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Confused About Hair Loss Treatments? Read This First

Updated on May 27, 2010

There are literally hundreds of hair loss treatments on the market. This is, naturally, born of the fact that balding men will try pretty much anything to keep the hair they have and maybe encourage a bit of new growth. Don't believe me? Do a quick Google search for "baldness cures" and check out the shopping results. There are all sorts of creams, pills, special shampoos and even laser combs that promise middle age men brand new heavenly locks. Now, it's fairly obvious to most sane people that the majority of these products are complete garbage. In this massive pile of trash, though, there are a few gems. Well, don't worry. We've done the digging for you. In the following text, you'll find "No BS" advice about three proven baldness remedies.


Balding man...
Balding man...

Before selecting a product for yourself, it's important to realize that everyone's hair is different.  The solution you decide on will depend on your specific situation.  For the sake of "keeping it simple", let's say there are only three different types of balding men:  Just starting to go bald, balding, and full-on bald.  Now, in reality, there are these three types and dozens of varieties in between.  Take a look at yourself in the mirror and honestly assess where you stand.  There are solutions for all types and levels of balding so don't worry.

Just Starting To Go Bald?  Stop The DHT!

DHT stands for dihydrotestosterone.  Without getting too technical, this is basically what's responsible for your balding issues.  While everyone has DHT and it doesn't cause baldness directly, some men's scalp's just don't get along with it.  This sensitivity to DHT is what causes hair loss.

If you're just noticing that your hair line is receding, you need to do everything in your power to limit the amount of DHT working it's way onto your scalp.  The most effective way to do so is with a type of medicine called finasteride.  This stuff is usually taken in pill form and is a god send if you're just starting to notice hair loss.  Keep in mind that finasteride won't provide anything in the way of new growth.  By limiting the DHT your scalp sees, though, it will allow you to keep what you have.  The most popular brand name of finasteride on the market is Propecia.  It's available online at Amazon.  Remember that the sooner you start taking a DHT inhibitor, the sooner you're hair will stop falling out!

Kind Of, Sort Of Bald? You Need A Hair Growth Stimulant

As we outlined above, products like Propecia and Revivogen only stop further balding.  If you're already showing off a bit too much skin, you need a product that's going to help the follicles on your head generate more hair.  For this, we turn to items that contain minoxidil.  The most popular one out there is Rogaine - with Tricomin coming in a distant second.  Both of these products are high quality growth stimulants.  They're essentially creams that you rub into your head as per the manufacturer's instructions.  Note that they need to be used in conjunction with a DHT inhibitor like Propecia.  Rogaine does virtually nothing to stop existing hair from falling out, you see.  With a combination of several hair loss remedies, any man can have afro like thickness!

Do You Look Like Homer (Or Abe) Simpson? It's The Trifecta For You!

So far we've discussed both DHT limiters and hair growth creams.  The former helps you keep the hair you have while the latter fills in the blanks that already exist.  For a lot of men, a combination of these two things will suffice.  If your baldness is particularly advanced, though, you may need more.  For these folks, most doctor's will recommend something known as an antiandrogen.  The one you're probably most familiar with is S5.  This is a topical spironolactone lotion that behaves in similar fashion to the DHT inhibitors discussed in the first section.  The difference between a product like Propecia and S5 is this:  Propecia actually lessons the amount of DHT affecting your hair follicles.  S5, on the other hand, merely prevents the DHT from ever coming into contact with these follicles.  A combination of the three types of products discussed this far is a sure fire way to beat baldness.

And For All Of Us...

DHT isn't just responsible for hair loss.  It also causes inflammation, itching, and general scalp discomfort.  In order to get the most out of any of the hair loss solutions we've discussed, it's imperative that you limit these other side effects.  The most effective way to do this involves the use of an anti inflammatory like Nizoral.  This shampoo is actually marketed as an anti-dandruff product but it does wonders for all sorts of inflammation type problems as well.

Thoughts?  Comments?  Let's hear from you!


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