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Conscious Breathing Proven to Lower Blood Pressure

Updated on October 3, 2023
Conscious breathing relaxes the body
Conscious breathing relaxes the body | Source

How you breath affects blood pressure

If you are over age 50, you have probably been schooled in how a diet low in salt and fat along with increasing daily activity will help you keep your blood pressure in check. Unfortunately, you may have found that although you have changed your diet and lifestyle, your BP readings remain high. You probably have been prescribed a medication by your healthcare provider, or perhaps two or three prescription drugs in an attempt to get your blood pressure numbers under control. What you may not be aware of, however, is that something as simple as the way you breath could make all the difference.

The manner in which you inhale and exhale each day has a greater effect on your blood pressure than you may realize. According to Natural Life Energy, the Creator has imprinted within mankind the ability to deal with stress and maintain internal harmony that may prevent the need for drugs. If you are on medications for hypertension please discuss any alternative practices with your health care provider. It is also important that you do not stop taking any prescription drugs without the consent of your physician or nurse practitioner. Continue on whatever plan has been outlined for you even as you consider conscious breathing to assist your condition.

Slow down your breathing patten

Slow breathing reduces stress and anxiety.
Slow breathing reduces stress and anxiety. | Source

Conscious rhythmic breathing

Rhythmic breathing is simply taking the time to become aware of the breaths you take. According to the Conscious Breathing website we take about 1,000 breaths each hour. When we breathe slower, through our nose it will bring a number of benefits including better sleep, a stronger heart, and a decrease in pain. One of the easiest ways to become conscious of the breaths you take is to sit up straight, close your eyes and inhale through the nose for six seconds then exhale through the mouth for six seconds. Do this in sets of 10 to slow your breathing, relax your body and in turn decrease your blood pressure.

There are many variations to this technique and you may find that one is easier than another. You can place a finger over your left nostril, inhale through the right, hold for a few seconds then place your finger over the right nostril and exhale through the left. Do five to 10 sets with each nostril. Another method is to place your right hand over your stomach just below the navel, breath normal for a few seconds and simply pay attention to your breathing pattern. Next, put your left hand on the stomach just above the navel, again simply becoming aware of the breaths you are taking After a few moments place the right hand on the chest as you maintain your regular breathing pattern. Follow this with the left hand on the forehead and after a few seconds place both hands over your eyes. Do this several times a day when possible and it will help greatly with reducing stress and anxiety.

Lower blood pressure naturally
Lower blood pressure naturally | Source

Just Breathe

If you have lost weight, are eating a healthy diet and or utilizing prescription meds yet your blood pressure remains high, stress is most likely the culprit. Research continues to indicate the importance of how we inhale and exhale. Numerous studies have revealed that proper breathing can quickly lower BP readings. Try sitting up straight, closing your eyes and simply breathing in very slowly for a count of five then exhale for a slow count of five. University Health News says this will calm your fight-or-flight impulses and increase blood flow to your body's organs.

UHN also reports that a 2005 study indicated that something as simple as taking in six deep breaths for 30 seconds was shown to decrease systolic BP by 3.4 to 3.9 points when compared with the results of just sitting quietly. These breathing techniques are temporary measures but the good news is that you can make them a permanent part of your daily routine, You can develop a lifestyle of slowing down and becoming conscious of the breaths you take. In addition to these specific breathing exercises, you can slow your inhales and exhales anytime you are sitting or even walking. You can train yourself to breathe in and out in a slow rhythmic method whenever you choose.

This may be especially beneficial if you are one of the many people who deal with white coat syndrome. Should you find that your blood pressure readings are normal at home, but shoot up once you are in the doctor's office, consider practicing the breathing techniques while you wait. Even better start breathing slowly from the time you wake up and throughout your time at the physician's office. Anytime you feel yourself becoming anxious or overburdened with stress, remember to just breath.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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