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thank god for Conquering Cancer

Updated on August 26, 2011

Cancer is a diease that can be cured just like any other diease by having more oxgyen in the body.Doctors will not tell how to to get rid of cancer or any other sickness,because they was not taught that in medical school.Doctors r n the the business of making money,and to keep u coming into their office.I have to admit it's not true for all of them.When a patient starts a treatment,like radiation segment they get more sick then well,and the side affects is more sicken which cause some people to give up which lead to their deaths.Some Cancer drugs is not meant to cure anyone of this dreadful and painful diease,but it allow them to live a little longer.Some people cancer goes into remission,which is great thank God.Sometimes the cancer returns or not at all.Pharmaceutical companies is n the business of making money,not medican that will cure you,because how will make money if they do so.Cancer can't survive where there is oxygen is in the body,so keep that n mine.People just need to detox,relax,and rejuvenate their bodies to maintain it and make a concious decision to do what it takes to keep their body Healthy.Praying to God in the name of his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth that he will heal you of any dreaded diease that you may have.Say this daily"I believe that I am healed according to 1 Peter 2:24,your word says that Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bore my sickness(Mat 8:17).Therefore,I boldly stand with great confidence on the authority of your word.I declare that I am redeemed from the curse of sickness and I refuse to tolorate its symptoms."Just remember you can conquer anything with God on your side, you can beat any diease,and don't let it beat you.With God all things are possible. Beating Cancer,Joseph Potier Facebook- Twitter-


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