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Computer Glasses Can Help Even If You See Perfectly

Updated on June 29, 2013

Even if you see well, computer glasses can help you avoid tired, itchy eyes, dry eyes and the other symptoms of computer vision syndrome that can make spending hours at the computer almost impossible.

While I didn’t manage to solve my vision symptoms before they got so severe that they were impacting my work, I found that computer glasses, low power reading glasses, lubricating eye drops and similar things can make a huge difference to those of us who overuse and abuse our close-up vision.

Computer glasses help with computer vision syndrome in at least three ways:

1. The tints and coatings on them reduce glare and make extended viewing more comfortable.

Most computer glasses have either a colored tint or an invisible anti-glare coating that helps to reduce the intensity of the light coming from the computer monitor to make viewing more comfortable.

My first glasses for computer use had a slight blue-green tint that seemed to help reduce the stinging, redness and even pain I was having in my eyes when I looked at the computer for more than a few minutes. Later, I had a pair of glasses made with an anti-glare coating that isn’t tinted or visible, and I found that it worked better than the tinting. You may have to try both kinds to determine which works best for you.

2. Most have some magnification that reduces eye strain.

Even if you see perfectly or at least fairly well, some magnification can make you more able to withstand hours at the computer. For me, magnification of just +0.50 diopters was enough. That’s the strength of the first computer glasses I bought online and also the strength of the glasses I had custom-made.

For custom-made low power reading glasses and computer glasses, I turned to Zenni Optical. On my Clear Your Eyes website, I include a complete Zenni Optical review with detailed instructions on how to order low power reading glasses from this company.

3. They protect your eyes from wind.

A large part of computer vision syndrome is dry eyes, something that can be treated with over-the-counter products like Blink Eye Drops and other lubricating eye drops. Two things cause the dry eye problem: not blinking when you’re concentrating and wind from air conditioning systems or fans.

If you’re one of those people who points a fan at your face to keep you cool or if you work in an office where an air vent blows into your face or down on top of your head, this air could be causing dryness. Wearing computer glasses -- especially ones large enough to cover most of your eyes -- can help keep the wind out and your natural moisture in.

Final Thoughts

In addition to these three ways computer glasses help with eye symptoms, there’s also something else about many of them: They’re kind of cool. Most are stylish, a bit geeky and very high-tech. That means they don’t have the same stigma that some people associate with eyeglasses.

And when you order your own custom-made lenses from a place like Zenni Optical, you can choose any style of frames you want, and that includes some really cool ones too.

If you’re experiencing dry eyes, grittiness, itching or even pain when you look at the computer for a while, it’s time to take action.

Computer glasses are an important part of taking control of your vision health and making your time at the computer more productive than ever before.


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