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Common Procedures Used by the Chiropractor

Updated on January 14, 2013

Back pain, from mild to severe, is likely to interfere to some degree in a person's everyday activities. In situations like this many people prefer to visit a fully licensed and qualified chiropractor and not using the more short-term remedies, such as taking various types of pain killers.

A chiropractor is highly trained and experience and therefore has a great understanding on how the spine and nervous system works. They are able to not only relieve or lessen the pain but also establish the underlying reason for what caused the problem in the first place.

Basically, a healthcare professional in this field will be able to detect back pain as a result of injuries, weak muscles, poor posture, muscle spasms, herniated discs, and muscle sprains and strains. A chiropractor is able to access a patient's health by referring to their medical history and determining the type and level of pain experienced. If it is found to be necessary, they are able to ask that a MRI, CT scan, or X-ray is carried out at a local hospital.

Below are several of the more practical treatments a chiropractor is likely to use for helping a patients back pain:


Hydrotherapy treatment relies on using water to relax a patient's muscles and ease pain. A 25-30 minutes soak in hot water is highly effective at soothing stiffness, relaxing back spasms, loosening muscles, and increasing the blood flow to all areas of the body. Alternatively, a 25-30 minute soak in cool water is often desired for reduce inflammation. Hydrotherapy is also likely to involve the use of cold or hot compresses and ice packs.

Massage Therapy:

A highly used practice, massage therapy is one of the more effective strategies used by the chiropractor to help with easing back pain. A massage is able to improve on the flexibility in the back, increases circulation, improves blood flow for better tissue repair, and eliminates stiffness in the muscles. If suffering from any series pre-existing complaints, such as blood clots or cancer, it might be necessary to visit a doctor to get the go-ahead to receive a massage.

Spinal Manipulation:

Another of the common techniques relied on by the chiropractor. Spine manipulation relies on gentle hand pressure to help with realigning the back and spine – this is highly effective at improving on a patients back movement, improves mobility, and limits nerve irritation.

Beyond the treatment mentioned, a skilled chiropractor is also able to give the patients general or specific guidance on maintaining the overall well-being of their back and spine. This information might consist of advice to improve on posture, beneficial exercises, and changes to a dietary plan.


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