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Complementary and Alternative Cancer Treatments

Updated on April 11, 2013

Complementary and Alternate Cancer Treatment Therapies

various cancer treatment methods
various cancer treatment methods | Source

Alternative cancer treatments are the various methods that can be used to lower the effects of cancer rather than the conventional methods. Most of these will not make the cancer completely disappear but will reduce the adverse effects the cancer has on the body. there are those that are yet considered to completely free one from cancer. Alternative cancer treatment is important for people who wish not to undergo surgery. There are various alternative cancer treatment options available.

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options

Cancer makes the affected person and their families to try out any form of treatment they think will reduce suffering and pain. They try out very many options. However, some of the options are unsafe and unproven. In this article we are going to look at some options available which are considered safe. They have been used by many patients without any effects on the body. However, these will not automatically heal the cancer but will offer some benefits. The benefits that these alternative cancer treatment options have include reduction of anxiety and fatigue. They may also help in coping with the effects of the conventional chemotherapy treatment which are vomiting, nausea and insomnia. The treatment plans should be used as a supplement to the conventional treatments. Alternative cancer therapies should never be used as a substitute for conventional medicine. Consulting your doctor on the right balance between the conventional medicines and the alternative cancer treatment options is a wise thing to do. Alternative cancer treatments can greatly reduce the effects of chemo and reduce the recurrence of cancer in the affected regions.

Diet is Important is controlling most diseases including cancer.

diet is one of the alternate cancer therapies
diet is one of the alternate cancer therapies | Source

Diet Based Option

One of the alternative cancer treatments is diet focused. Diet contributes directly to the general body health. By now most people know what to eat and what not to eat. Some diets have been confirmed to have immune enhancing effect in that they provide the body with the much needed boost to fight off illnesses. When undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the immune system is severely weakened and thus a diet that boost the immune system is much welcome. The additional nutrients can be administered as supplements or through the normal diet by incorporating the supplements in your normal diet.

Can you Completely Trust the Alternative Cancer Treatments

Alternative cancer therapies in themselves cannot be trusted to completely cure the illness. It is recommended that you discuss the therapies with your doctor before taking them. A lot of information concerning these therapies is available in the internet. Most of this information can be misleading as is focused on making sales. The bottom line in that in choosing the best alternative cancer therapy always choose one that will not affect the body negatively and one that will not react with the body. Diet, exercise and massage can be quite useful in the alleviation of pain and have no effect on the standard drugs you are taking.

Alternative cancer treatment options are divided into three categories. There are those that are offered as a substitute to the conventional medicine. Those that are used together with the conventional medicine. Those that were used in the past but now have been proven by science or otherwise to be unsafe. This third category should never be used as a form of treatment


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      purnasrinivas 5 years ago from Bangalore

      Nice hub. Well represented information.