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Compare Individual Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans

Updated on August 12, 2013


What is a health insurance? First we are not certain of what will happen to the future. Our health will eventually decline or there might some unexpected chain of events regarding our health. It might be an accident or sickness. This is the right opportunity when health insurance will come to rescue. Imagine when these unexpected negative circumstances occur, you may pay your health provider less.

The first known health insurance sprouted in the United States during the Civil War. Most are covered on accidents which related to railway or steamboat. in 1847 Massachusetts Health Insurance of Boston offered early group policies. This programs became successful and as the years go by, an extensive and more complicated health insurance were offered. During the early 20th century, most groups began to partner with heath providers, these is where it came to be basis of the insurance system today. The term Health Insurance relates to the contract wherein an individual contributes to a group of providers in case unexpected situations will occur.

Health insurance during the 1910's favored mostly on sickness because at that time, the lost wages from missing work cannot compensate the required price for health services. This is then known as the health insurance that destroyed the effects of financial problems, resulted from missing work.

In the first quarter of the 20th century, health insurance has little benefits. The discovery of newer antibiotics and improvement of technology has also affected the development of health. Wherein in these era, most people are well informed about the basics and culprits of sickness such as virus and bacteria. With the people well informed, treatment through home remedies have taken effect. Also added to that, local health centers have began sprouting, a free service on local government has swept the country in less time. With medical breakthroughs suchas this, the lifespan and immunity of the community have increased.

Basics on Health Insurance Hunting

If you have been working home based, have a personal business, or your employer didn't provide you with health insurance. You might want to get one for yourself, but you are confused of which health insurance service is the right one for you.

You wanted to get the appropriate health insurance for you and don't want to get slapped by bad insurance, here are the tips to get the appropriate insurance for you.

  • Familiarize With The Laws of Your Area - There are health insurance systems that are applicable in a certain area. For example, some states on the US have protections for preexisting health problems but others don't have. Bottom line, be sure know the coverage your health insurance provider on a particular area.
  • Research as Many as Possible for Health Insurance Providers - You can also hire a health insurance middleman, or a broker if time is not at your disposal. You can also try other Price Comparison Sites as they can give you different pricing quotations for different health insurance companies. They are also updated by the health insurance companies themselves.
  • Financial Wise - When you wanted to avail the service of these health insurance companies. You wanted to get the benefits you desire. Do the math, be sure that you get what you pay. Don't let yourself fall on health insurance services that requires you to pay more but get the less health benefits.
  • Double Check After You Have Decided - Finally you have decided to get an insurance. Its better to check on small details first before proceeding. Before anything else you must get the complete copy of the entire policy then read them. This will aid you in further decision.

Private Plans To Choose From

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization)- this is the most affordable health plan to choose from today. They have a wide connection on hospitals, doctors, clinics, specialists, and health care providers. In short, they have a vast connection of health care professionals. So it is teh most choose and appropriate Health Insurance nowadays.

Fee For Service (FFS) Plans - You reimbursed a percentage of the cost after you get the services you need,. This is the most traditional form of health insurance.

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans - 2 Types

  • high-deductible plan - Features low monthly premiums and covers catastrophic events.
  • Health Savings Account - A tax free savings account that covers routine medical expenses.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) - this health care insurance can cover any health providers. You can visit any health providers, such as doctors, then this health insurance will cover it.

The Growing Problems of Medicare

Amalgan Paste


Something You Should Know Regarding Dentistry

Another health insurance coverage is dental care. Before we proceed to dental care insurance we might as well venture into its history.

Did you know that around 2nd century A.D. the Chinese have been practicing dentistry. Thay are using a silver amalgan paste for fillings, take note this was used 1000 years before the westerners used it.

Studies have shown that Neolithic ‘dentists’ may have used beeswax to treat cracked teeth, CT scans have showed that an ancient Egyptian mummy have suffered from terrible dental problems Neolithic dentists used unique treatment to ease the pain.

International Journal of Palaeopathology published, that this individual consulted a neolithic dentist, who attempted to relieve his suffering by packing the largest – and probably most painful – cavity with linen perhaps have been soaked with fig juice or cedar oil

Probably, this could have acted to stop the food from reaching tha cavities and the medicine to ease the pain.

Romans have actually wrote several books regarding dentistry and they beleived that toothworms are respnisble for this problems.


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