that you have eaten a lot of sweets or similar stuff. And a common mistake that mothers often make that they eat the leftovers from their child’s plate and overeat.

So till now many of you would have realized some of the mistakes you do, so quit making these errors and the next time you will stand on the weighing machine, you would surely be glad to know that you have been successful in losing some weight. For more tips and ideas, visit the site


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