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Compulsive Internet Use & Cyber Affairs

Updated on May 9, 2015
By lincoln-log
By lincoln-log | Source

How computing addiction begins for us all

First of all, far to many people have fell into the trap of feeling that online life is a true essential today, in true reality it really isn't, but don't tell that to a cyber addict.

How does anyone allow such a thing to happen in the first place?

Cyber addiction is real, it can creep upon any of us today, because the internet has been deemed the number one place to communicate with people, to apply for work, potentially get rich, earn a respectable revenue stream, to meet people worldwide and so much more.

Anywhere from using your computer to make phone calls using Google's Gmail phone communicator, to using Skype to make free pc to pc long distance and overseas calls. There's so many ways to utilize a computing device today, that humanity has somewhat fallen victim to its digital clutches sort to speak, and there doesn't seem to be an end to it all in sight.


Even Corporations are addicted it seems, but they earn huge!

In actuality what has occurred is many of the corporations today, both small and large have also been consumed into this online world due to the internet activity increase of social networking, social media and the likes.

Cyber life is now on the verge of changing the way life is to be lived for us all. Cyber addiction is inevitable for most of us who have been trying to survive by alternative methods of utilizing these automated online services, as a means too get by. While simultaneously it appears like our physical world is slowly but surely crumbling at the way side, and mostly for those folks who are in way too deep.

Statistics show from that of the total volume of social networking users that's out here on the web today it is astounding to realize how many of us have become addicted, and without even knowing it, or admitting to it which makes matters even worse.

Facebook is now closing in at a whopping 1 Billion members, Twitter currently is at 67 million members as of September 2012, and actively using such communicators to form meeting places, leave FB posts, start fund raising campaigns, leave digital trails, get noticed, tweet comments, attract customers, drop private messages for loved ones, meet complete strangers they may believe can help them promote a single web location they own, and so many other reasons.

Google is also catching up in terms of the social aspects of the online world with their introduction of Google+ back in early 2011, and its climbed rapidly to the all time heights of 250 Million total accounts, and 150 Million of them are active users, also as of October 1st 2012.

The Internet truth as spoken by CNN News back in the year 2010

Top 10 most followed Twitter Users

Does popularity on the web mean everyone in the world should follow you today on Twitter, according to the Twitter statistics reports, it may appear so. Below is a chart of all the Twitterholic folks worldwide who prefer to use it as a means for following the most popular tweeters, and or world acclaimed megastars.

Twitter Mania Followers Chart & Superstar Stats

Most Popular on Twitter
Superstar's Name
Lady Gaga
Justin Bieber
Katy Perry
Britney Spears
Barack Obama
Taylor Swift
Kim Kardashian
Nicki Minaj

Twitterholic Poll

Do you use Twitter to share your content with the world & how

See results

Youtube has the # 9 top spot on Twitter and G+ is Star packed

Placing youtube into the number nine position up at the top of the chart up above goes to show that even a powerful network for video making, can indeed achieve epic high world renowned online star status, just as the true to life human superstars have done on the ground as they call them.

Now think, out of all the large numbers of followers combined, how many people do you think today are actually addicted to cyber life, and have willingly admitted to being addicted to computer interactions in general, whether it be by mobile device, or at home on a desktop or laptop.

If you were to take a survey, and one that people could accurately tabulate so that statistics could be stored, formulated, and graphically analyzed the truth would reveal itself, that approximately 70 - 85% of these twitter users would admit to being online far over 8 hours a day, and or night on end with any computing device.

Below is a table of the Google+ followers and top 10 spot positions for all the worlds most famous super stars, whether they are web favorites or from that of the entertainment industry, on G+ its happening for them in high numbers today, and especially when it comes to raking in phenomenal record breaking stats which equates to digital influence, and online revenue streams else where.

This networking frenzy of sorts makes many cyber addicts crave even more to try to reach such a star studded status levels online, and its become ever so addicting to do so as a sort of chaser of online dreams to some day strike it rich, by sharing intensely or postings of content non-stop for the most addicted users there.

