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Concealed carry - the right attitude will make you safer

Updated on June 14, 2011

Recently I came across this article. It was an interesting read and because I'm all for the right to own a gun for self defense I would just agree with and go over it. But one part of that article disturbed me enough to write this hub less as a reply but more as a case study and a warning for those, who decided to carry a gun with them.

The Case

Author of the mentioned article described a situation, where he noticed a man with a kitchen knife while walking through the parking with his wife. Our character was very reasonable and tried not to make eye contact with the subject and walk away keeping a safe distance. His efforts didn't work and the "bad guy" started to walk after them between the cars. Luckily in the end he changed his direction and walked away but the situation was obviously dangerous.

So far so good. Author did everything he could being unarmed - smartly maneuvered between the cars and tried not to look like they are escaping.

The problem

What I found disturbing, is what author wrote he would do if he head a gun:

I would stop or get between cars to have an obstacle between us and him. I would then tell my wife to call 911 on her cell phone and I would draw my weapon but not show it. What would happen from that point is impossible to say as it would depend on his actions and a multitude of other factors. If he approached however, I now have the tools and skill set required to effectively defend my family and myself.

I think it's a bad attitude and a very dangerous one. The primary responsibility in such a situation is, you carry a firearm or not, to lead defenseless people to the safe place. Then call for police. Only if you can't do this, you should think about using the force. Safety always goes first - drawing a gun should be the last resort and you should not do it unless you really have to and you're determined to use it. Never let yourself become cocky just because you have a gun. No matter how well trained you are, something always can go wrong and someone (in this case - the wife) can get hurt. The opponent might also have a gun or there can be more opponents that you can't see. Confrontation always brings the risk which should not be taken unless someone's life or health is in direct danger.


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    • Sethareal profile image

      Sethareal 6 years ago

      Very well said.