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Compare Health Insurance Plans - Get Affordable Health Insurance in Australlia

Updated on March 17, 2012

People have started to realize the importance of health insurance and thus a number of providers have emerged with different health insurance plans to attract more and more customers. A number of Australians are becoming the victim of various chronic diseases mainly due to bad eating habits and lack of proper exercise. Having a health insurance can help such people to compensate for the medical expenditure involved with these diseases. In order to select a good insurance plan, you should first make a comparison between the different options available. You can make a proper comparison only if you have complete knowledge about the different aspects of health insurance plans like the diseases covered, premium required, frequency of the premium and the reputation of the insurance provider. This post provides some useful tips that can be helpful for comparing the different health insurance plans in Australia.

How to Compare Different Health Insurance Plans

There are a number of factors to consider while comparing the insurance plans. Let us start with the presence of pre existing diseases in the person applying for health insurance. Earlier, the insurance companies did not provided insurance for any pre- existing condition in Australia. However, legislation passed in the country in 2007 has made it possible for the people to get compensation for pre-existing health problems as well. However, the presence of pre-existing health problems results in increased cost of the policy. Again, you might have to wait for some time before getting the policy approved till the treatment for existing disorders is completed.

The next thing to look for in a health insurance plan is prescription coverage. Since most of the health insurance providers do not provide complete prescription coverage, you should look for the plans that come with maximum discounts. You should check online reviews to find out the exact discounts offered and features related to prescription discounts. You should also compare the different health insurance plans to find out the best deals related to the premiums. Make sure that you check all the hidden costs and conditions so as to get a correct estimate of the final premium.

Earlier the process of acquiring information about the different insurance providers was really a time consuming task. It demanded the customer to visit the office of the insurance provider to collect information about the different features of the plans available. However, with the easy availability of internet this process has also become very easy. You can easily get all the information about the different insurance plans from the official websites just sitting at your home. In fact, there are a number of popular websites that provide a detailed comparison of health insurance plans. You can also find unbiased reviews about the insurance plans on these websites. These reviews are provided by the previous customers and thus benefitting from their experience is a good idea.

Comparison of Different Health Insurance Plans

There are a number of insurance plans available like medigap plans and medicare advantage plans. Medigap plans are provided by the private insurers and are available at different prices. These plans also cover the expense like hospital deductible and are thus more cost effective in comparison to the other plans. However, the medigap policies have a demerit that they do not provide you any relaxation while filling your annual taxes. The medicare advantage plans come with a number of additional benefits in addition to the normal coverage. For instance, you can get compensation even for the expenditure involved in transportation during the medical treatment.

Selecting a Health Insurance Plan after Comparison

The aim of comparing the different health insurance plans is to find out the best one for your health care needs. No health insurance plan can be termed as an ideal insurance plan as it depends on the needs, requirements and financial position of the applicant. While making the final selection, you should check the cost effectiveness of the plan. For instance a cheaper plan may come with limited coverage but by paying a little more premium, you can avail full coverage and additional benefits.

I hope these simple tips helped you to understand the different features of health insurance plans so that you can compare them effectively.


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