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Connected Visions

Updated on December 3, 2015

Out of body experiences are visions that occur while we are in a dreamscape or in a near death experience (NDE). The vision or dreamscape that is projected is conjured up by our brains or mindseye in a panoramic dreamscape that while we unconsciously feel is true or that it is a reality. The dreams are a integral part of an electromagnetic sphere in our mindseye.

Nuerons are electrically catapulted in every direction with an active vibrant brain. It happens more often in our brain when we sleep or when we encountered a traumatic event, either as a near death experience (NDE) or we are somehow tramatized by an event or accident.

The out of body experience is most associated with the near death experience and it occurs more frequently during or when we have a trauma or are having surgery that our brains are responding and reacting to whatever tramatic event that is occurring. The mind in its dreamscape maybe a reflection of what we want to perceive in our mindseye hence the projection of an out of body experience. (This is my theory). An electromagnetic reaction or response to a traumatic event causes our mindseye to project what we have learned, pre-conceived notions, believe, and perceive to be truth.

Many theories exist especially those by Einstein, Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. What we know as physics or quantum physics. The relative association to energy is dynamic like the Einstein formula (E=mc²).

Looking at some of the traits of near death experiences (NDE) and putting them in a correlated fashion we could put together our own theory of why and how it occurs. Below are the traits associated with near death experiences:

  • A sense of being dead
  • peace, calm, and painlessness
  • out of body experience ( near the body remains)
  • Tunnel experience
  • seeing people of light
  • Rising rapidly to heaven or a light
  • Experiencing a supreme being of light
  • Life Review
  • Altered Concepts of Time and Space
  • Complete Knowledge of Reality
  • Being One with Reality
  • Reluctance to return to body
  • Disappointment of Revival

Electro-magnetic formations are atoms and particles that form the dreamscape and the out of body experience and is part of an energy in our brains that are a collective of all that we have learned are formed and developed. Pre-conceived notions in our minds whether they are religious or not is not questionable it is a matter of fact with what we have learned and beleived to be true. These are all part of our individual observations and are our own individual correlations of what are reality is and is a result of what we believe.

When we are growing up we learn about symbolism and learn about collective symbolism just like others have around the world in their own individual belief systems and what is what they are part of in life. Christianity, Judiasm, Muslim, or Buddism it is all learned and is a collective experience with collective symbolism.

There is something profound in what the author, Wilson Wade said in the hidden truth, "The magnetic field of energy that permeates all reality and interactions in our brains is both instanteously and in every minute of space." The same is true in what was said in the bible that dreams are

Here is an out of body experience that was recorded by a doctor and a russian researcher that experienced an out of body experience.

Dr. Rodonaid of Tbilisi, Russia was ran down by the KGB and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The doctor was quickly moved and kept frozen for an autopsy. The doctor lay frozen for three days. Remarkably during this three day of a traumatic dreamscape the doctor experienced no physical pain and felt as if he was in a total darkness but yet, he still felt the sensation of being wide awake. In his despair he thought of the light when thinking about particular instances and learned information that he was taught in school. particularly "Descartes" and the fact that he learned "And so let there be light." Just as suddenly as the feeling of being in darkness occurred, the light appeared when he thought of the phrase. Like a burst of energy filling his mindseye he seemed to be pressed against the darkness and then seen a light and so began a journey into the light and a series of events occurred where the light was illuminated and extremely bright in front of him and then a series of screens and a life-review of his life happened to follow in a series of drama's.

What occurred with the doctor is possibly a very visual dreamscape that included a rare out of body experience or near death experience (NDE) to which it is better described.

Here is a out of body experience from a person who was in my life, my brother Kenneth, who is no longer with us. This was communicated to me a great deal of time before he passed away.

My brother went in to have surgery on his thyroid gland and when he was in surgery he somehow died and pronounced clinically dead twice however, during this experience, Kenny told me he had an out of body experience where he seen himself on the table where they where trying or attempting to bring him back to life. He said he was physically in the air and not in his physical body he was floating above his body and trying to talk and tell the doctors he was up in the air. Then suddenly he realized that he was looking at his own body on the table and just as suddenly he was catapulted back into his body where he felt he did not want to go back into.

There are thousands or millions of people in the world who experience some type of out of body experience and felt many different sensations and feelings in the process of this experience. There is a website called, Near Death Experience Foundation (NDERF) that has recorded and gathered information from many individuals and has researched how many individuals or people in the United States report these types of experiences. A Gallup poll also reports as of 2001 reports that some 600 people a day in the United States reports an out of body experience. According to the Gallup poll in 1993 that is anywhere between 12 to 18 million Americans.


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