Top 10 Google+ Star Studed Status Follower Stats

G+ Top 10 Scorching Hot Positions
G+ Super Stars
Britney Spears
Lady Gaga
Ashley Tisdale
Snoop Dogg
Ashley Tisdale
Tom Anderson
Trey Ratcliff
Thomas Hawk
David Beckham

Smartphones have lead our world to cyber addiction even more


Do you own a smartphone? are you addicted?

More then likely if you go through any given American household, maybe by doing a safari hunt for instance, you will definitely find at least more then just one smart phone, and no matter the households income.

This is a reality that has dawned on humanity literally overnight, when it became the predecessor to the original mobile phone. The original had the capability to send emails, and text messages, and even connect to the internet, but what it lacked was the ability the turn a normal human into a cyber addict.

Since the video communications on the web has stepped up a great deal, so has the mobile technologies industries. This has definitively made it possible for every new smart phone unleashed to the public and into the ever expanding cell phone market place to have an even more attractive allure and epic appearance as well as full functionality, just as the newest! iPhone 5.

Video is the number one reason people cannot resist the temptation of buying them hot gadgets, and as time goes by these instruments of visual output continue to get faster, and much more reliable.

Routing paths through a portion of the Internet as visualized by the Opte Project
Routing paths through a portion of the Internet as visualized by the Opte Project | Source

How do I fight the addiction?

Each computer is different, each device is as well, and that goes the same for us human beings. So, what it boils down to here is that of tolerance, and whether or not cyber life is affecting any or all of your personal, as well as professional relationships that have already been established in that of the real world.

First you must be honest with yourself, and realize that you truly do indeed have a problem, and that it is in fact a computing based internet addiction. The help you may need to seek can come in differing ways, but to avoid from having any potential relapses, you will need to convince yourself to seek balance in life before and after potentially receiving counseling.

Taking a break from it all, this is the cold turkey method, that will have the potential to starve your craving for having the need to grab your cell phone, or to think about watching some free live streaming movies, but it helps if you do it with a loved one, as opposed to doing it all alone.

Oh and don't think that they themselves are not in need of some quality time, because contrary too popular belief they are starving for your attention, and mainly since you left them cold and dry for months, and even years without making effective communications of simply sharing a moment with them here and there.

Conversation - speaking to your family members on the phone is one thing, but forming physical bonds is definitely a great way to put a pause on the networking thing.

By Poster Boy NYC
By Poster Boy NYC | Source

Facebook is a massive addiction - Helpful advice

  • Monitor your time on it.
  • Set a limit to how much your sharing.
  • Post only relevant content or things that are helpful, entertaining, or relevant to your viewers.
  • Don't allow to many people to take you off course from what you meant to do on that given day.
  • Share but don't overdo it (sparingly).
  • Be mindful that everything you do is being watched.
  • don't waste time there on senseless posting its the worse thing to do.
  • communicate effectively and directly to those whom are interested in your conversation.
  • pick your FB friends wisely.
  • Learn to utilize the friend filters if you receive unwanted posts in higher volumes then desired.
  • Last but not lease take breaks regularly, & don't forget it's a computer communications tool, and its not real life.
  • Your family, friends, and the likes will love you more if you spend less time on it, and more time with them.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @rfmoran, Wow that is a very interesting find for sure bro, I am so intrigued to see such a segment by 60 minutes.

      As you can see I'm really into all this technology related subject matter, and to embark on that sort of case study would be truly awesome, if you can find the link, feel free to drop it on this hubs comment area here.

    • rfmoran profile image

      Russ Moran 5 years ago from Long Island, New York

      This is a great hub, a perfect telling of our modern addiction to the Internet. 60 Minutes ran a segment on this subject this past Sunday in which it showed a baby who regularly plays with an Ipad. The tot became upset when given a magazine. It was obvious that the kid was ticked off because when he tapped on an image on the magazine, nothing happened. What's to become of us? Voted up, useful and awesome.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Rasma for the comment I did my best to break out as much as I could muster up from all of my online experiences dealing with intense social everything, and the likes. I'm so glad that you found it to be interesting to you. Thanks also for sharing it!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Thanks for this fascinating and informative hub. I have a certain addiction. I am online and sharing and posting on FB a certain amount each day mostly when I'm interacting with my HP mail. I do feel funny on the days when I can't get online bec it feels like there is a door shut between me and the rest of the world. Passing this on.