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Conquer Hay Fever With Stinging Nettle Tea!

Updated on July 14, 2011
The Stinging Nettle
The Stinging Nettle

Of all the health problems that summer and spring can bring, hay fever can be amongst the most debilitating and annoying. The constant interruptions to your life brought on by uncontrollable sneezing and irritated eyes is enough to drive most people crazy.

It may surprise you then to realize that the same garden which is largely responsible for your current predicament is also home to the solution to your problems.

By learning how to turn a common garden weed – the stinging nettle – into a healthy tea, you will discover a way to neutralize the effects of hay fever for minimal cost, and maximum benefit to your general health.

Stinging Nettle Tea – Nothing to Sneeze at!

How does stinging nettle tea act to reduce the symptoms of hay fever? By acting as a natural anti-histamine. The same chemicals which cause discomfort and make the stinging nettle infamous, are also the same chemicals which act as a natural anti-histamine in the body. By naturally reducing the level of histamine in the body as a result of allergens, you increase your resilience to those same allergens.

Make Your Own Stinging Nettle Tea!

The Cheapest and Most Effective Hay Fever Relief Ever?

Probably! Being freely available in your own garden or any uncared for public green space, stinging nettles are easily accessible, and a natural alternative to many of the artificial treatments for hay fever on the market.

If you can, try to make your own brew by sourcing and picking the plants yourself. This will allow you to experiment with the different blends and methods for making stinging nettle tea. Stinging nettle tea is often best combined with other herbs, allowing you to create an enormous range of home remedies. By creating your own blend, you can create a brew which will suit your body type, tastes and problems.

If you can’t get stinging nettle tea directly from nature, then don’t worry. Stinging nettle tea is also available from most health food stores on the internet, in a pre-made state. Alternatively, visit your local health food store, chemist or homeopath.

If you’d like to make your own stinging nettle tea, I’ve provided a guide for you, here.

If you’d like to learn more about the health benefits of stinging nettle tea – of which there are many – then check out the related links section below.   

What’s been your experience with using stinging nettle tea as a treatment for the symptoms of hay fever? Let us know in the comments section below…


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    • profile image

      Jo Hallas 

      4 years ago

      Why is it that when I walk I the country side if I get stng by nettles I guarantee that after 25 to 30 minutes I have a bad attic of hay fever. Strange

    • Steenabobeena profile image


      8 years ago from Seattle, Wa

      Natural remedies are a beautiful thing. Great hub. (Little do people know, you can reap many solution to many issues with plants.

      -I'm new ew to HP, Check out my first, if you get the chance :)


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