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Anaemia: Here Are The Facts About Anaemia

Updated on September 17, 2015

People at risk of getting anaemia

1- Women at child bearing age – Anaemia is more common in women than men.This is due to menstruation which causes loss of blood.
2- People who live in places prone to external and internal blood parasites. Such parasites include mosquitoes and bedbugs. The internal ones include plasmodium protozoa which causes malaria.
3- People with digestive disorders which hinders the absorption of iron and Vitamin B9 and B12.
4- People who have lost blood during child delivery e.g. during caesarean delivery.

Paleness Due To anaemia

Note  the difference between the two hands
Note the difference between the two hands | Source

Vitamin B12 and 9 Deficienncy Causes Anemia

Vitamin supplements
Vitamin supplements | Source

What causes anaemia

1- Iron deficiency – Iron is a mineral component of the red blood cells. It is the makes the haem part of the haemoglobin.Iron stores and carry oxygen to the body tissues and remove Carbon (iv) Oxide from the cells.Oxygen is an important element in the respiration process.

Respiration releases energy and Carbon (iv) Oxide.

2- Lack of Vitamin B12 deficiency – It causes the bone marrows to produce abnormal Red Blood Cells which cannot serve the purpose.

Signs Of Anemia

1- Pale eyelids and lips – These are some of the thinnest parts of the body through which a person can get to know the level of blood.It is very common to see a nurse or a doctor checking the eyelids of a patient.

2- Shortness of breath or panting after a doing a small task – This because the Red blood cells are the components of blood involved in the transport of oxygen. Oxygen debt causes panting.

3- General weakness and irritability – This is due to low blood supply in the body. Accumulation of Carbon (iv) oxide hinders normal cell functioning as there is no energy supply.

A Photo Showing The Symptoms Of Anemia


Preventing and management of anemia

1- Dietary measures – Eating food rich in iron which is a main component of haemoglobin. Iron is found in high amounts in food like liver,Broccoli,Squash among others.

2- Controlling internal and external parasites which suck blood.You can consult the Public Health department on how to control parasites like bedbugs. Taking de-wormers especially in children is advisable so as to control internal worms

3- Early treatment of diseases like malaria whose parasites cause rupturing of red blood cells.

4- If a person is in risk of getting anaemia e.g. during pregnancy or child birth. It is advisable that he or she takes iron and vitamin supplements

Liver meal is a good source of Iron


Vegetables Like Broccoli Are Good Source of Vitamins And Iron

 May Offer A Good Alternative For Vegeterians
May Offer A Good Alternative For Vegeterians | Source


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    • roselinsojan profile image


      3 years ago from India,Kerala.

      Dear friend ,good article.I have one suggestion,eat 2 or 3 dates daily .it is an Iron rich fruit.


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